R:DSAT Chapter 159: Human Life is Determined by the Heavens

    That night, Luo Wei’s condition continued to deteriorate. Phlegm obstructed his throat, and his hands wildly clutched at his neck while his eyes rolled. He couldn’t take a single breath. 

    Imperial Physician Wei hurriedly pricked him with needles while another imperial physician hit Luo Wei’s back, the lot of them falling into disorder.

    Wei Lan couldn’t stand to look anymore. He pushed away Imperial Physician Wei, who had perforated Luo Wei’s hands to the point of bleeding, and covered Luo Wei’s mouth with a handkerchief. His lips met with Luo Wei’s through the cloth, and he vigorously sucked until the phlegm exited. 

    Imperial Physician Wei originally wanted to scold Wei Lan, but then saw the phlegm had been sucked out. He instead became grateful towards Wei Lan, only barely stopping himself from bowing to Wei Lan. (T/N: bowing with his  hands held in front, very respectful gesture). If something happened to Luo Wei, even if the imperial physicians were innocent, who could bear the wrath of the Son of Heaven? 

    That night, the entire Luo family stayed by Luo Wei’s bedside. Even Luo Ze, who could not walk, was present. None dared to take a single step away, fearing that in the blink of an eye Luo Wei would be gone. 

    They reached the dawn of the next day and Luo Wei’s phlegm issue did not recur. The doctors were relieved. Seeing the doctors’ expressions relax, the nerves of the others in the room followed suit.

    “The young master has passed this stage,” Imperial Physician Wei said to Luo Zhi Qiu and Fu Hua after checking Luo Wei’s pulse. 

    “Lan,” Luo Ze grabbed Wei Lan’s hand and said, “This time Xiao Wei’s life was saved by you!”

    Luo Zhi Qiu got up and actually cupped his hands in salute to Wei Lan, saying, “Lan, this old man gives many thanks for your grace in saving Luo Wei’s life.” 

    Wei Lan wanted to kneel, but Luo Ze grabbed both his hands. He could not kneel, so he only shook his head again and again. “Young master saved my life. Wei Lan is willing to do anything for the young master. Prime minister and second young master, don’t overwhelm Wei Lan with favor, I cannot afford it.”

    Luo Ze said, “Lan, I’m truly thanking you. How did you think of that method?” If Luo Ze thought up sucking out the phlegm mouth-to-mouth, he would have done it himself for Luo Wei. However, he had been out of his wits at that time and did not know such a method existed.

    Wei Lan replied, “I have seen a doctor do this to rescue a patient choking on phlegm, so I learned.”

    Luo Ze and everyone present, including Luo Zhi Qiu and Xie Yu, believed Wei Lan.

    Wei Lan stared at Luo Wei again. In fact, Qi Lin Shadow Guards would all die plagued with serious illness. After the poison spread their entire bodies would rot and they would become sick. Whatever illnesses one could have, the Qi Lin Shadow Guards would all experience at the end of their lives. The Qi Lin Shadow Guards often would choke on their phlegm, and they didn’t have doctors, so they could only rely on each other for help. Wei Lan had already sucked out phlegm many times before. 

    “Prime minister.” The doorman to the residence ran into Luo Wei’s courtyard. He didn’t dare to enter the room, and only stood below the steps to the veranda. He shouted somewhat incoherently at Luo Zhi Qiu, “Grand Master Fu Yi, no, this humble one means, the teacher of the state, State Teacher Fu Yi, he, he came to our residence.” Seeing Emperor Xing Wu did not even cause him to be so excited–this was a Daoist immortal in the flesh. It was said that seeing this state teacher once could lengthen one’s life. The doorman thought to himself that not only could he add a few years to his life, but the third young master also had hope. The state’s teacher came. Which demon dared to enter the official’s residence to collect the third young master’s soul? 

    Luo Zhi Qiu was also taken aback. Ddi this State Teacher Fu Yi ever interact with court councilors such as them? Even if they begged to meet with him, the State Teacher would not do so. 

