ASV Chapter 63

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To a certain extent, even if Qin Kaiyi came to this world, he was a thorough otaku homebody. He rarely left the Lingshan Sect except when necessary. Now Qin Kaiyi despairingly discovered that as long as he left the Lingshan Sect… he was doomed to meet with misfortune.

After drinking Le Dong’s drugged tea, Qin Kaiyi immediately noticed that something was wrong. But the drug was specially prepared for cultivators–no matter how quick Qin Kaiyi’s reaction, it would be of no use. He felt bursts of dizziness in his head, and used his hand to support himself on the table. He expended all the strength he had to try and remain standing. 

“This gongzi, what’s wrong with you.” (T/N: gongzi = son of nobility). Le Dong, who had been watching for Qin Kaiyi’s reaction, immediately rushed forward and supported Qin Kaiyi. One could call it supporting, but it was more like seizing–he forcefully trapped Qin Kaiyi’s weakly struggling body in his embrace. 

“You…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to call someone, but found that he didn’t even have the strength to speak. He choked on stifled words for a long time but could only manage to squeeze out a single “you.” 

“Aiyah, why are you so careless when you’re away from home?” Le Dong said with concern, but he unhesitatingly brought Qin Kaiyi upstairs and entered a room. As he walked he sighed: “Quickly let me help you up to rest. “

What the hell did this person want?? Without realizing that his chastity was threatened again, Qin Kaiyi naturally thought that Le Dong was a cultivator trying to kill others and steal treasure, and he couldn’t help but feel anxious…

Le Dong didn’t notice Qin Kaiyi’s abnormality. All his attention was on the hand gripping Qin Kaiyi in his embrace. Ah, he didn’t expect the beauty’s waist to be so thin, this really can’t be seen from his appearance ah. It was extremely appropriate to use the phrase “hold in one grip.” (T/N: usually used to describe a woman’s thin waist, so thin that you can use one arm to hold it).  When thinking that such a beauty was almost in the bag, Le Dong’s mood became even better. 

Of course, compared with Le Dong’s good mood, Qin Kaiyi’s expression was so black it was almost scary. He felt that someone’s hand was constantly rubbing and pinching his waist, but he couldn’t struggle away no matter what. He was so enraged that his lips began to tremble. 

“Don’t be afraid don’t be afraid, I won’t be like that to you.” Naturally, Le Dong saw Qin Kaiyi’s reaction. He smiled very gracefully. “Beauty in one’s arms, only Liu Xiahui could be at peace with a beauty sitting in his embrace.” (T/N: 坐怀不乱. Liu Xiahui famously had no reaction when a beauty sat on his lap). 

…What? Beauty? Qin Kaiyi was taken aback for a moment, and then finally realized what this man with a very graceful smile in front of him meant–he, he actually had that kind of thought about himself!!

Just when Qin Kaiyi was stunned, Le Dong brought Qin Kaiyi into a room. He was not in a hurry. He first put Qin Kaiyi on the bed, and then carefully checked his surroundings. After all, this place was very close to the Nine Yang, and it was always better to be careful.

Poor Qin Kaiyi lay on the bed with his whole body weak, and his forehead was about to leak cold sweat. He found that there was no way to move even a finger, but his mouth could make faint sounds.

In fact, Qin Kaiyi’s luck still counted as pretty good. Because the qi he revealed to others appeared to be that of the fasting stage, the dosage Le Dong gave him was appropriate for a fasting stage cultivator. This insufficient dosage secretly resulted in the drug’s effects weakening within Qin Kaiyi’s body.  

“Oh, beauty, you can actually speak.” After checking his surroundings, Le Dong relaxed and brazenly turned his gaze back to Qin Kaiyi’s body. He saw Qin Kaiyi looking like he was about to faint from rage, and he carelessly laughed. “It’s good that you can speak, if there aren’t some noises to liven things up, it will be less fun.”

… Fun your sister. Qin Kaiyi ground his teeth to the point he almost shattered one. But no matter how angry he was, he could only watch Le Dong’s hands reach towards his clothes, slowly untying them starting from his upper body. 

The clothes gradually fell, revealing skin more exquisite than white jade. The more Le Dong looked, the more satisfied he felt. He couldn’t help but caress Qin Kaiyi’s waist, feeling that satiny skin bringing him a sense of comfort.

“… kill him.” The sudden sound in his mind made Qin Kaiyi, who was about to go insane with rage, abruptly stunned. He reflexively asked in his sea of knowledge, “Who is it?”

“Kill him.” This voice was somewhat similar to that of Yan Gu’s, who had not spoken for a long time, but there was an indescribable coldness and gloom. The bloody breath that held these two words forcefully caused Qin Kaiyi to tremble.

“Who is it? Who are you?” Qin Kaiyi asked continually in his sea of knowledge, frowning. 

“Kill him.” It was still those two words, but the hatred in them grew stronger and stronger. “Kill him–otherwise, it is you who will die.”

“You are Yan Gu? No–what’s the matter with you Yan Gu? Yan Gu?” Noticing that something was wrong, Qin Kaiyi kept calling out to the fire spirit who had been with him all this time in his sea of ​​knowledge, but he found that no matter how he shouted, that familiar voice no longer appeared.

“Beauty, don’t be distracted.” Pinching the bright red on Qin Kaiyi’s chest with force, Le Dong observed the terrified gaze of the person under him without surprise. He smiled and said, “Relax, I will be very gentle.”

