ASV Chapter 40: Let Loose a Breath

Human life ah, it could actually be so lonesome and quiet like snowfall.

Qin Kaiyi, dressed in a white coat and holding a liquor bottle made of gourd, sat on a tall ancient tree. Was it strong grief showing in his eyes that made him survey the distance? That atmosphere of a prick acting pretentious really made people not dare to look straight at the scene. 

“Alas, why is this world so lonely,” Qin Kaiyi exclaimed with a long sigh.

“… you are really getting more and more bored.” Upon hearing Qin Kaiyi’s words, blue veins burst out on Yan Gu’s forehead: “I say Qin Shi, the pit in your head is really getting bigger and bigger. The things Qing Xuzi said to you just now, you didn’t give a reaction?” 

“Give what reaction?” Qin Kaiyi looked half dead. Although he knew that the existence of the system defied the heavens, he didn’t imagine that the system could actually change the thoughts of the people around him. Under normal circumstances, since he had suffered such serious injuries in the secret realm and Qing Xuzi so deeply cared for him, the task of finding spiritual grass for medicine would never fall on his lap. But when Qing Xuzi, with a serious face, told him that he had to find that spiritual grass, he finally understood what the wheels of history meant.

If you don’t follow history, you will be squished to death by its wheels.

“You’re not going to go out just like this?” Yan Gu’s expression seemed like he himself would be angry and regretful if he didn’t make Qin Kaiyi do something about his situation. “You have to rise up, rise up you know? With your current circumstances if you go out to find that tens of thousands of years old Sky South Bamboo something, it’s just looking for death!!! “

“I’m not going to die.” Qin Kaiyi paused and said: “I… don’t I still have you.”

“…” Yan Gu was speechless for a while. After a while, his voice was hoarse: “Qin Shi, I can’t be trusted. Your shizu also had me, but in the end…”

“Dead?” Qin Kaiyi took another sip of wine.

Yan Gu’s silence told Qin Kaiyi his answer.

“… He, what kind of person was he?” Qin Kaiyi suddenly became interested in this person who Yan Gu always spoke of and missed. In the novel, he did not spend too much pen and ink to describe Xue Xian, so he was not clear about what happened between Yan Gu and Xue Xian.

“Him ah, he was also a moron.” Yan Gu smiled: “He was exactly like you. In order to protect what he wanted to protect… he could end up not wanting anything else, he could give up caring for anything else.”

What a vague description. Qin Kaiyi lost the patience needed to get to the heart of the matter. He hung the wine pot on his waist and was about to jump off the tree, when he suddenly heard a small voice from a short distance.

“You must be careful this time when you go out.” Liu Ling’er’s voice was still soft. The teenage girl was wearing a pink coat and her face was full of worries. “Shixiong will not harm you… You… also shouldn’t worry too much. “

Qin Kaiyi looked closely and found that the person standing opposite Liu Ling’er and conversing with her was actually Shen Feixiao. Without knowing why, the moment Qin Kaiyi saw this scene, a coolness suddenly rushed forth in his heart. He would not forget that one of the items on the program was Liu Ling’er betrayal of him in the future.  

“Got it, shimei.” Without experiencing further abuse and having practiced the Mountain Cloud Notes, Shen Feixiao seemed more mature despite being so young… If one were to use Qin Kaiyi’s words to describe him, it would be–wang ba. (T/N: Used often in web novels. When outstanding men see him they’ll become his little brothers, when haughty women see him they’ll be subdued by his heroic spirit. Wang ba also has mocking overtones). 

“You… I don’t know why shifu asked you to go.” Liu Ling’er was worried. “And shixiong, his injury is so serious, why did he ask him to go…”

“Shixiong’s injury is serious?” Shen Feixiao appeared to ask with no other intentions. 

“Yeah.” Liu Ling’er replied innocently: “It’s serious. I haven’t seen shifu sigh so much in a long time.”

“Really. I understand, I will definitely help you take care of your shixiong well.” Shen Feixiao’s tone was very serious, seriously making Qin Kaiyi’s spine chill. 

“En, then I’ll go first.” Liu Ling’er glanced at Shen Feixiao, and a shy blush appeared on her face: “You… you must take care of yourself.”

“I will.” Shen Feixiao said indifferently, seemingly unable to see Liu Ling’er’s intentions towards him.

