ASV Chapter 43: Wet Night

Hearing the question asked by Shen Feixiao, Qin Kaiyi almost spit out blood directly. He sobbed, wanting to spit out the cloth in his mouth, but Wei He squeezed his chin.

“Little brother, I didn’t force your shixiong.” Wei He gave an abnormally brilliant smile: “This is called inclinations and interests, little children don’t understand… hurry up and leave, or your shixiong will be angry.”

“Is it?” Shen Feixiao’s expression was very serious–so serious that Qin Kaiyi felt that he really believed Wei He’s bullshit…

God… This story tells us how important sex education is for adolescents, Qin Kaiyi thought expressionlessly. If Shen Feixiao really believed Wei He’s nonsense, he would… what could he do?!!

Fortunately, Shen Feixiao’s EQ did not fall to the point that he would be resented by both men and gods. After carefully observing Qin Kaiyi and Wei He for a while, he resolutely said: “You definitely must be forcing shixiong!”

“Oh?” Wei He seemed to gain interest in Shen Feixiao: “How did you see it?”

“… Are you insulting my IQ?” Shen Feixiao said indifferently: “Everyone who has grown eyes can see it, okay.”

“… Is it.” Wei He rubbed his own nose.

Having such a weird dialogue, what were they trying to do? Qin Kaiyi let out a “wuwu” a few times. Why did these two people magically ignore his existence? According to the normal plot, shouldn’t Shen Feixiao find out that Wei He is forcing Qin Kaiyi and then fight without hesitation? What exactly was the harmonious atmosphere between the two exotic flowers (T/N: weirdos) in front of him!!

“Okay, then.” Sighing heavily, Wei He had a regretful expression as he placed a kiss on Qin Kaiyi’s cheek. Then he put on the clothes he had set to the side and said to Shen Feixiao: “Since this class of beauty is little brother’s shixiong, then I’ll give little brother face and let off the beauty this time. But the green hills don’t change and the clear waters forever flow. Next time if you let me come across him again, I will certainly not be polite.” 

Shen Feixiao did not speak, still maintaining his facial paralysis. 

The now fully dressed Wei He saluted towards Shen Feixiao, and he left through the window without hesitation, leaving Shen Feixiao and Qin Kaiyi looking at each other in dismay.

… Why did Wei He leave so easily? Although his virginity was preserved, Qin Kaiyi felt a bit out of sorts which made him very uncomfortable. He felt something appeared wrong… Wei He didn’t seem like the type who would capture meat in his hand but then easily spit it out.

“Fortunately, I walked fast.” Shen Feixiao stood there and watched Wei He leave, and apathetically spit out a few words: “If someone dares to come here speaking nonsense again… I will make them pay.” (T/N: 吃不了,兜着走. Literal meaning = can’t finish eating, bag it up and go. Figurative meaning can mean getting more than one bargained for, getting into serious trouble, making them pay). 

This time, Qin Kaiyi didn’t miss Shen Feixiao’s abnormality. He found that when he said this, Shen Feixiao’s black eyes turned into a rich purple. When Qin Kaiyi looked at that gaze his heart inexplicably trembled. 

“Shixiong, you are really not careful.” Shen Feixiao put down the water basin in his hand and walked towards Qin Kaiyi: “If I were not here today, wouldn’t you be miserable?”

At this moment, Qin Kaiyi’s intuition suddenly issued a sharp alarm. He looked at Shen Feixiao who was getting closer and shouted in his sea of knowledge at the Yan Gu who had disappeared: “Help me disguise the wound on my neck!! Turn the tooth marks into a knife wound!!! Hurry!!!” Qiao Kaiyi just shouted this several times, when he watched Shen Feixiao reach the side of the bed.

Reality proved that not only women were equipped with a sixth sense–Qin Kaiyi’s sixth sense actually also had use. Just after he told Yan Gu to hide his wound, Shen Feixiao reached out and held Qin Kaiyi’s head. He then cast his gaze at his neck, obviously observing the already scabbed wound.

