ASV Chapter 71: Chaos


Qin Kaiyi was cold all over. He lay on the hard and rough wasteland, with both his hands tightly gripped above his head by one of Shen Feixiao’s. It was difficult to even breathe.

The winter snow became heavier and heavier. Shen Feixiao didn’t erect the formation, and let large flakes of snow fall on him and Qin Kaiyi, wetting their outer clothes and the tips of their hair. 

Qin Kaiyi seemed to have given up struggling. At this time, he was lying motionless under Shen Feixiao. A large portion of his red clothes had been pulled apart by Shen Feixiao, and his white jade-like chest was spotted with kiss marks.  

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao’s movements were very gentle. Although when he started to restrain Qin Kaiyi he was slightly rough, he now regained his usual calmness and elegance.

“Shixiong?” A sliver of doubt flashed in Shen Feixiao’s eyes–Qin Kaiyi’s struggles just now were really quite serious, and it even felt like he would not rest until death. However, after being completely restrained, Qin Kaiyi fell into a kind of strange quiet. 

“Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi’s entire body felt very pained. Shen Feixiao’s movements were of uncontrolled strength, which also made him quickly understand the difference between him and Shen Feixiao. He lay on the ground in despair and endured as Shen Feixiao pushed aside his clothing bit by bit. “Can you stop being like this.”

“Cannot.” Shen Feixiao’s voice was very soft, but the determination contained within it made Qin Kaiyi’s heart sink. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s naked body gradually exposing, and an infatuation difficult to put into words revealed itself in his expression. “Cannot.”

Shen Feixiao’s fingers went down Qin Kaiyi’s neck little by little, lingering on his jade-like chest, then slipping over Qin Kaiyi’s firm abdomen, and then finally moving to a place that made Qin Kaiyi’s entire body go rigid.

“… Help.” (T/N: lit. = save my life). At the moment when Shen Feixiao’s fingers caressed his body, Qin Kaiyi shuddered once. His voice carried a sobbing tone, “I’m begging you Shen Feixiao…” 

“Don’t beg me.” Shen Feixiao gave a low laugh, and his tone was as gentle as water. “If you want to beg, wait a while before begging.”

“… Shen Feixiao you pervert, madman, scram and stay away from me.” Qin Kaiyi’s tone was angry and mournful to the extreme; he was so cold and afraid. He completely didn’t dare to imagine the terrifying things Shen Feixiao planned to do to him.

“Hahahaha.” Laughing happily, Shen Feixiao planted a kiss on Qin Kaiyi’s lips. “Whether or not I’m a madman, shixiong doesn’t know?”

“Why is this happening, why is this happening?” Qin Kaiyi stared soullessly at the sky. He felt Shen Feixiao’s agile fingers gradually provoke his own desire under the cover of his clothes, and the heat that spread from that place laying below his belly stoked his despair. 

The intense contrast between the coldness he felt on his skin and the fiery heat inside of him quickened Qin Kaiyi’s breath. He continuously twisted his body under Shen Feixiao, trying to avoid Shen Feixiao’s teasing, but how could Shen Feixiao allow Qin Kaiyi to escape so easily…

Although his lovely shixiong was resisting his actions, Shen Feixiao’s mood was very good. The reason was actually very simple–Shen Feixiao found that Qin Kaiyi, who was struggling under him, was inexperienced in the matter of lovemaking. (T/N: translated 生涩 as inexperienced. It can mean unripe.) 

He was so inexperienced that he was like an unripened fruit, and it was clear that no one had touched him. 

Shen Feixiao knew from the beginning that his desire to monopolize was strong. His first reaction when he saw Qin Kaiyi and Wei He together was to kill that damned flower thief, and now…

Shen Feixiao examined the perfect slender body beneath him, revealing a satisfied smile.

“Let me go, Shen Feixiao, you fucking let me go!!!” Desire once again aroused indescribable dread in his heart. Qin Kaiyi shouted himself hoarse; this was the first time that he felt that he could be so powerless, so… useless. 

