ASV Chapter 51

Shen Feixiao spent six years in God’s Medicine Valley. 

The wound on his arm already healed by the second month of his stay in this strange place, but Yu Hong, who claimed to be a doctor, still said that he was sick with heart disease.

Shen Feixiao spent four years thinking about this question: what was his heart disease and how was he sick? However, after time passed like running water, as slow and long as a thousand days and nights, Shen Feixiao still did not have his answer. How exactly was he sick? 

So Shen Feixiao simply ceased to think about that problem.

After growing up, the teenager was no longer thin, and the stunting caused by his past abuse had been perfectly corrected in these six years. His hair was no longer dry and yellow, nor his body thin and weak. Six years gave Shen Feixiao long black hair like the most beautiful silk, which exuded the gloss of black pearls. A blue hair gauze secured that long hair–if Shen Feixiao didn’t say so, no one would think that this gauze was the Rain-Soaked Bell which had transformed from a tool for killing into something soft that could wrap around a finger. What Shen Feixiao learned most from this place which stood aloof from worldly affairs was concealment. 

That elegantly slender figure and beautiful face were enough to make all women have a good impression of this boy of an age between his teens and early adulthood. That indifference that he never hid before was finally concealed by those eyes that were brighter than stars. 

Shen Feixiao still didn’t talk much, but he could smile beautifully.

Time had always been an invincible, matchless force. Six years ago, no one would have imagined that that cold boy with his extreme ways could grow into his present self. Even Yu Hong, who witnessed Shen Feixiao’s growth, could only sigh. Some people were born to be dragons.

But looking at Shen Feixiao like this, the anxiety in Yu Hong’s heart was getting stronger day by day. Shen Feixiao’s heart demons still remained.

“I have a heart demon?” Shen Feixiao put a chess piece in front of him. Those black and white chess pieces paired with his long fingers looked unspeakably attractive. He lowered his head slightly. Instead of looking at Yu Hong standing beside him, he dedicatedly observed the chessboard. 

“Yes.” Yu Hong was the same as he was six years ago. He had eaten the Face Pellet, and his appearance would not change even a little until he died.

“How do I have heart demons?” Shen Feixiao raised a corner of his mouth, revealing a beautiful arc: “Shifu, you think too much.”

Yu Hong sighed heavily. Yes, he had taken Shen Feixiao as a disciple, and wanted to rid him of heart demons as soon as possible. But he did not expect that… the symptoms disappeared inexplicably. Even so, Yu Hong was still certain that Shen Feixiao’s demons were not gone, but were suppressed to a deeper place.

“Feixiao, you don’t say, you don’t understand? Too much obsession will eventually become a demon. Your cultivation speed was too fast, and doesn’t conform to the laws of the world at all. If you go on like this, I’m afraid that when you cross from Core Formation to the Nascent Soul stage, you will not be able to withstand the tribulations.” Yu Hong persuaded Shen Feixiao many times. Although he knew this was totally useless with Shen Feixiao, he still didn’t give up.

“Shifu, I only ask for one thing in this world.” Shen Feixiao’s eyelashes shuddered, like a black swallowtail butterfly spreading its wings in desire for flight: “Except for this matter, I have no reason to continue.”

“This is your heart demon.” Hearing Shen Feixiao’s words, Yu Hong helplessly shook his head: “The thing you mean, is it the masked man who sent you that day?”

Shen Feixiao didn’t answer, but his silence at this time was the best answer.

“What kind of relationship do you have with him?” Yu Hong’s brow lifted to its highest level, revealing his worried expression: “What you say can’t be let go of, what is it?”

“When I first arrived at the Lingshan Sect, I didn’t know how to interact with people.” Shen Feixiao’s slender fingers pinched a chess piece and tapped it gently on the chessboard: “Unfortunately I offended shixiong, and later I was beaten and humiliated by him. Just when I lost all hope, it was the man who covered his face who sent me the first turning point in my life–the sable. “

Yu Hong did not interrupt, quietly listening to Shen Feixiao’s descriptions.

“I don’t know why he stole the sable from shixiong, and I further don’t understand how he knew that the sable could find the ‘Mountain Cloud Notes.’ I only know that if a person falls into a marsh, he will not spare any cost to grasp onto that one rice straw. Even if that grasping hand drips blood.” Shen Feixiao’s words fell, and he began to think again. He actually continued then, absentmindedly.

“The second time I saw him, he sent me a chicken.” He seemed to remember the scene; Shen Feixiao smiled slightly when he spoke: “Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat that chicken.”

“The third time I saw him.” Continuing to talk about his memories, Shen Feixiao said with a gentle tone: “He spared even his life to save me from falling into the lava… shifu, I am a child born of a bastard, and someone can die for me. In this life, what else can I ask for?”

“It’s a pity ah it’s a pity.” Speaking up to here, Shen Feixiao’s tone suddenly changed and he lightly laughed, but his smile did not have a trace of warmth: “Every time I see him, the impression he leaves is that ruthlessly departing back… the promises he agreed to, he actually didn’t have to keep it even once. Shifu… Your so-called heart demon is probably this. I just don’t want to weakly watch him leave like this. Like the last time I met him… what I could do, wasn’t it just tightly gripping the bed sheet underneath me?” 

