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R:DSAT Chapter 210: Yun Qi, Are You Willing to Help Me?

The Zhou soldiers withdrew in a hurry, not even taking their tents with them. When night fell, Northern Yan soldiers discovered that the Zhou barracks hadn’t lit their lanterns and felt something was amiss. Sima Qingsha sent people to investigate, and they discovered that the barracks were empty. Only then did they confirm that the…

R:DSAT Chapter 209: Nowhere to Enter

When the first mounted scout told Luo Qi that Luo Wei had entered the southwest swamp and might have already died, Luo Qi reacted by throwing the scout to the ground with one kick. But when the second, the third, the fourth, and every other scout that went out for news said the same words,…

R:DSAT Chapter 208: You Love Him?

The rescue was effortless for Ten and the others. They charged out looking unlike people but unlike ghosts, already scaring the Mo clan members. When they moved their hands, bugs fell off, fueling nausea. The odor on their bodies was also identical to the smell of corpses that had rotted for many days. The Mo…

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