“En,” Shen Feixiao softly responded. He actually let go of that imprisoned hand, and let go of Qin Kaiyi, who had nearly lost all hope. 

“You…” Having been released, Qin Kaiyi was momentarily dazed. Then he twisted his body and madly crawled away, trying to widen the distance between him and Shen Feixiao. 

What a great view. Shen Feixiao didn’t rush to stop Qin Kaiyi from trying to leave him. He observed Qin Kaiyi with a kind of examining scrutiny, and then gave a soft, deep sigh–he didn’t expect that his always proper shixiong could be seductive in this way. 

The almost fully shed clothes scattered on the side, showing most of those shoulders and those pure white thighs. Because of his panic, Qin Kaiyi didn’t seem to realize that he was close to completely naked. With just this kind of a body constantly moving in an ambiguous posture, it was like the dance of an alluring evil spirit leading astray all who viewed it. 

The ground was covered with sharp sand and stone. Qin Kaiyi didn’t crawl for long before his hands and feet became badly mangled, but he didn’t dare to stop. He didn’t know what Shen Feixiao meant by letting him go, but he knew that this was his only chance to leave…

Qin Kaiyi’s crawling speed was not fast, and Shen Feixiao followed behind him peacefully. It was only when Qin Kaiyi lost his strength and lay on the ground gasping weakly that he slowly walked in front of him and squatted down. 

“… Shen Feixiao, Shen Feixiao.” The moment he saw Shen Feixiao again, Qin Kaiyi finally broke down and cried–at this moment he suddenly understood Shen Feixiao’s intention. The expressionless man in front of him was using a cruel method to tell him that there was nowhere he could go. 

“Aha, hah, hah…” Qin Kaiyi lay on the ground gasping, tears streaming down his cheeks drop by drop. Excessive fear and physical exhaustion made him almost faint, but he didn’t dare, because Shen Feixiao began to smile again. 

“Shixiong, why aren’t you leaving?” Shen Feixiao pinched a strand of Qin Kaiyi’s hair. He smiled and looked at Qin Kaiyi’s miserable appearance. “Tired?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes as if giving up, his voice mournful and helpless, “What the hell do you want?”

“…” Shen Feixiao didn’t answer, and just stared at Qin Kaiyi with a gentle gaze until Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes weakly.

“It was never about what I wanted to do, but what I could do.” Shen Feixiao’s eyes were a deep purple. He gently opened Qin Kaiyi’s remaining clothes, and then used that same examining gaze to look at Qin Kaiyi’s already completely naked body. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly woke up to reality at this time. No matter what he did, there was no way to escape from Shen Feixiao’s palms. This child who was twisted by the world finally avenged himself on it in his own way. Because of the cold, Qin Kaiyi slowly curled up into a ball.

Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi’s movements, his eyes calm and serene. He stretched out his hands, forcefully unfolded Qin Kaiyi’s curled up body, then overturned him and held him up as if to offer him as a sacrifice. 

There was only pain.

When he was entered, Qin Kaiyi’s tears were like pearls falling from their broken chain, each bead falling in succession. He didn’t try to wail anymore, but numbly looked at the sky from which floating snowflakes still fell. 

A cold snowflake fell on his eyelashes, and was gently wiped off with a warm and moist kiss.

Shen Feixiao’s movements could not be considered gentle. Although he had experienced pleasure houses, this was his first time doing something like this to another’s body. For Shen Feixiao, this kind of secret and ambiguous movement was very sacred. 

Qin Kaiyi’s pair of feet were forcefully separated, and his slender body swayed with the unceasing rhythm of something drawing out of him and then piercing in again, like a wild flower drifting without a home in the wind, frail and provoking others to trample him. 

His body was covered with small wounds, some of which were created from his crawling, while others were ambiguous bite marks.