“… Feixiao.” Yu Hong looked at Shen Feixiao’s eyes, speechless. He didn’t miss it–at the moment that Shen Feixiao mentioned this person, his eyes… became a dense purple again. That purple was like the blackest part of a dark night, so deep it was as if it could inhale the whole world.

“Why is this necessary?” Yu Hong was still reluctant to give up: “What actually is this for, how do you know, maybe… he has some scheme?” When actually saying this, Yu Hong was also hesitant. He knew that he shouldn’t say it, but he still opened his mouth. He had to break the image of the masked person in Shen Feixiao’s mind… instead of letting Shen Feixiao treat that person as a god-like existence buried deep in his heart. 

It was a pity that Shen Feixiao had known Yu Hong’s thoughts for a long time. He didn’t speak anymore and put down the chess box in his hand.

“Feixiao.” Yu Hong sighed again: “Don’t blame shifu for saying this… if you don’t get rid of this heart demon, you are going to have a big problem. Although your talent is not very good, the Sky South bamboo changed your constitution, and you have the ‘Mountain Cloud Notes.’ I can say this… If you practice peacefully and securely, within a hundred years, you will be the most dazzling genius in China.”

“Genius?” Shen Feixiao didn’t have any particular expression.  “Shifu, I don’t want to be a genius.”

“So what do you want?” Yu Hong had a bad hunch in his heart.

“I ah,” the handsome young man smiled like a flower: “… just want to keep the person who I’ve never been able to keep.”

“You…” A burst of coldness from the depths of the heart made Yu Hong lose his words. Just as he and Shen Feixiao’s atmosphere became more awkward, a crisp and sweet cry came from outside the door.

“Daddy, Daddy.” Su Liuli, who was powdered and made up, pushed in the door. Her figure was delicate and graceful, and she was just seventeen or eighteen years old. Tempting innocence showed between every frown and every smile.

“What’s the matter, Li’er.” Because Su Lili’s arrival finally relieved the atmosphere between Yu Hong and Shen Feixiao, Yu Hong sighed and barely managed to smile. 

“Dad, what did you secretly talk about with shidi Shen Feixiao in this room?” The relationship between Su Liuli and Shen Feixiao, who was her shidi with the same age, was not too bad. Therefore, she didn’t have any particular apprehensions. 

“This kid, only talking nonsense. I’m only playing chess with your older brother Feixiao.” Unwilling to involve his beloved daughter in this matter, Yu Hong said nothing about the conversation with Shen Feixiao just now.

“Huh? Playing chess?” Su Liuli scanned the chessboard to reveal a curious expression: “Who won?”

“Where are there wins or losses,” Yu Hong smiled bitterly. “We’re just playing.”

Shen Feixiao, who stood aside, did not have any particular reaction to Yu Hong’s words. He stood aside and looked at the chessboard on the table without any expression, as if there was something fascinating in that chessboard.

“Shen Feixiao, did you become stupid from playing chess?” Not bothering too much with this matter, Su Liuli laughed: “Quick, the plums in the mountain are ripe, accompany me to pick some.”

“Okay.” Shen Feixiao nodded. He had always been very obedient to this shijie who he didn’t dislike.

“Eat less, don’t sour your teeth and come crying for me.” Looking at this scene, the crushing stone in Yu Hong’s heart slightly lightened. Maybe because Shen Feixiao’s body inadvertently exuded vitality, or for some other reason, Yu Hong had a strange misperception… Shen Feixiao’s heart demons did not seem to be as serious as he had imagined.

Shen Feixiao went along with Su Liuli as usual, following behind her towards the dense mountain forest. Su Liuli’s back was facing Shen Feixiao, while Yu Hong faced his back–neither saw that almost mocking smile, which could truly chill hearts.

Six years had passed. Looking at the familiar scenery of the mountains, Shen Feixiao’s heart was as calm as ancient well water. He raised his hand and touched the Rain-Soaked Bell tied at the back of his head, its appearance no different from a muslin cloth. His gaze moved towards the mountains. Six years had passed; that was long enough. It was almost time for him to leave this place. 

“Dummy, what are you thinking, hurry up.” The girl walking in front was still so ignorant of the world, turning her head and yelling at the boy behind her.

“Okay.” A light smile hung at the corner of his mouth. Shen Feixiao thought calmly that he should allow himself to pass through the rest of these peaceful times. There were still many things he needed to do. 

My dearly beloved shixiong, did you ever think that there would be a day when Shen Feixiao would return?


9 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 51

  1. OML this story is sooo good. Thanks sm for translating!! I cant wait to see Shen Feixiao meet with Qin Kaiyi again. And then see Qin Kaiyi betray his master ahhhhhhhh its gonna be soo sad but like I’ve been waiting for this >>>.>

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  2. Six years later, and the yandere has bloomed. Aw his face-paralysis young self kinda grew on me, but a yandere hiding in plain sight makes for more drama I guess.
    Oh btw “The second time I saw him” was repeated twice in the chapter, in case that wasn’t intentional.

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