ASV Chapter 53

Although Qin Kaiyi was already mentally prepared, he was still scared by the seemingly completely unfamiliar Shen Feixiao in front of him. He knew that Shen Feixiao would grow up well, but he did not expect that he would be so well to the point that both gods and men would be indignant…

“Shixiong?” Looking at Qin Kaiyi’s dazed appearance, Shen Feixiao paused before softly calling, “What’s wrong, shixiong?”

“… Nothing.” It took a long time to squeeze a word from his mouth. Somehow, looking at Shen Feixiao in front of him, a timid desire to shrink back appeared in his heart: “Shidi, you’re all right ah…”

“All thanks to shixiong’s blessings.” Saying what only the both of them could understand, Shen Feixiao’s expression was faint: “I was lucky enough to meet a pedestrian passing by in the mountain and escaped.”

“… Really, that’s really great.” Qin Kaiyi wanted to say a lot, but in the end he still only uttered such a sentence from his mouth. He admonished himself in his heart–he was the shixiong of Shen Feixiao, not some messy masked man.

“Shixiong, are you going to find shifu?” Shen Feixiao’s expression didn’t change in the slightest: “I’m afraid that shixiong can’t find shifu now. Shifu went into seclusion a month ago. I’m afraid there are many days ahead before he exits. “

“Shifu went into seclusion?” Qin Kaiyi was shocked when he heard the news. He couldn’t remember such a plot in the novel.

“Yes.” Looking at Qin Kaiyi’s disbelieving appearance, Shen Feixiao’s smile had a kind of maliciousness: “Since shixiong came out of seclusion, as a shidi, of course, I must greet him well…”

“You’re too polite, I have other things to do, I’ll trouble you.” Shen Feixiao’s slight smile made all the hair on Qin Kaiyi’s body stand on end. Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help thinking of what he saw when he was dragged into the dream by the sable. He hurriedly declined Shen Feixiao’s “greetings.”

“Since shixiong is so polite, I won’t impose anymore.” Shen Feixiao also didn’t say anything more, but just let Qin Kaiyi go like this.

“Then I’ll go first.” Not knowing why, Qin Kaiyi’s bad premonition grew stronger. He looked at the greatly changed Shen Feixiao in front of him and the unfamiliar disciple of Lingshan Sect beside him, then turned around to leave without hesitation. 

After Qin Kaiyi walked far away, the disciple of Lingshan Sect who stood beside Shen Feixiao suddenly let out loud laughter. Seeing him rocking back and forth, it seemed that he might even start crying from mirth. 

“Is it that funny.” Not needing to hide it anymore, Shen Feixiao’s expression suddenly became cold. It was completely impossible to see that smile like flowers from before. 

“Brother Shen, this is really funny.” If Qin Kaiyi were here, he would be so surprised his chin might fall off–the voice that said these words was exactly the same as that of the Zi Yangpei who had disappeared without a trace after the secret realm. 

“Don’t forget what you promised me.” Shen Feixiao looked at Zi Yangpei without expression: “If something goes wrong… what you want, don’t think of getting it in this life.”

“Yes, yes.” Zi Yangpei reached out and wiped the tears out of laughter, and looked at Shen Feixiao indifferently: “Relax, he can’t run out of the palm of your hand. With his current cultivation, along with Qing Xuzi’s seclusion… Haha, it’s not yet that we have it in the bag, but having said that… why do you hate him so much? “

“I need to explain it to you?” Shen Feixiao looked at Zi Yangpei with a sneer. He knew that the person in front of him had always been afraid of his own “Mountain Cloud Notes” and Rain-Soaked Bell.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t explain.” Zi Yangpei was full of smiles–I’m just afraid, when we finish you’ll regret it. Could Shen Feixiao imagine that the shixiong he loathed and the masked person he spared no cost to find were one and the same? How could Zi Yangpei tell the truth. If he didn’t concentratedly watch such an amusing play from the side, it would really be a waste of natural resources. 

“Let’s go, there are still many things to prepare.” With a pensive glance at Zi Yangpei, Shen Feixiao actually had other plans at this moment–he was going to go searching, and what he searched for would definitely tell him what he wanted to know. 