“Sword wound?” It wasn’t clear whether it was disappointment or something else, but Shen Feixiao’s voice was faint. He saw Qin Kaiyi’s frightened face and smiled indifferently–he didn’t know what evil was involved, that he would actually think the shixiong in front of him and the masked man had a bit of a connection, en… It seemed that lately he’d been cultivating too much, even cultivating himself stupid?

“Wuwu! Shen Feixiao, quickly untie my hands!!!” After the cloth in his mouth was removed, Qin Kaiyi shouted angrily… He would never admit that when Shen Feixiao looked at his neck, cold sweat covered his back. Qin Kaiyi couldn’t imagine what would happen if Shen Feixiao discovered that he was the masked person, or how he would explain his sending the sable and Mountain Cloud Notes to Shen Feixiao, or how he would explain why he knew so much about the secret realm.

“Yes.” Seeing what he wanted to see, Shen Feixiao slowly untied Qin Kaiyi’s bound limbs, and even kindly handed the clothes that were thrown to the ground to Qin Kaiyi.

“Why did Wei He leave so easily?” Qin Kaiyi asked suspiciously, voicing the doubts in his heart.

“… Shixiong isn’t hating to part is he?” After hearing Qin Kaiyi’s question, Shen Feixiao’s expression turned a little strange. 

“What nonsense are you thinking about?” Qin Kaiyi’s face was full of black lines as he clothed himself; he fumed and gnashed his teeth as he said: “I’m just wondering how the patriarch of the Hehuan Sect could be afraid of you, a Qi Refining stage disciple.”

“How would I know.” Shen Feixiao still reacted so sparingly. “Perhaps he has something urgent?”

“…” He shouldn’t expect Shen Feixiao to give a reasonable answer. Qin Kaiyi grinded his teeth, and then suppressed the churning uneasiness in his heart: “How are the other shixiong and shidi?”

“They’re gone.” Shen Feixiao’s tone didn’t seem to be joking.

“What??” Qin Kaiyi’s eyes widened in an instant: “They’re gone?? What do you mean they’re gone?”

“They’re gone just means they’re not there.” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi seriously: “Shixiong, we seem to have stayed in a black inn, and our carriage is gone.” (T/N: black inn: inn that kills and robs guests).

“…” Qin Kaiyi was silent for a moment, and could not help but roar in the sea of knowledge: “Yan Gu!!!!!! Laozi is going to kill you!!!”

Yan Gu didn’t even respond with a fart.

“Shixiong, then what should we do?” He didn’t know if it was a misperception, but when Qin Kaiyi heard Shen Feixiao asking this sentence, he actually heard a bit of schadenfreude…

“What do you mean what should we do.” Qin Kaiyi looked at the black sky outside the window where the rain was still pouring, and said with no expression: “Let’s stay for one night today, and we will hurry out tomorrow.”

“Oh,” Shen Feixiao said indifferently, and then turned around and began to go out.

“Where are you going?” Qin Kaiyi yelled.

“Going to bed.” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi with a puzzled expression: “What is it?”

“… You, a child sleeping alone, that’s too unsafe!” Qin Kaiyi would never admit that he was worried about Wei He returning: “You come to my room to sleep, the two of us will spend the night…”

“Okay.” Shen Feixiao was always concise. He picked up the basin on the ground: “I’ll go pour out the water first.”

Then Qin Kaiyi anxiously stared as Shen Feixiao left the room. When Shen Feixiao left, he continued to angrily yell at Yan Gu: “Yan Gu you stupid c*nt, are you still alive are you still alive? If you’re still alive then breathe! “

“… Almost dead.” Yan Gu’s voice seemed like he was at his last gasp. “Shen Feixiao is unnatural… his advancement is too fast…”

“What?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t understand: “What do you mean?”