“Stop…” Qin Kaiyi squeezed out one word from his mouth. He was inexplicably a little panicked, but somehow, after seeing Le Dong’s bright smile, Qin Kaiyi’s panic turned into an indescribable anger–why could this person treat him like this, why should he have to experience these tragedies from the very beginning, why should that guy Shen Feixiao only have to innocently go about his day and have such a natural-order-defying fate-

Wait, fate? A thread of sobriety flashed among Qin Kaiyi’s confused thoughts. How could he  embroil himself in brooding about Shen Feixiao’s fate? He was the one who controlled Shen Feixiao’s fate. Wasn’t it too funny to be tangled up about this matter?

At the moment when Qin Kaiyi was sober, he heard the voice that had repeated “kill him,” but this time its lines changed. The voice turned into a disdainful sneer. “I didn’t expect this weak cultivator to resist my enticement.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless for a while–could these strange, messy things choose another time to get started ah? He was currently having a virginity crisis, look at the man on top of him, he was about to strip off all his clothes!!!

In fact, another important reason why Le Dong was welcomed by the majority of disciples in the Hehuan Sect was his powerful flirting techniques. But no matter how powerful, they would be of no use for a stone ah, so Qin Kaiyi was unresponsive at this time. (T/N: the Shi in Qin Shi means stone). He ferociously set back Le Dong’s ego… was the saying “don’t practice for a day, and your kung fu will go away” really true? 

“Let me go.” After the conversation just now, not knowing if it was an illusion or not, Qin Kaiyi had some pain in his head. He found that his hands regained strength, and he could resist and push against Le Dong’s chest. 

“You…” Le Dong’s expression immediately became a bit strange. He looked at Qin Kaiyi gasping under him, wondering how that always-useful drug could suddenly lose its effects.

“Let me go.” Qin Kaiyi saw that Le Dong didn’t respond, and an evil fire in his heart suddenly appeared. Those originally weak hands and feet somehow suddenly had strength, and at the moment that he recovered his strength, Qin Kaiyi’s heated brain had him directly use his full strength to strike his palm, catching Le Dong off guard.

In fact, since he began to cultivate, Qin Kaiyi had been caught in a misunderstanding. The people he was familiar with were only Yan Gu, Shen Feixiao, and Ziyang Pei. Furthermore, these three people were a tens of thousands of years old fire spirit, a demonic cultivator who had failed the Ascension Stage but still retained a great amount of his power, and a protagonist with the Mountain Cloud Notes and full to bursting luck. It was very normal that poor Qin Kaiyi had been firmly pressed to the bottom all along. 

But Qin Kaiyi never thought that he, with his natural demonic body, would already be considered a genius by ordinary people. He formed his golden core before the age of thirty. This kind of speed was beyond the reach of ordinary cultivators.

And at this moment, due to an unexpected turn of events, the palm which Qin Kaiyi swung with all his might hit Le Dong directly, sending him flying heavily against the wall. 

“Fuck.” He stumbled up from the bed. Qin Kaiyi found that his feet were still a bit soft. He first pulled tight his opened clothes and then warily looked at the flower-picking thief lying on the ground motionlessly.

After staring for a long time, there was no movement. Qin Kaiyi slightly relaxed, but then he was shocked to find that his body was actually covered with specks of blood, all seemingly spewed from Le Dong’s mouth. 

“… Hey.” Qin Kaiyi swallowed his saliva and carefully walked closer to the silent Le Dong. After observing for a moment, his slightly shaking hand touched at Le Dong’s neck. 

… No pulse. That touch from Qin Kaiyi’s fingertips gave him a definite answer. He panicked, turned Le Dong’s body over, and stretched his finger under Ledong’s nose.

… No breath.

There was only one kind of person who had no pulse and no breath, and that was–the dead.

Qin Kaiyi, who came to this conclusion, seemed to have been punched hard on the head. He stood up slowly, and there was a blank space in his mind. After a long time, he murmured a sentence: “I killed a person… “

He finally… still killed someone.

Covering his face weakly with his hands, Qin Kaiyi shivered uncontrollably. He kept telling himself in his mind: it doesn’t matter, it’s far too normal to kill people in this world. If you didn’t kill him, then what would you have done today? Right? Qin Kaiyi, grow up a bit, isn’t it just killing someone… isn’t it just… killing… someone…?

“I really want to go home.” He let out this slight murmur, and Qin Kaiyi involuntarily choked with emotion: “I really want to… go home.”

I want to go home and eat sweet and sour pork ribs made by my mother, I want to go home and play chess with my dad… I want to… leave this body covered in blood.

“Shixiong?” A familiar voice came from the door. Qin Kaiyi turned his head and saw a man dressed in black. The man looked at him with a smile that was not quite a smile: “This… is someone you killed?”

Qin Kaiyi’s mind went white-blank again, and when he reacted, he found that he had already begun a killing move and rushed towards the man…

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  1. oh,I didn’t expect that QKY would accidentally kill him.and that is the brat SFX,rite?
    thank you for your hard work!(●´ω`●)

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  2. Oh… I’m feeling really sorry for QKY rn…. I can’t imagine how horrifying it would be to accidentally kill someone when you just wanted them to leave you alone. QKY, keep pushing forward.

    Thanks for translating!

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  3. QKY it was self defense!! Don’t downplay your feelings ahhhh. So sad for him rn ;-;;. But at least we finally see SFX again. Can’t wait wait to see what happens next!
    Thanks for translating!

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