ASV Chapter 39: The Plot Suddenly Arrives

[System prompt: Please satisfy the plot point of insulting Shen Feixiao within one year, and read the lines according to the system. Succeed and get 10% return value, fail and return value will be emptied. Please satisfy the plot point of insulting Shen Feixiao within one year, and read the lines according to the system. Succeed and get 10% return value, fail and return value will be emptied.] The harsh sound of the system made Qin Kaiyi’s head dizzy. He paled and grasped the edge of the bed to support himself, then shook his head and smiled bitterly…

Because too many things happened in the secret realm, he almost forgot this most important part of the plot. But even if he forgot, that wicked system did not. Reaching out and touching his still stinging neck, Qin Kaiyi sighed heavily.

If he was right, he was about to face the fiercest confrontation between Qin Shi and Shen Feixiao in the novel. Qin Shi, sent by Qing Xuzi to find spirit grass, discovered that Shen Feixiao had first found that precious herbal medicine. Without any hesitation, the narrow-minded Qin Shi in the novel mercilessly seized the spirit grass in Shen Feixiao’s hands and laughed at him: “□’s son still wants to cultivate to immortality? Keep dreaming.” He then kicked Shen Feixiao, who didn’t retaliate, off the cliff. 

Of course, though Shen Feixiao fell off the cliff, he certainly did not die. Not only did he not die, but like all dog-blood novels, he met the third woman in his life: Su Liuli, the eldest daughter of the Valley Master of God’s Medicine Valley.

Ah… what a fateful encounter. Qin Kaiyi, who had a terrible headache, picked up an apple again and began to munch. He munched and remembered the plot following those events. Wu, after that, Shen Feixiao naturally returned to Lingshan Sect safely. And Qin Shi completely tore off his face (T/N: usual figurative Chinese meaning of face, his respectability etc), what a miserable history of blood and tears (T/N: heart-rending story)…

Qin Kaiyi had the urge to wipe bitter tears when he thought of this, because in the novel Qin Shi did not enter the secret realm, so he did not place the secret realm in his heart (T/N: putting something on your heart–worrying/caring about it). He did not expect that the plot would suddenly change. He actually went in, and what happened to him inside almost made him forget about this upcoming important plot. 

Now things were great (T/N: often said in a sarcastic manner)… reminded by that unscrupulous system, Qin Kaiyi sat and leaned on the wall. He thought for a long time without coming up with a reasonable course of action. He could only decide to go to bed after gnawing the second apple clean… Isn’t that a year away? It was of little use to be in such a hurry.

Lying in bed and closing his eyes, Qin Kaiyi’s tired body sunk into a dazed sleep again.

Sleeping like the dead, Qin Kaiyi had a good dream. In the dream, he finally gathered the damn return points and returned from this world to his original world. Because he left for too long, his parents wept with joy the moment they saw him. The Qin Kaiyi in the dream embraced the mother he’d been separated from for so long, watching her cry until she couldn’t speak. Qin Kaiyi’s heart felt sour. The originally stern father, seeing him return, lost his usual calmness and hugged him without letting go. 

The dream continued to be beautiful, but at the moment when Qin Kaiyi was about to cry, he suddenly found that the mother he was holding in his arms suddenly and inexplicably became a grown up Shen Feixiao! 

That frosty expression instantly knocked Qin Kaiyi back from heaven to hell!

“Fuck!” Waking up with cold sweat on his face, Qin Kaiyi had the urge to scold his mother. Why was this dream so unlucky!! And Shen Feixiao’s face which left a deep impression!!! Your mother, he blamed Yan Gu!! If he hadn’t previously morphed into Shen Feixiao’s grown self, how could Qin Kaiyi have such a terrifying dream!

A sulking Qin Kaiyi got up from the bed, grabbed the fruit in the basket, and began to nibble. It took a long while for him to slightly calm down. 

After resting for such a long period of time, Qin Kaiyi’s body finally showed signs of recovery. Although his meridians still appeared tattered, the demonic energy had already begun to repair them automatically. However, his dantian was still a strange sea of ​​qi…

Qin Kaiyi carefully checked his physical condition. Finally relieved, he picked up outerwear and put it on his body, then walked out of the door without binding his hair.

But just after going out, he unexpectedly saw a figure standing not far from his residence.

“Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi’s neck fiercely hurt when he called out that name. He looked at Shen Feixiao, and a not very good idea came into his head–Shen Feixiao wouldn’t be wandering around his residence all day long would he?? Was he finding the opportunity to kill?? At this time, he felt like Shen Feixiao was like a rope around his own neck. Qin Kaiyi’s expression was unnatural for a short period.

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao finally didn’t look as malnourished as before. While Qin Kaiyi was suffering from his injuries, he obviously had a good life. His yellowish complexion finally looked good. The shadow of a lively teenager could be seen in him, but that indifferent expression still added a little seriousness to his young and tender face.

“Shen Feixiao, I know what you are thinking.” Qin Kaiyi intentionally made a disdainful expression: “Relax. The matter of you wanting to kill me in the secret realm, I will not tell to shifu. A small person (T/N: can mean low social status, or nasty/vile person) like you is not worthy of me speaking to shifu about.” 

