R:DSAT Chapter 148: Brotherly Talk in the Night

Luo Ze’s room was brightly lit, and Fu Hua (T/N: officially changing Bo Hua to Fu Hua, the character is Fu not Bo) and Xu Yue Miao were both there. Luo You was originally in Fu Hua’s arms. When Luo Wei came into the room, he flung himself at Luo Wei. Luo Wei caught Luo You, who had a child’s small body, stumbling a bit backwards but supported by Wei Lan. 

“Uncle,” Luo You said in a coquettish child’s voice, “my daddy is sick.”

“That’s because daddy was naughty,” Luo Wei replied, embracing little Luo You, “In the future You Er cannot be disobedient like your daddy.”

“En, You Er is obedient,” Luo You nodded his little head. 

Luo Wei dearly loved this child. He held Luo You and wanted to lift him into a hug, but currently didn’t have the strength to. 

“Uncle, what’s wrong with your head?” Luo You’s small hand felt the white cloth wrapped around Luo Wei’s head.

“Uncle is fine,” Luo Wei said softly.

“You Er,” Xu Yue Miao walked over, “go out with your mom, uncle has something to speak about with daddy.”

“Second sister-in-law,” Luo Wei saw Xu Yue Miao, and his expression was apologetic, “I’m sorry, I still let second brother suffer.”

“Little brother,” Xu Yue Miao’s voice had become noticeably nasally; she had just cried her bitter tears out. “Second sister-in-law would like to thank you. Your second brother told me that if little brother wasn’t there he wouldn’t have come back today.”

“I didn’t do anything.” Luo Wei saw Fu Hua also come over at this time, and he addressed the two mistresses of the ministerial residence: “Mother and second sister-in-law be at ease, there won’t be problems. The fault in this matter didn’t lay with second brother.” 

“It’s just good that your second brother can come back.” Fu Hua had also cried. The gaze she cast on Luo Wei was gentle. “Xiao Wei go speak to your second brother, we’ll take You Er out first.” 

“Uncle.” Luo You opened up his small hands, wanting Luo Wei to hug him. 

    “It’s not early now, You Er should sleep,” Luo Wei patted little Luo You’s head. “Uncle will come to see You Er again tomorrow, okay?”

“Let’s go,” Xu Yue Miao picked up Luo You.

Luo Wei went to the inner room. Luo Ze lay on the bed, with two doctors on either side of the bed.

“Third young master,” the doctor saw Luo Wei enter and hurriedly saluted him. 

“You both have worked hard,” Luo Wei said. “Is my second brother’s leg injury serious?” 

“The general has injured his bones and muscles, but it is not serious. He needs to rest in bed and not walk on the ground,” the doctor assessed.

“Will they recover to be the same as before?” Luo Wei asked.

Luo Ze lay on the bed, listening to Luo Wei carefully inquiring about his injuries. He felt both deeply moved and sad. Eldest brother was far away in Yun Guan and could not take care of their family. Father was embroiled in court (T/N: 心在朝堂. Literal translation = his heart was in the area where the senior and junior chancellors discussed politics), while Luo Ze himself had become like this. This household actually had to rely on the youngest brother to care for it. Luo Wei was still ill, if they went on like this could his body sustain itself? 

“Second Brother?” After finishing his inquiries for the doctor, Luo Wei invited the doctor outside to partake of tea and refreshments. He then walked toward the side of the bed and sat there, calling Luo Ze once. 

“How is your back?” Luo Ze first asked after Luo Wei’s back injury. “You blocked me for quite a few blows, did you let the doctor see?” 

“It’s okay,” Luo Wei said. “How would those four dare to really use strength to hit me? Don’t worry about me second brother. Do your legs hurt a lot?” 

“With the ointment applied, this pain is nothing.” 

Luo Wei lifted the quilt from Luo Ze’s body. Luo Ze’s legs were also wrapped in a thick white cloth, and a strong medicinal smell assaulted Luo Wei’s nose. “Those four people purposefully did this. I won’t let them go!” Luo Wei declared ferociously. 

“Those are all the second prince’s people,” Luo Ze said, “they just listened to orders, you have no reason to blame them.” 

