R:DSAT Chapter 141: Coming Back to Life is Still Useless?

    Emperor Xing Wu heard Zhao Fu’s report that Luo Wei was outside the tent requesting an audience. Emperor Xing Wu, who had lost a grandson and was stewing in anger, began to feel distress for Luo Wei again. On such a cold day, this child actually rode on horseback all the way to the Western Mountains? 

    “Your Majesty?” Zhao Fu glanced at Emperor Xing Wu, sounding him out and saying something good for Luo Wei, “the third young master is waiting outside, will you see him?”

    Emperor Xing Wu glanced at Luo Zhi Qiu, who was standing at the side with his hands hanging down, and said, “What does Official Luo think? Should I see Wei Er?” (T/N: he uses the “I” used by emperors, which sounds like “zhen.” Since Acid Translations used “I,” I’ll continue with just “I.”)

    Luo Zhi Qiu replied tartly: “Your servant dares not presumptuously guess your sacred will.”

    Emperor Xing Wu snorted heavily. “An accident occurred in the Western Mountains and your official’s residence received news so quickly. I really did not anticipate this.” 

    Luo Zhi Qiu had just stood up, but listening to Emperor Xing Wu’s words, he quickly knelt again. 

    “Have him go back,” Emperor Xing Wu said to Zhao Fu.

    “Yes,” Zhao Fu received his order and began to leave the tent.

    “Halt.” Emperor Xing Wu continued, “Let the Imperial Physician see him first, and check that he has not caught any chill.” 

    “This humble slave obeys the Emperor’s decree.” Zhao Fu retreated. 

    “Let the Imperial Physician see me?” Luo Wei became expressionless after hearing Zhao Fu’s words.

    “Young master, His Majesty is currently in a fit of anger. You should wait a few days and come to His Majesty again. That way when you speak, His Majesty can listen,” Zhao Fu urged.

    “Then I’ll stand here and wait,” Luo Wei smiled apologetically at Zhao Fu. “I don’t want to make things awkward for Mister Zhao, you should go in first.”

    How could Zhao Fu dare to let Luo Wei stand in the wind and freeze when he was favored by Emperor Xing Wu? Zhao Fu hurriedly entered the tent again and reported Luo Wei’s refusal to leave. 

    Luo Wei watched Zhao Fu walk into the tent again, and in the blink of an eye, he saw several imperial physicians hurry to the front of the tent.

    The little eunuch standing outside the tent saw these imperial physicians. He hurried into the tent to report, and after a little while, he ran out and said to the physicians: “His Majesty allows you to enter.” 

    Luo Wei looked at the expressions of these Imperial Physicians and knew that Lady Xu’s child was gone.

    Not long after the imperial physicians entered, the sound of heavy objects falling to the floor resounded from within the tent. Luo Wei thought that it must be the Emperor Xing Wu flying into a rage. 

    “You bastard!” Just as Luo Wei thought about what to do, Long Xiang’s angry voice came from behind him.

    Luo Wei turned around and saw Long Xuan walking behind Long Xiang.

    After seeing Luo Wei, Long Xuan stopped and stood in place.

    “Are you satisfied now?!” Long Xiang seized Luo Wei’s collar and shook him vigorously. “After all is said and done, what does my older brother owe to your Luo family?! Your entire Luo family won’t let him go!!”

    Luo Wei turned a deaf ear to Long Xiang’s angry rebuke. He just looked at Long Xuan standing opposite him. No matter how cruel the tiger, it would still not eat its own cub. This man, for the sake of the throne, could even give up his own child! Brute!

    Long Xuan also looked at Luo Wei. Luo Wei’s anger was clear to him with one glance, but Long Xuan’s eyes only held indifference.

    After hearing Long Xiang’s shouting coming in from outside in the tent, Emperor Xing Wu immediately asked Zhao Fu to go out and see. “Already about to go insane!” Emperor Xing Wu had already kicked over a table, and now he kicked over a chair as well. 

    Zhao Fu took a few warriors out of the tent, saw Long Xiang grabbing Luo Wei, and hurriedly said to Long Xiang: “Fifth Prince, you can’t make a racket in front of His Majesty’s tent!”

    Several warriors came up and pulled Long Xiang aside.