Qin Kaiyi fled to his dongfu like his ass was on fire. Because his dongfu was cleaned regularly, there was no change compared to six years ago. However, Qin Kaiyi inexplicably felt it was unfamiliar. 

Something’s not right!! Qin Kaiyi walked around in circles in his dongfu. He thought with vexation, how could Shen Feixiao change so much? According to the original work, shouldn’t he be an iceberg? Then what was that gentle smile on his face, and why did his master Qing Xuzi inexplicably go into seclusion?? Isn’t this a little different from the original work??

There must be a conspiracy, a conspiracy!! After thinking for a long time, he still couldn’t reach a conclusion. Qin Kai sat down on the bed in dismay. The feeling of the sword of Damocles hanging on the top of his head was too terrible. 

However, there was an idiom in this world–fortune doesn’t come in pairs, and misfortune does not arrive alone. Just when Qin Kaiyi was entangled with his thoughts, that ruinous system sounded as if it was in a hurry [System Tip: Please complete Qin Shi’s betrayal of Lingshan Sect within ten years, failure will result in deduction of all return value. Please complete Qin Shi’s betrayal of Lingshan Sect within ten years, failure will result in deduction of all return value]

“… Hehe, fuck your uncle.” Hearing this voice, ten thousand grass mud horses immediately galloped through Qin Kaiyi’s heart (“grass mud horse” = fuck your mom). He should have known that he was a stupid c*nt. He actually thought that that horrid system would be a bit more human!!!

“What’s wrong with you?” Yan Gu heard Qin Kaiyi talking to himself, and doubtfully said: “You’ve been entirely a bit wrong since you saw Shen Feixiao just now. Are you possessed?” 

“How do I calm down ah!!! How do I calm down!!” If Yan Gu were in front of him, Qin Kaiyi would grab his collar and shake it fiercely: “I kicked him down the cliff! How do you want me to be calm! Say it say it say it!”

Yan Gu looked at Qin Kaiyi, the embodiment of an angrily whinnying horse, and dryly coughed: “Oh that’s right, I forgot you were schizophrenic, I only remembered that you saved Shen Feixiao…”

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t catch a single breath.

“Ai, calm la calm la, doesn’t your shifu’s heart hurt so much for you, and won’t agree with Shen Feixiao casually tormenting you. En, even if he wants to torment you, aren’t you still in the Lingshan Sect. A head disciple will still be afraid of him? “Yan Gu calmed someone who was about to go berserk.

“… Really?” Qin Kaiyi bit a little handkerchief with tears in his eyes: “He wouldn’t just get rid of me like this ba?” He hadn’t collected all the return points yet ah! 

“En… probably wouldn’t?” Yan Gu reached out and rubbed his chin: “As long as you… don’t appear in front of him?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi expressed a dead face.

“Ai, I understand young people less and less now. If you hate him, kill him directly, why do you have to save him? If you love him, why do you make him so miserable?” Yan Gu shook his head and sighed. 

“Your mom, I also want to.” A few words squeezed out from between his teeth. Qin Kaiyi grimaced–didn’t he want to? Didn’t he want to?? If there wasn’t this rotten system, if he long ago terminated his intention to return to his original world, then he wouldn’t fall into his current bitter plight! 

“Then what do you plan to do next?” Yan Gu obviously wanted to be a lot more realistic: “Shen Feixiao’s attitude towards you is a bit strange, looking at it is scary… wu, how about you leave and hide for two days, and come back when your shifu exits seclusion? “

Qin Kaiyi thought carefully about Yan Gu’s words, and found that this method sounded really not bad. At least he could maintain his life before Qing Xuzi came out, right? Moreover, he had a lot of time before he had to betray the Lingshan Sect. He didn’t need to be afraid that he’d pass the time limit and lose all his return value. 

“Well, I think this method is also good,” Qin Kaiyi said. “But there is a problem. If I go out, will he get rid of me outside?”

“… It’s possible.” Yan Gu made a very irresponsible assumption: “It’s much easier to do something outside than in the Lingshan Sect, en en, just casually find a corner and…”

“So we’ve come back around again?” Qin Kaiyi had no expression. “Can you give me some constructive advice?”

