ASV Chapter 57

Qin Kaiyi didn’t know that his identity had been seen through by his dear son. When he was taken away by Zi Yangpei, he hurried to leave. Only when he had the chance to react did he find that he didn’t bring many things from his dòngfu.

Despite this, listening to [System Tip: Qin Shi completed the betrayal of Lingshan Sect plot. As a reward, the obtained return value has been doubled. The current return degree is 35%, and the return degree is one-third. Entering the later part of the plot, if a task is completed, the reward will be doubled. If the task is failed, the deduction will be doubled], Qin Kaiyi’s complexion instantly cleared up–after so long in this world, he felt for the first time that he was so close to home.

However, compared with Qin Kaiyi, the Zi Yangpei who had been forced to hold back was obviously not in a good mood. His face did not have the usual frivolous (T/N: lit. playing with the world without reverence; to despise worldly conventions and trifle without respect) smile, instead seeming a little gloomy. 

Zi Yangpei pulled Qin Kaiyi’s wrist and flew a great distance. When Qin Kaiyi confirmed that he had safely left the Lingshan Sect, he said faintly, “I say Brother Zi Yang, your expression isn’t very good ah.”

“Humph.” The displeasure Shen Feixiao gave Zi Yangpei made his attitude towards Qin Kaiyi not so friendly. He glanced at Qin Kaiyi, and then said after a long while, “How does it feel to be chased down to be killed by your beloved little shidi?”

When Qin Kaiyi heard this, of course he wouldn’t so easily fulfill Zi Yangpei’s wishes. He did not hesitate, disingenuously retorting, “Of course I am happy to see that my shidi has become capable, ah… I think Brother Ziyang probably doesn’t understand this kind of feeling of respect and friendship between older and younger brothers.”

“Stubborn (T/N: lit.: hard-mouthed; fig.: reluctant to admit to a mistake).” The grip on Qin Kaiyi’s hand slightly tightened, showing Zi Yangpei’s worsening mood. He looked at Qin Kaiyi mockingly. “When Shen Feixiao said he was going to fight you, I didn’t see you looking as mature as you are now.”

“Eh… this.” Qin Kaiyi touched his nose awkwardly, “Isn’t it me being afraid of hurting him, cough cough.”

“Hurt him?” As if hearing an unbelievable joke, Zi Yangpei’s gaze looked like it could even stare a hole into Qin Kaiyi’s face. “Even I can’t hurt your beloved brother. With your three-legged cat kung fu I’m afraid you wouldn’t even be able to hurt a single hair on his arm.”

“Ah, is that so ah.” Qin Kaiyi was not embarrassed after hearing Zi Yangpei’s ridicule. He dryly coughed twice and then said, “It would be bad for him to hurt me… the world needs peace.”

Zi Yangpei listened to Qin Kaiyi’s bullshit, and had the illusion that he was using his fists to hit cotton. He thought that Qin Kaiyi, who had suffered from Shen Feixiao’s threats, would be a little depressed even if he was not injured. But seeing Qin Kaiyi looking even more vigorous and lively than before, this made the evil fire in Zi Yangpei’s heart flourish further. He knew that Shen Feixiao had begun to doubt Qin Shi’s identity because of his own familiarity with Qin Shi. He did not know that the moment he left with Qin Kaiyi, Shen Feixiao already knew the truth.

Looking forward to watching the upcoming drama, Zi Yangpei suppressed the fire of anger in his heart. Seeing that there was enough distance from the Lingshan Sect, he then began to take a closer look at Qin Kaiyi.

Compared with a few years ago, the person in front of him seemed to be even a bit more handsome and light-hearted. Perhaps because he had formed his core, Qin Shi had more of a clear and mellow (T/N: can also mean fresh and moist, or smooth and glossy) manner, like a meticulously polished beautiful jade. It made it hard for people to look away. 

Seeing the changes of Qin Kaiyi’s body, Zi Yangpei teasingly said: “Everyone else becomes more powerful when they form their core. You haven’t become stronger, but your skin became a little more beautiful. Qin Shi, I think it’s a pity that you’re not going to He Huan sect.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi listened to Zi Yangpei’s “compliment” and his mouth twitched. He was silent for a while before he weakly made a modest protest, “Brother Ziyang is too polite… In fact, Brother Ziyang also looks good, and does not need to feel inferior… “

“…” Zi Yangpei listened to Qin Kaiyi’s words without breathing. Where did this Qin Shi hear him feeling inferior??

“En, we can’t compare to Shen Feixiao though right? But though falling short of the best, it’s better than the worst. Brother Ziyang’s appearance is actually not bad.” As if not seeing Zi Yangpei’s gloominess, Qin Kaiyi continued his “kindly” consoling: “Brother Zi Yang’s appearance is very good even compared with Ling’er shimei.” Ling’er, the you who was just innocently laying there and got shot, you must forgive shixiong…

“…” Zi Yangpei finally understood at this moment that Qin Shi, the little bastard, was trying to make him uncomfortable. He could’ve found anyone else, but he had to compare a young woman with him. Wasn’t he just clearly saying that Zi Yangpei as a man looked too much like a soft woman?

