ASV Chapter 42

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Hehuan Sect, as the name implies, was not a serious sect (T/N: Hehuan = happy together, and is a euphemism for making love). Like all cultivating novels, Qin Kaiyi’s novel also contained dog-blood happenings such as the hero rescuing the beauty. Something something the tiger-bodied protagonist takes the female lead from the lascivious thief’s hands, something something the female lead has □ and if he doesn’t save her she will die… then what happens after everyone has heard frequently before and can repeat in detail. And as the initiator who makes these events run smoothly, the miraculous Hehuan Sect must be mentioned.

There is only one requirement for the selection of disciples in the Hehuan Sect, that is–to look good. No matter how talented you are, whatever your temperament, as long as you have a beautiful face, then you will be welcomed by the Hehuan Sect. That was right, Hehuan Sect’s head strived for precisely just love, this one matter. Having beauty made this more easy to accomplish. 

Wei He, the founder of Hehuan Sect, spent hundreds of years creating a secret practice for the disciples of Hehuan Sect to cultivate with incomparable arrogance. The magic of this secret method was that one could absorb power from another’s body when making love. This could also increase cultivation, and make the appearance more beautiful. Really something you must bring along with you for staying at home, travelling, killing people, setting fires, and breaking into houses to r*pe. (T/N: he’s facetiously using sales talk, like “you must buy this product when you go out travelling!”). 

It was precisely because of this mysterious practice that the Hehuan Sect had its current status, and unlike other crooked paths, it was not ignored by people at all.

Qin Kaiyi thought that if he were just a bystander, he would have a love-hate sort of feeling towards this sect. After all, it comprised a bunch of beauties, so he was reluctant to hate, but it was a great pity–Qin Kaiyi was not a spectator right now; he was a pitiful protagonist who was about to lose his chastity. 

After thinking enough to break his brain he couldn’t figure out why such a thing happened to him. Qin Kaiyi really didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. He looked at the man who was sitting on him and maintaining a shy face, and he sighed weakly: “I say big brother, I’m a man ah. Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake? ”—Although there was no description in the novel saying that the Hehuan Sect only picked up women as supplements, even if they picked up men they should still switch to a prettier sister to do these kinds of things???

“No mistake ah.” He buried his head in Qin Kaiyi’s neck and took a deep breath. The man’s beautiful peach blossom eyes were full of satisfaction: “You are so fragrant, how could I make a mistake?”

Fragrant? What fragrance? Qin Kaiyi’s expression half-blackened when he heard this word. He carefully moved his tightly bound hands, and said through gritted teeth: “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Casually coming out and walking around, I can bump into a natural demonic body.” The man looked at Qin Kaiyi with satisfaction: “I’m really too lucky.”

I’m really too unlucky!!!! Qin Kaiyi roared in his heart. If it weren’t for Yan Gu that guy being too unreliable, how could he have encountered such a thing again, his chastity would soon be lost so inexplicably!! 

“Don’t be afraid, I will be very–gentle.” The man looked at Qin Kaiyi’s expression which made him seem pained enough to wish for death, and smiled, “Even if others beg me to top them, I still won’t agree.”

… then go to top someone else quickly. Qin Kaiyi’s whole face was numb; he knew whatever he said now was no use. So he would simply save some energy and see if there was an opportunity to escape… 

The man saw that Qin Kaiyi gave up his struggle in despair, and actually thought that his persuasion had worked. He buried his head in Qin Kaiyi’s neck, and then began to kiss lightly.

Qin Kaiyi was so provoked by the man’s movement that goosebumps rose all over his body. When the man’s mouth began to move downwards, he really couldn’t bear it and roared loudly: “Save me!! Save me ah!!!! Someone come ah, I’m being killed!!”

“Keep yelling, no one will come even if you break your throat,” the man responded to Qin Kaiyi’s lines very cooperatively. 

“… Fuck you!!! You garbage system, if you don’t call someone to come, I will slaughter Shen Feixiao. I see how you continue to follow the plot like this, I see how proud you are when things are like this!!!” At the end of his rope, Qin Kaiyi completely mentally collapsed. He shouted loudly and scolded all 18 generations of the system’s ancestors.

[System Tip: Please don’t scold the system, otherwise the return degree will be deducted; please don’t scold the system, otherwise the return degree will be deducted.] ——It was still that harsh voice, but it made the fire in Qin Kaiyi’s stomach burn even more intensely. 

However, just when Qin Kaiyi almost completely finished himself off: 

“Shixiong.” A faint cry came from the door, so that the chaotic Qin Kaiyi and the strange man both stiffened, listening to the next sentence that came from outside the door, “You want to slaughter me?”

Shen Feixiao!!! This was the first time that Qin Kaiyi felt that Shen Feixiao could actually make people feel so close and dear to him. He was about to cry and say something, when the man pressed a sharp weapon against his neck. He whispered in his ear: “Tell him to leave, or else… I’ll kill you.”

“…” This flower-picking thief was too unprofessional, shouldn’t he leave in a hurry after hearing someone under normal circumstances?? Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth, still unwilling to give up this opportunity. He did not obey the man’s words to drive away Shen Feixiao, but just went silent.

“Hurry and tell him to go.” The man seemed to be very afraid of Shen Feixiao, who was standing outside the door. His breathing became two times heavier, but he still maintained that slightly shy smile: “Hurry up.”