“…” After hearing this, Shen Feixiao’s expression briefly distorted. He seemed to have no idea why Qin Shi said such a thing.

“Why, you don’t believe it?” Qin Kaiyi’s smile was full of malice: “You don’t really think that you are able to kill me? Haha… How about we make a bargain. Let’s settle our matters in private. We mustn’t involve shifu or our seniors. “

“… Okay.” Shen Feixiao “understood” Qin Kaiyi’s meaning. He looked at the smile on Qin Kaiyi’s face and sneered in his heart. A moment before he was actually under the misconception that this person in front of him was being good to him, ha… Actually, the moment Qin Shi let himself enter the secret realm, shouldn’t he have understood? Qin Shi wanted to have him die. His words just now, weren’t they only to find a way to bully him in private? 

“Then let’s sign a contract.” Qin Kaiyi looked at Shen Feixiao calmly. He didn’t understand why he himself was so impulsive, but somehow, he didn’t want Shen Feixiao to live in fear of being reported to Qing Xuzi day and night. 

“Soul contract.” Shen Feixiao’s voice was cold, as cold as his expression. After speaking these two words, he issued the most vicious soul contract to Qin Kaiyi: ” I, Shen Feixiao, hereby swear an oath using my soul. If the matters between Qin Shi and me involve Qing Xuzi and other elders of the Lingshan Sect, I will be killed under the assault of ten thousand ants. My soul will not reincarnate after death, and instead will eternally echo in the material world. Those close to me will die violent and unnatural deaths.”

The harsh words in Shen Feixiao’s mouth made Qin Kaiyi frown involuntarily. It seemed that Shen Feixiao’s prejudice towards him was irreversible.

However, Qin Kaiyi was too lazy to argue. Even if his image in Shen Feixiao’s estimation was as tall as God, what was about to happen would be enough to wipe that away.

After a moment of silence, facing Shen Feixiao’s sneer, Qin Kaiyi opened his mouth. He repeated the same oath as Shen Feixiao. Reciting these words, it wasn’t as if Qin Kaiyi felt discomfort… To date, Qin Kaiyi still regarded himself as a spectator of this world. In his eyes, he would leave sooner or later. What Qin Shi’s ending would be in this world wasn’t important to him. 

Therefore, the oaths that should be made, and the oaths that should not be made, all felt fleeting and transient for Qin Kaiyi. In order to reduce the obstacles for Shen Feixiao, to let Shen Feixiao grow up faster, and to collect return points for himself earlier, Qin Kaiyi didn’t care what price the him in this world would pay. 

The Qin Kaiyi now didn’t know the hardships he would experience afterwards, and the perils he would meet in his return trip due to this way of thinking.

“Since shixiong has made an oath, I will not disturb shixiong’s rest.” Shen Feixiao gave a deep glance at the disheveled Qin Kaiyi, and turned away after saying this sentence.

“…” Qin Kaiyi coughed a few times and watched Shen Feixiao walk further and further away. Ah, difficult children really made people unsure of how to treat them ah. 

“You actually swore such a vow, are you a moron?” Yan Gu, who had been silent, suddenly spoke with a tone full of doubt.

“…” Qin Kaiyi couldn’t explain it, and he was too lazy to explain.

“You ah.” Yan Gu shook his head: “Why don’t you think when you say these words… how vague are the boundaries of the statement ‘Shen Feixiao and Qin Shi’s matters?’ Shen Feixiao doesn’t know better, but aren’t you clear about the effects of the soul contract? Qin Shi, don’t take these things as a joke.”

“I know.” Qin Kaiyi smiled helplessly at Yan Gu’s persuasions: “I was impulsive… but why didn’t you remind me just now?”

“You still think that the present Shen Feixiao is the former Shen Feixiao?” Yan Gu said coldly: “From the moment you gave him Rain-Soaked Bell, he already became someone you cannot provoke. Even if he can’t use Rain-Soaked Bell now, that doesn’t mean he won’t use it in the future.”

“What does this have to do with you speaking up?” Qin Kaiyi replied, puzzled.

“Of course it’s related.” Yan Gu’s tone was cool: “The Shen Feixiao who has Rain-Soaked Bell already can sense my existence. If I spoke with you, aren’t I walking right into a trap?” 

“What?” Hearing this, Qin Kaiyi froze: “Can he see the original shape of the mask?”

“No.” Yan Gu decisively said: “Right now his skill is still too low, but as time passes I don’t know… the degree of Shen Feixiao’s talent, are you still unclear about it?”

“That’s true.” Qin Kaiyi smiled bitterly again. In this world, no one can compare with Shen Feixiao’s genius. As a person with the protagonist’s halo, even becoming a god would just be a matter of time. 

“So…” Yan Gu looked at Qin Kaiyi’s haggard face and said seriously: “You should still practice cultivating well. With your lazy self, being killed by Shen Feixiao is simply a matter of time.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi pretended he didn’t hear Yan Gu’s ridicule. He decided to eat another apple–your mom, talking to Shen Feixiao was way too tiring!



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  1. if only Shen Feixiao knew who his enemy was…
    he’d probably bow down for his future wife’s forgiveness!

    Thank you, translator dear, for the new chapter and the fast-paced releases! Take care, your translations are on point!

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