ASV Chapter 54

After finishing her deep confession, Liu Ling’er leisurely left a seemingly petrified Qin Kaiyi behind. That expressionless appearance made Yan Gu, who had watched from beginning to end, start to laugh loudly. 

Qin Kaiyi didn’t look for his own demise by asking why Yan Gu laughed, but he waved his hand and sealed the dòngfu’s ban. He was afraid of some kind of Ling’er appearing again and giving his fragile self-esteem the final blow.

“Aiyo aiyo, laughing to death laughing to death hahahaha…” Yan Gu’s voice was in his ear, and Qin Kaiyi didn’t want to listen. He mercilessly mocked Qin Kaiyi: “Your little shimei is really too cute, hahahaha! You actually thought she likes you? I’m laughing to death hahaha… Qin Shi, how are you so cute… hahahaha!”

“You like that I’m this laughable?” Qin Kaiyi asked in an unpleasant tone with a blank face.

“Eh… No, no.” Knowing that this was a sign of Qin Kaiyi’s anger, Yan Gu said with embarrassment, “I’m just joking.”

“This joke is really funny, he, he, he, he.” Qin Kaiyi paused after each word, gritting his teeth.

“…” Having gotten his gossip, Yan Gu shut his mouth, leaving Qin Kaiyi alone to continue agonizing over what he should do next.

It took him a long time to conclude that leaving the Lingshan Sect was not a long-term plan. After all, Shen Feixiao would not act against him in front of so many eyes. The more people around him, the more he was protected. If he left the Lingshan Sect, then if he met Shen Feixiao he would really be meat on his chopping board…

Thinking about it this way, Qin Kaiyi decided to avoid Shen Feixiao and walk away before Qing Xuzi left seclusion, and definitely avoid having any direct conflicts with him. 

This was his only method when he had no method. Qin Kaiyi lamented that Shen Feixiao was not easy to provoke, and also felt inexplicably wronged. At that time, why did he have to cheaply write Shen Feixiao as so strong? if he wrote a romantic drama… how beautiful would that be? Of course, at this time classmate Qin Kaiyi completely forgot–in the past he was a standard QiDian (T/N: webnovel site) guy who completely didn’t look at romance  ╮ (╯_╰) ╭ 

Having made plans to stay away from Shen Feixiao, Qin Kaiyi decided to change the scope of all his activities to only 100 meters centered around the dòngfu. He didn’t have to eat anyway, and staying in the dòngfu to meditate every day had no effect on him.

But it turned out… Qin Kaiyi was really naive.

One day a month later, when Qin Kaiyi went to the refining medicine hall to take a bottle of elixir for cultivation, the core he had just formed suddenly suffered severe pain.

That kind of pain in Qin Kaiyi could no longer be described in words. Everyone says that pain is divided into twelve levels, and having a child is the highest level. If Qin Kaiyi had to use words to describe it–he seemed to be giving birth to twelve children at once!

Qin Kaiyi, who had originally been making an immortal hand seal, fell directly from the sky like a bird with broken wings. If not for Yan Gu continually calling his name in the sea of knowledge, allowing Qin Kaiyi to regain a little consciousness and resume his hand seal before landing, he was afraid that he would really fall to the hard ground without stopping. 

“It hurts!” Qin Kaiyi’s face was pale, cold sweat dripping down his forehead drop by drop. He covered his abdomen with his hands, but there was no way to deal with the sudden pain.

“What’s wrong with you? Where does it hurt? Qin Shi? Qin Shi?” Yan Gu’s voice was anxious. He knew that there was something wrong with Qin Kaiyi, but he didn’t know the culprit who made him like this.

That doubt was resolved when Qin Kaiyi next spoke, trembling all over. After a while, his clothes had soaked in cold sweat like he was immersed in water, and he said: “Dantian… pois-poisonous insect.”

“Ah?!” Yan Gu was dumbfounded. In fact, he was not too anxious when he discovered that the poisonous insect had disappeared when Qin Kaiyi formed his core. After all, forming a core was a big deal for anyone who cultivates. No matter how valiant that poisonous insect, being refined into a golden core should render it incapable of making mischief. But the present Qin Kaiyi’s reaction was akin to directly giving him a loud slap–because of his momentary negligence, Qin Kaiyi had now fallen into an extremely dangerous situation. 

“Fuck me, it hurts…” All of Qin Kaiyi’s strength seemed to have been swept away by the severe pain. Qin Kaiyi lay weakly on the ground, shivering non-stop. In order to relieve this crazy pain, Qin Kaiyi involuntarily used demonic qi to try to suppress the insect in his golden core.

“Qin Shi, don’t use demonic qi, don’t use demonic qi!” Yan Gu knew that Qin Kaiyi was very pained, but he was still anxious about these actions. Although his secret method that he gave to Qin Kaiyi could suppress Qin Kaiyi’s leaking demonic qi for a while, the method itself was based on the premise that the practitioner’s power wasn’t too high. Seeing Shen Feixiao a month ago made it very clear to Yan Gu that if Qin Kaiyi demonically cultivated in Lingshan Sect… he would definitely be found out by Shen Feixiao!

A demonic cultivator discovered on righteous cultivation grounds would end up very miserable. 

“It hurts, it hurts…” Completely unable to hear Yan Gu’s words, Qin Kaiyi shrank into a small ball. His teeth already bit into his lip enough for it to be drenched with blood. He murmured quietly, seeming to already be delirious from the pain. 