Shen Feixiao, who had the general intuition of a wild beast, devoutly printed a trace of himself on every corner of Qin Kaiyi’s body. Anyone who saw his expression would not believe that he was doing such a thing, because Shen Feixiao’s expression was like that of a religious follower making a pilgrimage, full of a holy feeling. 

“Ahhhhh…” The violent ramming made Qin Kaiyi groan ambiguously from his mouth. He experienced the organ within him wrapped by his own body. He felt that he was having an incredibly frightening dream. His black hair was messily scattered under his body like a piece of satin, but the contrast even more so lended a kind of lascivious forbearance. 

“Shixiong, you are so beautiful.” Shen Feixiao’s hair was also very long. When he hung his head slightly, the ends of his hair would touch Qin Kaiyi’s face. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s desperate and confused expression. After taking a few slight breaths, he repeated, “Shixiong, you are so beautiful.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi didn’t answer. He extended his hand to cover his own face, more to cover Shen Feixiao’s gaze towards him. 

Shen Feixiao ruthlessly rejected Qin Kaiyi’s escape. He used his hands to pry apart Qin Kaiyi’s arms, forcing him to look at himself. “Shixiong, why don’t you look at me? Shixiong… you don’t want to see us becoming one?”

His body was forcibly turned. Qin Kaiyi let out an “ah” only to find that he had been placed into a different position. He went from lying on his back to being embraced in Shen Feixiao’s arms.

“Shixiong, why don’t you open your eyes.” Shen Feixiao whispered softly in Qin Kaiyi’s ear. He used one hand to maintain Qin Kaiyi’s position, and the other arrived at the place where they joined in copulation. “Look… now, we have combined into one.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi still closed his eyes and experienced the feeling of his insides being invaded. Due to the excessively intense thrusting, he had the illusion that he had been run through. This illusion made him unable to refrain from letting out a sob that sounded like weeping, and from within his mouth the small sounds of him begging for mercy began. (T/N: 求饶 = begging for mercy, but also begging for forgiveness). 

But Shen Feixiao didn’t stop. When an extremely hungry person suddenly ate the food that he had been thinking about for a long time, he didn’t need to think to know… unless he ate himself full, it would be absolutely impossible to stop.

“Shen Feixiao… stop, I don’t want it… Shen Feixiao!” Qin Kaiyi screamed miserably.

“En, don’t be afraid.” Shen Feixiao smiled softly like a shy child. “I’ll always be here; shixiong, I have been here.”

——When I was scared, if I heard you say this, I wouldn’t be afraid. Now that you are scared, if you hear this sentence, will you be like me and be unafraid of everything?

——When I was scared, if I heard you say this, I wouldn’t be afraid. Now that you are scared, if you hear this sentence, will you be like me and be unafraid of everything?

Author’s Note: In fact, Shen Feixiao is still very pitiful. Seeing this sentence, my heart is so sour. So, little stone, devote yourself to accompanying him at his side~

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Warnings: noncon, confinement, violence in the context of noncon

I hope everyone read the tags/warnings on the novel updates page prior to starting this novel.

I’m assuming the last sentence is an author’s note, it appeared at the end of the chapter without labeling.


26 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 71: Chaos

  1. thanks for the chapter! and wow that was really intense…? hmm idk how to describe it i feel like with other novels non-con is kind of glossed over and presented in a somewhat “””humorous””” way (not that non-con is in any way funny, just in bl more often then not the shou who is resisting isn’t written very realistically, if that makes sense) but here i actively felt so so bad for our mc….