“Then blame them for following the wrong master.” The ruthlessness in Luo Wei’s voice became more pronounced.

“Does it hurt?” Luo Ze rested his hand on Luo Wei’s head.

“It doesn’t.”

“How could it not hurt when you shed so much blood?” Luo Ze lightly rubbed Luo Wei’s head, and the white cloth under his hand felt a little rough. “It’s because second brother is useless,” Luo seemed to mumble to himself, “it’s your second brother who got you involved.”

“It’s good as long as second brother is fine,” Luo Wei put the quilt back on Luo Ze. “How is second brother useless? We can protect ourselves against those of noble character, but how can we defend against those of vile character? We are brothers, what do you mean that you got me involved? If in the future Xiao Wei provokes a disaster, would second brother ignore me?” 

“No,” Luo Ze replied.

A metallic sweetness rose again in Luo Wei’s throat. He twisted his head and forced himself to swallow it. 

“You mentioned a person of vile character, who is it?” Luo Ze asked. “Why did that consort run off to the valley?” 

“A harem woman who became arrogant after being pampered,” said Luo Wei. “She wanted to see her lord husband, it was just that kind of a matter.”

“That, that’s what it was?” Luo Ze couldn’t believe this. He had nearly forfeited his life, and Luo Wei had almost sought death. This was all because of a married woman thinking of her husband? 

“We encountered an idiot. An unlucky year,” Luo Wei coughed twice, covering his mouth. (T/N: “unlucky year;” lit. = “horoscope for the year is unfavorable.”) 

“My room is not as warm as yours,” Luo Ze just remembered that his bedroom was not as warm as Luo Wei’s. He was afraid of heat, but Luo Wei was afraid of the cold. “Lan!” Luo Ze called Wei Lan in from outside. 

“Second brother have a rest,” Luo Wei said. “Dad is there for outside matters. Don’t worry and take care of your wounds well. I will see you again tomorrow.”

“Your back isn’t injured?” Luo Ze beckoned Wei Lan to come forward and support Luo Wei up. 

“It’s not injured, it’s just my head that has an extra cut,” Luo Wei smiled. “Then I’m going. Second brother rest up.”

Wei Lan helped Luo Wei out of Luo Ze’s bedroom. Fu Hua and Xu Yue Miao, who were waiting in the side room, walked over.

“I finished speaking with second brother,” Luo Wei said to Fu Hua, “mother is going to accompany second brother today?”

“I’m worried about him. What about your father?” Fu Hua answered.

“He will come back with His Majesty. Mother need not worry.”

“Then hurry back to your room, the charcoal fire in your brother’s room isn’t enough compared to the one in yours.”

Luo Wei smiled again at Xu Yue Miao, before leaving it to Wei Lan to help him leave.

“Mother, youngest uncle’s head is also injured, I don’t know if it’s serious,” Xu Yue Miao said to Fu Hua.

“If it’s serious, he will say so.” Fu Hua walked to Luo Ze’s bedroom. She also wanted to ask after Luo Wei’s injury, but when she faced Luo Wei alone, she couldn’t open her mouth. That child and her always had a certain distance between them, and they couldn’t get closer. 

Luo Wei walked out of Luo Ze’s courtyard, and said to the stewards behind him, “You all are busy, you don’t have to follow me.”

Wei Lan was holding a lantern in one hand and supporting Luo Wei with the other. He wanted to help Luo Wei back to his room quickly. Luo Wei could not stand low temperatures, and the state of his back injury was yet unknown. Wei Lan anxiously considered that the cold wind could chill Luo Wei. “Let’s ask people to bring over a warm sedan,” Wei Lan said to Luo Wei, “young master can’t walk anymore?” 

Luo Wei held himself up against a pillar. The discomfort suppressed within him was truly hard to bear. 

“Young master?”

Luo Wei opened his mouth and spit blood into the pool outside the veranda.

 “Someone come, someone…” Wei Lan saw the blood clearly and opened his mouth to call out.

“No,” Luo Wei put a hand over Wei Lan’s mouth. “Do-don’t shout, don’t let people know. There are already enough issues in this household.” 

All translator wants for Christmas is for Luo Wei to stop white lotusing and go see a doctor 


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