“Qin Shi, Qin Shi!” Yan Gu hated the fact that he was so weak for the first time. He thought about it more than once. If he still had a body, how good would he be? He wouldn’t need to watch Qin Shi suffer torture while he could do nothing. Thinking of this, Yan Gu involuntarily set his eyes on the old umbrella in Qin Kaiyi’s storage ring. 

“Xue Xian,” Yan Gu whispered, his expression such that he seemed to be in a trance, “what you gave me… can it still be useful?”

The extremely pained Qin Kaiyi and the immobile Yan Gu did not know that, not far from where Qin Kaiyi fell, a young girl just exited her door and witnessed this scene. This girl with panic in her expression was Liu Ling’er. 

Liu Ling’er looked at Qin Shi from a distance, seeing him faintly exuding demonic qi. Her heart was full of fright. She first thought, what happened to shixiong?? But then, she decisively rejected this idea. The reason was very simple. In Liu Ling’er’s perspective, all demonic cultivators were extremely evil people, and her shixiong would never be one of them. Then what was the identity of the person who looked exactly the same as her shixiong? In Liu Ling’er’s mind, the word that appeared made her tremble with great fear–possession.

Speaking of which, one had to sigh at the distorted state of the plot. In the novel, Liu Ling’er also saw the scene of Qin Shi demonically cultivating. However, she could determine that the person who demonically cultivated was her shixiong. Now, because Qin Kaiyi fell off the cliff with Shen Feixiao, and this six-month window appeared, it gave Liu Ling’er much room for imagination. Of course, there was no special difference between the two plots. Because the ending was the same–Liu Ling’er hesitated for a long time and then told Shen Feixiao.

Well, this matter proved to a certain extent…that those who were lonely their whole lives are destined to be lonely forever.

Qin Kaiyi, who was about faint from pain, did not know that Liu Ling’er’s betrayal had secretly been right on schedule. At this time, he hurt so much that he already wished to reach into his dantian and take out his core while he was alive. The pain took all his powers away, so Qin Kaiyi did not see Liu Ling’er quietly leaving, and the two pairs of eyes behind Liu Ling’er watching all this.

“It hurts…” Qin Kaiyi moaned weakly. His face was so pale that it could not whiten any further, and he lay prone on the ground. Because he had struggled and tumbled on the ground, the clothes on his body had become a bit messy, and sweat slipped along his cheek into the beautiful curve of his neck. This scene should have been cruel, but Qin Kaiyi’s fragile expression brought some twisted beauty. 

“I’m going home… I want… fuck.” Qin Kaiyi, who finally passed out in pain, unconsciously let out a sigh of relief. He closed his eyes and let his body lay softly on the ground.

Just a moment after Qin Kaiyi lost consciousness, a slender hand slowly lifted Qin Kaiyi’s chin. The master of that hand stared at the unconscious Qin Kaiyi. 

“What? Reluctant?” Teasing laughter came from another man’s mouth.

“…” Without answering, Shen Feixiao indifferently looked at Qin Kaiyi’s ill appearance. He gently opened his mouth: “He demonically cultivates?”

“Are you asking when you already know the answer?” Zi Yangpei, who was disguised as a passerby, looked at the scene in front of him and somehow felt a little uncomfortable. He suppressed the unhappiness in his heart and asked, “What are you going to do next?”

“What to do?” Shen Feixiao gave Zi Yangpei a strange look. “It couldn’t be that you have any other ideas?”

“That I do not have.” Looking at Qin Kaiyi who fell to the ground, Zi Yangpei felt there was something a little funny about this. Shen Feixiao, when you find out the truth, you better not cry. 

“Do you and my shixiong know each other?” Shen Feixiao’s expression and tone were both very cold.

Zi Yangpei didn’t mind what Shen Feixiao’s attitude towards him was. They were just making a business transaction, after all. What Shen Feixiao thought about him would not have an effect on him.

“If I didn’t know him how would I get the poisonous insect into his body?” Zi Yangpei had a smile that didn’t seem like a smile. 

Knowing that he had asked a stupid question, Shen Feixiao didn’t care about Zi Yangpei’s taunt. He pinched Qin Kaiyi’s chin and slightly exerted force, and some unclear emotions flashed in his eyes. 

“Let’s go,” Shen Feixiao said lightly, releasing Qin Kaiyi and letting him fall to the ground again. 

Seeing this scene, Zi Yangpei almost wanted to clap his hands and shout, Good, Qin Shi ah Qin Shi, the shidi you used all your heart and mind to protect is really a ruthless character… Indifferent while watching you get tortured to the extreme, such a character, how did you end up fancying him? 

If Qin Kaiyi were to be awake and heard this sentence, he would growl—fancy your sister! You fancy Shen Feixiao, your whole family fancies Shen Feixiao! Blessings to you two dog males, may you live a long and happy life together and give birth to a son soon ah, no need to thank me!

Of course, Qin Kaiyi was still unconscious, and naturally there was no way to express his inner anger. He could only lie on the ground like a sandbag, and let the two bastards who had ganged up leave together.


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  1. There was no submit or enter button in the comment box in the Patreon link so I will comment here:

    I literally screamed seeing all the extra chapters!!! I can’t wait to reread Rebirth so I can catch up to the chapters and wow, it feels like you read it so fast and caught up to it to since the day I recommended the novel. I’m impressed!

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    1. what!!! I will e-mail Patreon support right away.

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