    Liked by 8 people

    1. nps~ yeah, i actually prefer that the noncon be presented as terrifying and unromantic. if it were played off as humorous or immediately developed into a “healthy” relationship, i’d be like -_-. the trope of shous falling in love with their r*pists is just not it, bro. it’s not just BL. why would daenerys fall in love with khal drogo when he r*ped her in GoT? why is this accepted and celebrated by millions of viewers??

      pretty glad that SFX is presented as someone off his rocker. he’s doing something terrible and should be demonized

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  2. Ty for this beautiful translation ;-;

    I do feel pity for Qin Kaiyi for how things go this way since he never thought the possibility of Shen Feixiao become gay (for him). He think the worst is him being killed by ML, not rape. Buuuuut I also understand ML how things go this way since almost bronken him was healed by MC (masked man), and also MC (Qin Shi) who broke him many times. It’s complicated feeling between love and hate, plus he has heart-demon inside him. So I’ll say MC reap what he sow. Hope they can communicate in future and mend their heart.

    Ps. I’m the fan of yandere seme and this one is top notch for meee hehe

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    1. no problem~~

      yes, QKY definitely got caught off guard. the kiss at the Kaiyang Gathering + the vision he saw in his dream i feel he basically tried to ignore, framing everything in his straight guy perspective

      agree. lots of love and hate coming from SFX, + plenty of crazy

      same man, yandere recs welcome


  3. Well… That was pretty intense. The sadist in me enjoyed it (only cus it’s fiction, not in RL, ppl) but that last paragraph… Yeah I get what the author meant by sour.

    It definitely wasn’t hardcore like my usual doujin/hentai but I liked how descriptive everything was. Appreciate it that the author was being realistic about QKY not feeling any pleasure – instead hopeless and afraid.

    “If you want to beg, wait a while before begging.”
    Ok so I was thinking ‘how exactly is this virgin acting so cool?’ ‘How cud he have known what acting inexperienced meant?!’ but I guess yeah it’s answered he was voyeuring at the Pleasure house.

    Thanks for updates I am totally spoiled by you ❤️

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    1. same, my inner sadist was like ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°). 0 guilt a) because it’s fiction, b) hundreds of millions of straights f*pped to 13yo daenerys getting r*ped by khal drogo and then still made her fall in love with him. dafuq. at least at this point QKY is a full adult + shows no signs of falling in love with his r*pist
      author feeling sour for SFX, meanwhile i’m like “where’s rikers island for cultivators”

      yeah agreed. that’s the nice part about BL novels. you don’t get the immediate gratification but there’s some nuances that can’t be captured in pictures and dialogue. but anyway, this can never be as graphic as doujins. ever read harada? LOL

      SFX buys ho*kers… why am i not surprised


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  4. wait,so SFX is not a virgin huh? heh not really surprised
    what’s more surprising is I actually have an inner sadist cuz I like this!!

    thank you for the chapter! (∩˃o˂∩)♡

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  5. I cant say i liked the non con but i loved the realness of the scene. Both their actions made my heart sink. I feel so much for them both. I really cant wait for the next chappy.

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    1. definitely heavy stuff. the Chinese comments were ruthless, though. lots of celebrations for “meat.” undisguised sadism there lmao…

      yeah they are both pitiable characters. SFX has basically become only half-human since getting heart demons, so i’m trying not to dislike him too much


      1. AH I keep forgetting about his half demon thing and falling to his inner demons… Ok now I’m a bit happier knowing it shouldn’t *really* be him but his inner demons having too much influence..? Hopefully

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  6. Ah that was very sad. I kinda didnt and did expect him to be like this.. It’s so tragic! I like seeing Qin Kaiyi sad but not like this. I wait and hope for his recovery! Shen Feixiao I love this guy but here, he is just pitiful. He’s so warped, not caring for the truth and only seeking pleasure in obssession and despair.

    QJY beat SFX up! Or system do smth! ;-;;

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  7. Thank you for translating this!
    Don’t judge me but I actually like how Shen Feixiao’s and Qin Kaiyi’s relationship turned out to be. Reading about mutual, innocent love have already became boring for me, that’s why I’m longing for the next chapter of this novel.

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  8. “——When I was scared, if I heard you say this, I wouldn’t be afraid. Now that you are scared, if you hear this sentence, will you be like me and be unafraid of everything?”

    This line in there twice?


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