“Can’t.” Yan Gu bluntly rejected Qin Kaiyi. “You rushed into disaster yourself, so solve it yourself.”

“…” Then Qin Kaiyi bitterly fell into a dilemma, caught between leaving the Lingshan Sect or staying. 

But before Qin Kaiyi came up with a matter of course, a crisp female voice rang at the door of his dongfu. 

“Shixiong, shixiong, shixiong are you there?” As soon as he heard this voice, by conditioned reflex, a name jumped into Qin Kaiyi’s mind–Liu Ling’er!

He waved his hand and opened the dongfu’s barrier, letting Liu Ling’er come in.

Having not seen her for six years, the originally pure young girl had matured a lot. She no longer wore her red and green clothes from the past, but instead wore a blue dress with flowing cloud patterns. 

“Ling’er.” When Qin Kaiyi saw Liu Ling’er, his heart was very complicated. He called out once and then couldn’t say anything else.

“Shixiong, you finally left seclusion.” Liu Ling’er saw Qin Kaiyi and bit her lower lip slightly. “I… I always wanted to tell you…”

Huh? Did Liu Ling’er want to confess to him? Qin Kaiyi thought with joy.

However, it turned out that Qin Kaiyi really thought too much… because the word Liu Ling’er wanted to say was… “Sorry.”

With the rims of her eyes starting to redden, the young teenage girl said: “I shouldn’t have misunderstood that you killed Feixiao. After Feixiao came back, he already told me that he accidentally fell off the cliff… it’s my fault for my moment of anxiety, shixiong, you … “

Okay, young girl, you can go, really. Qin Kaiyi’s face was apathetic–doubting the charm of the protagonist was simply his greatest mistake. 

“Feixiao and I can come to this day, and all it’s all thanks to shixiong.” Liu Ling’er did not see Qin Kaiyi looking like he was eating poop, and continued her thanks: “Shixiong, I knew you were the best.”

Clasping the first “good guy” card he had received in his life, Qin Kaiyi’s tears flowed all over his face. (T/N: “good guy card” = a nice way to reject someone, calling them a good guy. “Tears flowed all over his face” was jokingly written as “cow inside all over his face.” If someone accidentally stumbles over their words it can sound like that).  


QKY pretending that he ever had any romantic thoughts about Liu Ling’er, like bro we all literally read your thoughts. Just admit that you only like guys, we support u


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  1. It’s getting more and more interesting! When on earth did they collude together? Zi Yangpei surely got the front row seat but he might his end if Shen Feixiao knew what he was up to especially towarda Qin Kaiyi.

    Thank you for the consistent, quality translations dear translator! I look forward to your next update!

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  2. Hehe !! I’m first today !!!

    The suspense is killing me so.. I decided to…

    Save chapters !!!

    But then- I saw the update later….

    My hand betrayed ME !!!

    NExt time for sure I’ll control it !!!!

    Thank you so much for the hard work !

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  3. Ahhhh poor Kaiyi, he lost his trump of knowing the plot. Also Zi Yangpei hmmmmm he’s being suspicious. But also Shen Feixiao!! Don’t harm Kaiyi too much because you will regret it for sure!!!!
    I always look forward to it, thanks for the update 😀

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  4. Omg, i can’t wait for the next chapter. This is getting more and nore interesting. Thank you for the chapter!! \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

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  5. hmm I wonder what ZYP is planning to do while eating popcorn and enjoying the show ? he better be careful not to hurt QKY too much or else he’d die pathetically as a cannon fodder villain xD can’t wait till SFX discover the truth. anyway ,thank you for your hard work! ❤️(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  6. Hah it’s possible he’s bi, but the stress of trying to stay alive dried up any thoughts of getting it on with anyone.
    “A waste of natural resources” rofl I getchu ZYP, I getchu.

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    1. oh ya maybe he’s bi. but he has like 0 hetero thoughts about any females at this point. with liu ling’er it’s always like “omg she’s so annoying get out of my dongfu your outfit is so 2011”

      with TSY it’s like “yeah she dresses nice but what a total biatch”

      he’s only talked about SFX or ZYP with some sympathy/patience or reference to sx appeal

      maybe he’s closeted himself so hard the system sent him here to learn his true self


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