    “Mister Zhao,” Long Xuan stepped forward and said. “I want to request an audience with my father the emperor. Go send word.”

    Luo Wei was standing close to Long Xuan and felt that he could not breathe. He was afraid that he could not restrain himself and would take Long Xuan down to die with him on the spot. 

    Emperor Xing Wu would not refuse Long Xuan at this time, and soon Zhao Fu came out again to let Long Xuan and Long Xiang enter. When opening the curtains for the two princes, Zhao Fu shook his head slightly at Luo Wei.

    Luo Wei nodded gratefully to Zhao Fu. This person could still report to him at this time.

    All the people outside the tent looked at Luo Wei. This one had received the Emperor’s favor, but Luo Ze had lost an imperial descendant. How could the Luo family pay for this imperial grandson’s life? This Luo Wei had even been praised by Emperor Xing Wu as someone with an innate talent for wit and intelligence. However, meeting with such circumstances, what could this Luo Wei do? 

    Luo Wei’s entire body felt frozen. What should I do? He asked himself. The thick curtains of the tent were tightly sealed, and he could not hear the voices of those inside. It seemed that he could now only wait for Emperor Xing Wu’s words. His second brother’s life or death was linked to any single thought from the monarch of this country. Luo Wei could not resign himself to defeat at Long Xuan’s hands again. Paying with his own second brother’s life–he couldn’t accept this misfortune. If in any case the result was death, then he might as well stake it all. 

    Just as Luo Wei strode forward and prepared to forcefully rush into the tent, he saw Zhao Fu come out with a few warriors. This time Zhao Fu didn’t look at Luo Wei again, but only directly took the warriors with him away. 

    “Third young master.” While Luo Wei was still stunned, a young eunuch came out and walked in front of Luo Wei, saying, “His Majesty allows for you to come in and see him.”

    Luo Wei entered the tent and looked at his father first. Luo Zhi Qiu also looked up at Luo Wei. The father and son’s eyes met, and neither concealed his anxiety. 

    “Wei Er.” Emperor Xing Wu sat on a chair put up again by a eunuch, waited for Luo Wei to pay him the proper courtesies, and said, “You insisted on seeing me. Speak. Why do you want to see me?”

    Luo Wei knelt down on the ground and said, “Your Majesty, my elder brother…”

    “I have settled this matter, you don’t have to speak further.” Emperor Xing Wu didn’t let Luo Wei finish talking, and continued resolutely: “This matter has nothing to do with your Luo family. You don’t have to think about it, just rest and recuperate yourself.”

    Luo Wei was a little stunned. Settling this matter–what did that mean?

    “Your Majesty!” Luo Zhi Qiu suddenly also knelt down.

    “Official Luo, you still have something to say?!” Emperor Xing Wu looked at Luo Zhi Qiu with cold eyes, “I am already bestowing a kindness, what else do you want me to do?”

    Luo Wei looked at Emperor Xing Wu, and then looked at Luo Zhi Qiu. He then looked at Long Xuan, whose head was quietly lowered, and then Long Xiang. Long Xiang looked as if he’d worked off his anger. Luo Wei crawled up from the ground, turned, and ran out of the tent.

    The people in the tent didn’t react in the moment.

    “Hurry up and chase!” Emperor Xing Wu was the first person to react, and he looked at everyone in the tent with an ashen face.

    Luo Wei sprinted to the place where Zhao Fu had just headed. He was almost breathless, but he just ran on blindly. The matter had been settled, it was a bestowed kindness to have Second Brother Luo Ze die, and the sin would not fall upon the entirety of the Luo family? He should’ve thought of what Zhao Fu set out to do earlier, just like he should’ve earlier anticipated that Long Xuan could get rid of anyone for the sake of power, even his own son. He didn’t think of it, why didn’t he think of it? Luo Wei cursed himself. You came back to life again, Luo Wei, Luo Yun Qi, but you are still just a pig! 

Thanks for the tip on adding floating translator’s notes ShiraAi! I tried it and it seems to work in comments, but not on posts somehow. Keeping the translator’s notes as is for now. 

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  1. waaahhh no 😭 stop targeting the Lou family! 💔 This is what I dread, if the course of things changed so much, how would Lou Wei deal with it now. He doesn’t know what will happen in the future anymore


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