… Is this what they call a fire in the backyard? (T/N: metaphor for internal conflicts and disputes). Qin Kaiyi, who watched his little shimei’s shyness, felt a thousand grass mud horses in his heart (T/N: a thousand fuck your moms). What is this?? It’s only been five months ah dear, you have betrayed the revolution in only five months (T/N: facetious reference to the communist revolution that occurred in China). Should he sigh at Liu Ling’er’s fickleness, or was it just Shen Feixiao’s protagonist halo defying the natural order? 

After saying what she wanted to, Liu Ling’er smiled and left. Shen Feixiao stood motionlessly, alone under the tree. Qin Kaiyi looked at Shen Feixiao’s back, and didn’t know how he should react. He suddenly saw that Shen Feixiao actually turned around and smiled coldly in his own direction.

… He had always known that he was here. Qin Kaiyi silently opened the wine jug and took another sip, watching Shen Feixiao finish his provocation and then slowly depart. Ah, at this moment Qin Kaiyi finally joined Qin Shi, and he finally understood why Qin Shi hated Shen Feixiao so much in the novel.

Your mom, these goods were too cruel and hateful!! Even if Liu Ling’er is taken away, you still have to provoke, still have to provoke~!! Qin Kaiyi tore a little handkerchief and his eyes almost reddened. 

Yan Gu, who watched everything silently, issued a comment: “En, Shen Feixiao really has your shizu Xue Xian’s style from those days.” 

“Style my ass.” Qin Kaiyi ground his teeth. He must take advantage of this spiritual grass medicine adventure to bully Shen Feixiao back. If he didn’t bully him now, he wouldn’t have any more chances in the future!! 

His son finally grew up, and his heart was full of disappointment. Qin Kaiyi, seeing Shen Feixiao walk far away, also silently left with an injured heart. He began to prepare what he needed for going to find the spiritual grass. 

As the author, Qin Kaiyi naturally knew what would happen on this outing. He thought about it seriously and found that in fact nothing happened to him. Basically all the accidents were borne by Shen Feixiao. If not for Qin Shi insisting on doling out a kick, even finding the spiritual grass also had nothing to do with him.

If there were no system prompt, Qin Kaiyi would be happy to treat this adventure as a trip. However, since the system prompt had given the task, what he would do was obviously complicated.

Qin Kaiyi, who started to arrange daily necessities, had a bitter expression. His physical condition was still very strange. After waking up, he had been recuperating for a month, but the effect was not great. Although his meridians had basically finished repairing, his dantian became extremely strange–so strange that even the ten thousand-year-old monster Yan Gu clicked his tongue in surprise, saying that Qin Kaiyi being alive was a miracle. 

Could it be that he had a villain halo? Thinking self-deprecatingly, Qin Kaiyi sorted out all the things he needed. Qing Xuzi told him that the team might be starting in the next two days, and he had to participate in this trip. Looking at Qing Xuzi, Qin Kaiyi didn’t ask why. Even if Qing Xuzi didn’t arrange for him to go, he would follow him quietly–10% return value, he had to get it.

But though his imagination was lovely, reality was cruel. Qin Kaiyi knew in his heart how dangerous this journey was. Not to mention the external conditions, just having Shen Feixiao there was enough for him to bear. 

“Shixiong, shixiong are you there?” Qin Kaiyi was just packing up his items when he heard Liu Ling’er’s voice from outside the door. Qin Kaiyi’s expression twisted instantly… After just chit chatting with Shen Feixiao,what was she doing coming here to find Qin Shi? 

“What’s the matter, Ling’er?” Qin Kaiyi put down what was in his hand and turned to look at the shimei who had formerly been deeply cared for by him. 

“I…” Liu Linger hesitated for a long time before softly saying: “Shixiong, I’m going to persuade shifu. This time, going to look for the spirit grass, don’t go.”

“Why?” Qin Kaiyi looked at Liu Ling’er expressionlessly: “That has been decided by shifu, why do you now say these words to me.”

“… I.” Liu Ling’er couldn’t tell why, but she knew about the friction between Qin Kaiyi and Shen Feixiao. However, she didn’t know that they had reached the point of fighting to the death. 

“Why don’t you leave.” Qin Kaiyi finally lowered his eyes in disappointment. Although he knew that Liu Ling’er would betray him and be together with Shen Feixiao, when this day really came, he would still be very uncomfortable… wu, could it be that he was too deep into his role? 

“Shixiong, don’t you want to say anything to me.” Her eyes reddened by Qin Kaiyi’s indifference, Liu Ling’er choked with emotion. 