“You can only use your mouth to benefit at others’ expense.” Zi Yangpei was not angry when he heard Qin Kaiyi’s almost mocking words, but instead showed a bright smile to Qin Kaiyi.

Qin Kaiyi looked at Zi Yangpei’s expression and knew that the old monster was about to flip out. Sure enough, Zi Yangpei’s next sentence was, “I don’t know if Little Stone likes the poisonous insect I put into his body?”

“… I like it very much.” Hearing this “Little Stone” nickname, Qin Kaiyi ground his teeth secretly. He couldn’t refute Zi Yangpei. After all, he was now being held in the hands of this person. If he really annoyed this person, he wouldn’t be able to deal with the consequences.

“It’s good that you like it.” Zi Yangpei didn’t care about Qin Kaiyi’s disingenuous words at all. After slightly smiling, he ignored Qin Kaiyi’s gaze which showed that he was eager to know the truth, and changed the subject: “Since you have turned away from the Lingshan Sect and come with me, Little Stone, from today onwards you are a Hua Lian Sect person. Although I am not the leader, I can still accept you into the sect. If you listen to me well, I will guarantee that your treatment will not be worse than Lingshan Sect’s.”

In fact, from the day Zi Yangpei forced Qin Kaiyi to demonically cultivate, he had long predicted that Qin Kaiyi would leave Lingshan Sect behind in the future. After all, it was demonic cultivation. No matter how powerful the concealment practice was, cultivating demonically in righteous cultivation territory was not a long-term plan. Qin Kaiyi’s luck was very good. When he encountered Yan Gu in the secret realm, he temporarily concealed the leaking demonic energy, but why do this? Didn’t Qin Kaiyi leave after all… because of the little shidi he wanted to protect…

When Zi Yangpei thought of this, he suddenly had a strange idea in his mind. He would never believe that Shen Feixiao was Qin Kaiyi’s son. Instead of believing this… he thought that Qin Kaiyi had some special feelings for Shen Feixiao. What kind of feelings? Zi Yangpei glanced at Qin Kaiyi’s expression, which could be counted as lonely, and an answer that surprised him suddenly appeared in his heart–Qin Shi liked Shen Feixiao! And it couldn’t be the kind of ordinary like between shixiong and shidi!

If he didn’t like him, how could he make a soul contract for Shen Feixiao’s sake? If he didn’t like him, how could he fall into magma voluntarily for Shen Feixiao? If he didn’t like him, how could he not want Shen Feixiao to know his identity…

Zi Yangpei had lived for tens of thousands of years, and naturally had seen a lot of this kind of love between men. But even though he had seen a lot of it, at the moment when he thought of this idea, an uncomfortable feeling rose in his heart. It was as if something that should have been his was suddenly robbed away by someone else. 

“Qin Shi, could it be that you like Shen Feixiao?” Zi Yangpei said slowly, and the corner of his mouth lowered slightly, revealing an arc that couldn’t be considered cheerful.

“Ah?” Qin Kaiyi was still thinking about how he would spend his days in Hua Lian Sect, and he was completely stunned for a while when asked this inexplicable question by Zi Yangpei.

In Zi Yangpei’s eyes, Qin Kaiyi’s stunned expression became the kind of surprise one had when the matters of his heart were seen through. Zi Yangpei instantly smiled with humiliation (T/N: 跨下 = below the hips/between the legs. Can figuratively mean humiliation. Han Xin, a famous ancient Chinese general, chose to crawl between the legs of a hooligan rather than kill him to pass, to avoid committing a crime), grasped Qin Kaiyi’s hand with more force, and directly brought Qin Kaiyi into his embrace. His other hand pinched Qin Kaiyi’s chin without hesitation: “When you come to my Hua Lian Sect, stop thinking about outsiders. If you let me know that you and Shen Feixiao come into contact in private… “

“…” Qin Kaiyi completely hadn’t reacted or figured out exactly what kind of lunacy Zi Yangpei was experiencing. 

“I’ll punish you fiercely.” Fingers swiping Qin Kaiyi’s lips ambiguously, Zi Yangpei revealed a charming smile.

Qin Kaiyi was stunned stupid for a long time before reacting. This bastard Zi Yangpei was actually treating him like a girl that he was taking liberties with… He naturally would not know what Zi Yangpei was thinking at this time. He only thought that since Zi Yangpei had been tormented too much by Shen Feixiao, he hadn’t let out his anger and so was acting abnormally. After a long moment of silence, he said with empathy, “Brother Ziyang… don’t stifle yourself at a time when you should relax… even if we can’t beat Shen Feixiao we’re still strong and courageous guys, en, even if we can’t beat him we can still run.”