“He is already at the fasting stage.” Yan Gu said weakly: “If not for the fact that he still can’t complete energy… he would have long surpassed you.”

“… No way.” Qin Kaiyi was completely stunned when he heard the news–he clearly remembered that Shen Feixiao entered the fasting period three years later. He only entered foundation building not too long ago, but actually already fasted??

“I…” Yan Gu still wanted to say something, when suddenly there was no sound. Qin Kaiyi looked up and saw Shen Feixiao standing at the door, looking at him with no expression. That gaze actually made his heart chill for a moment. Why did the plot differ so much from what he remembered… how could he twist the distorted plot back in place?

“Shixiong? You won’t sleep?” Shen Feixiao said while looking at Qin Kaiyi. 

“… En, come over and sleep.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was tart. He wanted to ask too many questions now, but there was no one who could answer his questions.

Shen Feixiao walked over obediently and took the initiative to climb onto the bed.

“You sleep on the inside,” Qin Kaiyi said. “So I won’t squeeze you out at night.”

“Okay.” Shen Feixiao did not object.

Qin Kaiyi didn’t bother to take off his clothes and just slept like this. He listened to the rushing sounds of the rain outside the window while leaning on his side, but found that his heart couldn’t calm down at all, much less allow him to sleep.

There were too many matters to mull over, such that he didn’t even know where to start. 

Shen Feixiao at his side seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep and let out steady breathing sounds. Qin Kaiyi just stared at the window with his eyes open. He didn’t know how long had passed before he fell asleep.

Glaring sunlight shone on him, and Qin Kaiyi only then opened his eyes. He rubbed his head, which felt a bit light-headed (T/N: lit. brain swelling), and found that it was already midday. The Shen Feixiao who was lying next to him was nowhere to be seen.

“Shen Feixiao.” Throat incredibly sore, Qin Kaiyi dizzily barely managed to prop himself up and found that there was a wet towel on his forehead.

“Ah…” Touching his scaldingly hot forehead, Qin Kaiyi felt like he had become sesame-seed cakes baked in the stove. His whole body was soft like noodles, and he even had difficulty speaking.

“Shixiong.” A person carrying Chinese medicine walked inside the door. Qin Kaiyi fixed his gaze for a bit and only then discovered that the person was the previously disappeared Shen Feixiao. 

“Drink the medicine.” Handing the bowl in his hand to Qin Kaiyi, Shen Feixiao said softly: “You are sick.”

“En…” Qin Kaiyi naturally knew that he was indeed ill. He took the bowl from Shen Feixiao’s hands and saw that blackened liquid medicine. His stomach turned for a moment: “Well that… Can I not take medicine?”

“…” Seeming as if he hadn’t considered that Qin Kaiyi could ask such a question, amusement flashed in Shen Feixiao’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed it: “If you don’t take medicine, you won’t get better. We still need to hurry back on the road.”

“… Oh.” Qin Kaiyi said with embarrassment: “Then… is there sugar?”

“…” The corners of Shen Feixiao’s mouth twitched. 

It wasn’t clear if it was because sick people are a bit more fragile, but when Qin Kaiyi heard the news that there was no sugar (okay actually Shen Feixiao didn’t say anything…) his whole person became absent-minded. His entire face was aggrieved when he downed the bowl of medicine, and when he finished he even made an expression like he wanted to vomit. 

“Here.” A piece of fresh preserved fruit was stuffed into Qin Kaiyi’s mouth. He looked up in surprise and saw Shen Feixiao’s expressionless face, and then blurted out instantly: “Shidi you are really good, it was not in vain that I, shixiong, let you have shimei.”

“…” Shen Feixiao.

“… ==” awkward Qin Kaiyi.


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    1. Top 10 Creepiest Kids in Horror Movies:

      #5. Shen Feixiao. This little buddy may look like your child’s sallow-skinned preschool best friend, but he’ll actually grow up to be a ******! Brr, don’t look under your bed at night or he might strangle you next!

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