“Say what?” Qin Kaiyi felt a bit like he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Liu Ling’er, with this appearance like he had bullied her, what exactly did she want to accomplish? Obviously it was she who did something worth apologizing for to him. 

“It’s okay.” In the end, Liu Ling’er still left disappointed. Perhaps in her eyes, this brother who had loved her had changed.

Sometimes, apathy was also a kind of heartlessness. 

Qin Kaiyi was not in the mood to coax Liu Ling’er again. He turned his head to look at the fruit basket on the table and sighed slightly. This was fine too, one of Shen Feixiao’s wives had already been driven away by Qin Kaiyi. It would be better if Liu Ling’er stopped making mistakes…

“Ah, you’re such a fool.” Yan Gu lazily fired after the horse (T/N: giving advice in hindsight): “You won’t chase her?”

“Why chase.” Qin Kaiyi smiled self-deprecatingly: “If I chased her back, what could I even do?”

She wasn’t his, and would never be his. Whether it was the Qin Shi in the novel, or today’s self, which one didn’t give Liu Ling’er his greatest affection? In just five months, she could destroy everything they’d built before. Such a woman really wasn’t worth the effort.

“That’s also right.” Yan Gu didn’t know what kind of relationship Qin Kaiyi and Liu Ling’er had, but he also saw the clues from Qin Kaiyi’s indifferent expression. He stopped talking to Qin Kaiyi and went silent. 

“… Ah, I really hope I can set out early.” Lying on the bed, Qin Kaiyi looked at a beam on the ceiling and whispered: “After this plot, I’m leaving this place.”

He would break off relations with Shen Feixiao, betray Qing Xuzi, slaughter his shixiong and shimei, and then completely escape to enter into the demonic path.

This was the fate of Qin Shi, a preordained return route. 


On the novel site, I saw complaints in the comments haha. Also lots of “you can you up, no can no bb”

I guess some are upset at the very slow burn + Shen Feixiao & Qin Kaiyi’s bad relationship. I’m actually used to this pacing from other novels, so I’m just waiting in the corner for them to have their moments and then do the hokey pokey. 


11 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 40: Let Loose a Breath

  1. Hokey pokey… *imagines Qin Kaiyi coughing up blood at the comment*
    After all the chapters before, people expect this to go fast? Amazing.

    Thanks for the chapters 💕

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    1. When will QKY realize he’s trapped in a fujoshi nightmare with no way out? In the haunted JJWXC house, he hears SFX’s creepy adolescent voice singing the hokey pokey for him:

      I put my ********* in,
      I put my ********** out,
      In out, in out
      shake it all about
      You do the hokey pokey
      And you turn yourself around

      ikr?? though hopefully SFX & QKY’s first ____ scene isn’t when they’re senior citizens
      No problemo ❤ ❤

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  2. qky doesn’t realize this.. but he has the transmigrated author halo!! ya gu is his golden finger!!

    also thank you for the chapter! i personally prefer slow burns too, every chapter cause more critical hit damage that way!! i like it!!

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  3. bingereading this all of today after my braincells complained about reading it in chinese. honestly.. this is Real Slow Burn (TM) and i’m all for it.

    the longer the chase the more satisfying the rewards (?????)

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  4. I’m irked at how stupid the MC is. The fact that he can’t even exploit his own story to his advantage shows that the MC is a lousy author who doesn’t even know his own novel. No, he would be a disgrace to ‘true’ authors in the real world so calling him as an ‘author’ is inappropriate. He is just a self-employed writer trying to make ends meet and fill the word count to make money. He has no imagination, creativity, and true passion for writing. Well, since he is the MC of this novel he is saved from the consequences of his inadequacy and stupidity. If he has no plot-armor he would have long been dead. And I want him to die already. His character is just that unappealing, boring, and annoying.

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    1. It’s understandable why QKY may come across annoying, but I find his inability to exploit his story realistic. He’s no martial arts master or expert strategist, he’s just a bottom barrel QiDian writer. At least he feels guilt and wants to make up for being an involuntary bully–I suppose his redeeming quality is that humanity. Overall this book is no MDZS, but QKY is pretty standard problematic straight male fare. He’s probably slightly more moral and brave than most dudes I know tbh lol

      Spoilers: he doesn’t die anytime soon. If he’s insufferable to you now this might be a good chapter to stop reading

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