“…” Zi Yangpei finally understood the idiom “chicken communicating with ducks”–Qin Shi Qin Shi, he really was a stone that couldn’t be opened!

“Ai…” Qin Kaiyi touched his nose and ignored the Zi Yangpei whose complexion was black one moment and white the next. He was still distressed about how he would live from now on. This Hua Lian Sect was definitely not some good place. Relying on Zi Yangpei’s vicious temperament, he might meet with some bitter experiences. And the plot after this… looked very dangerous.

A person’s life was like calling on the phone, either you hang up first, or I hang up first… Qin Kaiyi firmly believed that a bright future would definitely come~

Zi Yangpei also temporarily gave up talking with Qin Kaiyi. He still grasped Qin Kaiyi’s wrist and continued to fly towards the direction of Hua Lian Sect’s nearest branch. He didn’t need to worry–he still had a lot of time to get along with Qin Shi. 

Zi Yangpei took away Qin Kaiyi, while Shen Feixiao began to devour the Lingshan Sect.

In fact, when he discovered the relationship between Zi Yangpei and Qin Shi, Shen Feixiao’s doubts about Qin Shi’s identity reached their peak. Qin Shi, who had narrowly escaped from the secret realm with his life, had a suspicious knife wound on his neck. The masked man who carried him to find a doctor had a strange reaction, and his own sable had such a hesitating expression. These circumstances strengthened Shen Feixiao’s suspicion layer by layer, until he saw Qin Kaiyi that night collapsed and devoid of strength because Zi Yangpei had activated that poisonous insect. Seeing that scene, Shen Feixiao’s suspicions were nearly confirmed. 

Although it was not obvious, the faintly showing lotus patterns made Shen Feixiao eighty percent certain. He didn’t know why, but this pattern seemed to be visible only to him–Zi Yangpei was completely indifferent to it… 

The return of the sable solidified Shen Feixiao’s conclusion completely. He looked at the beast he had cared for from the bottom of his heart, but inexplicably felt a ridiculing feeling. If back then he hadn’t trusted that sable too much, how could he miss so many opportunities to learn the truth?

Really… stupid.

Shen Feixiao sat on a chair and supported his chin with his hand, expressionlessly contemplating his next move. Now Qin Shi’s status in the Lingshan Sect could be completely ignored, and Qing Xuzi was in seclusion… as for himself, he had both the Mountain Cloud Notes and the Rain-Soaked Bell. 

If he did not grasp this opportunity well in his hands, Shen Feixiao would not forgive herself.

“Shixiong has actually personally handed Lingshan Sect into my hands.” The man with no facial expression exuded a chilling, ice-cold aura from his entire body: “If I don’t properly accept it… then I’ll really have to be sorry to shixiong.”

As for now, my shixiong… just enjoy your last bit of freedom. When I gain absolute power, I will take over–the rest of your life. 


For those with strong stomachs, I recommend you read Rebirth: Degenerate Slave Abuses Tyrant. R:DSAT is really quite good for a web novel, I nearly cried like a little binch many times over and read all the previously translated 137 chapters in one day. As I’m reading ahead to translate, it gets even better. Also, the writing for R:DSAT in Chinese is a cut above less serious novels like ASV (this isn’t a dig at ASV, which–aside from the excessive ellipses and overuse of certain descriptors–has many merits. I wouldn’t be translating ASV if I didn’t like it).


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  1. Aww, I kind of ship ZYP with QKY. They’re actually pretty flirty and cute together. QKY knows how to dish it back to ZYP haha. Actually, since their first meeting, I got a feeling they were pretty flirty with each other and there was some underlying sexual tension there. Glad I wasn’t just imagining it!

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  2. I can’t help but think if this Zi Yangpei will make an intimate move to Qin Kaiyi while he’s going to be in Hua Liang Sect..

    hmmmm……. and Shen Feixiao is going Yandere ..

    I’d like to see a Jealous Shen Feixiao first before going Yandere !!

    I also think I should be mentally prepared reading R:DSAT soon !

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    1. maybe he’ll flip flop again and decide that QKY is just a sad little minion. really can’t tell with that guy

      SFX has boarded the yandere cruise, captained by QKY with refreshments served by every male who gets close to QKY

      yasss read R:DSAT! there’s so much drama!!

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  3. I knew it…the moment when ZYP and QKY met, I thought ZYP would develop feelings for him sooner or later.I just felt like that . thank you for the chapter (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ and btw can’t wait for yandere SFX in full mode lol

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  4. Is degenrate slave as angsty as husky and his white cat shizun or even more so. Idk why but i got a thing for ships that got to suffer for their happiness.

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