… This man was injured. Suddenly noticing a detail, a thought entered Qin Kaiyi’s head. He smelled a bloody smell that he had just ignored, and then carefully observed the pale face of the man. He quickly confirmed this conclusion. Hurt? ——Then even more reason not to let Shen Feixiao leave!!

“Shixiong?” After seeing that Qin Kaiyi had not answered for a long time, Shen Feixiao’s voice held a hint of suspicion: “Shixiong, what’s wrong with you?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t speak, but he shouted in his heart: Shen Feixiao, hurry up and come in!! Hurry up ahhhhhh!! If you still won’t come in, my ass will be defenseless!!

“… Do you think if he comes in you’ll be fine?” The sharp weapon on his neck came forward a bit, cutting Qin Kaiyi’s skin. The man pinched Qin Kaiyi’s chin hard: “I, Wei He, am not weak enough to fear a foundation-building cultivator.”

“…” What’s this man’s name?? His name is Wei He?? It must be that he listened to the name in the wrong way! Qin Kaiyi’s whole face seemed to be crying bloody tears. So he met the patriarch of the Hehuan Sect like this. Why couldn’t his luck be a bit better ah?

“Shixiong, are you asleep? Then I’ll go first.” Shen Feixiao and Qin Kaiyi’s mutual lack of understanding at this moment finally manifested in a profound way. Qin Kaiyi stared at the pair of eyes in front of him, helplessly listening to footsteps gradually fading away…

“He actually didn’t respond to my spell, which is really interesting.” Unexpectedly, there was a day when he miscalculated. Wei He, who had always managed to subdue all he encountered, was a bit doubtful. He and Qin Kaiyi listened to Shen Feixiao leave. A moment later, he once again turned his attention to Qin Kaiyi, who was lying on the bed with a despairing expression. 

En… he hadn’t encountered a body that so suited his taste for a long time. Wei He had a face that made him look as if he wore a shy smile. If it weren’t for his peach blossom eyes which let slip some of his flirtatious expressions, no one would think that he was related to the Hehuan Sect that everyone disdained. But it was this face that gave him countless conveniences when picking flowers.

Although Wei He previously seldom miscalculated, he still had times when others schemed against him. He did not expect that a disciple under him was actually bribed by an enemy. Not only did he poison him, but he also wanted to use the human sea tactic to capture him alive. But if he could be that easily caught, then Wei He was not Wei He anymore. Using all his power, he escaped. However, his injury did not leave much hope. 

Wei He had always felt that he was the darling of heaven. This idea deepened after he met Qin Kaiyi, who was unguarded. If he was not the darling of heaven, how would he encounter a natural demonic body with power less than his? Such luck was seen only from one in ten thousand!

Due to an unexpected turn of events, these kinds of circumstances occurred. If not for the fact that Qin Kaiyi suffered injuries and didn’t have time to recover, if not for Wei He being chased by others to here, if not for Yan Gu not being able to remember Wei He’s qi no matter what, Qin Kaiyi’s current extremely bitter situation would not exist. But the world’s most useless thing to do was to ask “what if.”

Wei He observed the body of the person underneath him with satisfaction. Not too thin, but also no obvious muscles. Firm skin beautifully stuck to that frame, revealing graceful contours. That fair skin had a luster like fine jade. The red things on top even more made people itch to pluck with their own hands. Happily narrowing his eyes, Wei He used one hand to stroke Qin Kaiyi’s lips. His other hand slid towards an intimate place. 

Qin Kaiyi wanted to express–he felt he was about to die. 

“Wu…” After Shen Feixiao’s interruption, Wei He stuffed Qin Kaiyi’s mouth with a piece of cloth so that Qin Kaiyi couldn’t even roar out, and could only sob weakly.

It turned out that a man’s virginity could fall like this… He really underestimated the brutality of ancient people, Qin Kaiyi thought as he opened his eyes filled with pained tears.

“Don’t be afraid, it will be very comfortable.” Wei He finally touched that key part. He smiled and was about to take the next step, when he heard a creaking door open.

Qin Kaiyi turned his head in surprise and found that Shen Feixiao was standing at the door with a basin of hot water and no expression. 

“… Sorry, I disturbed shixiong.” Shen Feixiao, who had an abnormal brain circuit, apparently didn’t quite understand what was happening in front of him. After politely greeting him he turned and left, leaving behind Qin Kaiyi and Wei He looking at each other in dismay. 

“This is a shidi?” Wei He’s expression was a bit distorted, obviously shocked by Shen Feixiao’s slowness as much as Qin Kaiyi was: “It’s really interesting…”

You are interesting, your whole family is interesting. Qin Kaiyi, whose mouth was plugged, almost wanted to cry bitterly–Shen Feixiao, come back quickly, I will not bully you in the future… no! When I bully you later I will definitely be gentle! 

As if hearing Qin Kaiyi’s internal calls, Shen Feixiao, who had already left, actually came back slowly, holding the basin of hot water in his arms. He looked at Wei He without expression, and said, “You… are you forcing my shixiong?”


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  1. “I will not bully you in the future… no! When I bully you later I will definitely be gentle!” LOL can’t escape the path of the bully

    thank you for the chapter!

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  2. “This was the first time that Qin Kaiyi felt that Shen Feixiao could actually make people feel so close and dear to him” Yeah that’s the fujo/fudanshi system at work, QKY.
    SFX, why hot water? Don’t you usually wake ppl up with a bucket of cold water?
    With QKY’s luck, WH will answer “No” and SFX will say sorry, close the door and leave. Or if “Yes”, bring popcorn.

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