    “Wei Er is saved!” Fu Hua forgot her manners and cried out. Back then she had only cared for the injured Luo Ze, and did not go out of her way to ask after Luo Wei. Thinking of that today, Fu Hu felt it was too late to repent. She even felt that if she had cared for Luo Wei more on that fateful day, Luo Wei would not be in his near-death state today. 

    “Dad, hurry to welcome the State Teacher,” Luo Ze yelled to Luo Zhi Qiu. He didn’t believe much believe in gods and ghosts, but as long as he could save Luo Wei he would even be willing to leave his home and become a monk himself. 

    Luo Zhi Qiu and Fu Hua personally went to the gate to meet Grand Master Fu Yi.

    Grand Master Fu Yi only brought a little novice Buddhist monk to the door of the Senior Official’s residence. Early in the morning, there were already quite a few pedestrians walking on the street in front of the Senior Official’s residence. However, none recognized the gray-robed old monk as State Teacher Fu Yi. Otherwise, there would be a great gathering of kneeling Buddhist worshippers before the gate of the official’s residence.

    Grand Master Fu Yi met with Luo Zhi Qiu, and after both paid respects, Grand Master Fu Yi said, “His Majesty ordered people to come to find this humble monk. He said that the third young master of the official’s residence is in critical condition. This humble monk will come and take a look.” 

    “Grand Master, after you.” Luo Zhi Qiu hurriedly brought Grand Master Fuyi into his home while he spoke: “My son’s illness does not look good. If Grand Master can come, then my son has hope.” 

    Grand Master Fu Yi replied, “This humble monk also has some medical skills, but compared to the Imperial Physician Wei in the residence, this humble monk himself acknowledges that he is not his equal.” 

    Fu Hua anxiously said, “Grand Master, I beg you to save my family’s Wei Er. You are a Living Buddha, if you have no way then our Wei Er really has no hope to be saved!” 

    Seeing that Fu Hua was about to kneel and beg, Grand Master Fu Yi modestly supported Fu Hua. “Lady Luo, human life is determined by the heavens. This humble monk is a person who studies Buddhism. The title of Living Buddha this humble monk dares not bear.” 

    “Grand Master…”

    “Grand Master after you,” Luo Zhi Qiu pulled on Fu Hua’s sleeves and didn’t let Fu Hua continue. He stretched his hand in the direction of Luo Wei’s courtyard, inviting Grand Master Fu Yi to enter. Emperor Xing Wu must have known about the events of last night. His invitation of the State Teacher seemed to be his last effort. 

    Xie Yu led all irrelevant people away from Luo Wei’s courtyard. 

    Luo Ze left Wei Lan there. Now he did not regard Wei Lan as an outsider. Luo Ze himself could not say why, but he could only feel a bit more at peace seeing Wei Lan keeping watch by Luo Wei’s bedside. 

    After Grand Master Fu Yi walked in, he walked straight to Luo Wei’s sickbed. He glanced at Luo Wei and then at Wei Lan who was standing beside him.

    “Grand Master,” Luo Zhi Qiu asked, “Can my son’s illness be cured?”

    Grand Master Fu Yi touched Luo Wei’s forehead. “It turns out that his head is also injured.  Third young master is not someone who cherishes himself.” 

    “Grand Master, how is my little brother?” Luo Ze anxiously asked.

    “Looking at the third young master’s fate, his life should not cut short here,” Grand Master Fu Yi replied. “Perhaps he has not finished enjoying his happiness; perhaps he has not had his fill of suffering.” 

   “Naturally my little brother hasn’t finished enjoying his happiness,” Luo Ze hurriedly said. How could his, Luo Ze’s, little brother come to this earth to suffer?! 

    “Yes.” Grand Master Fu Yi smiled and placed a string of black jade and colored glass prayer beads at the side of Luo Wei’s pillow. He said to the sleeping Luo Wei, “Since you still have someone you cannot let go of, wake up as soon as possible. How can you bear to let him worry?” 

    The people in the room listened to Grand Master Fu Yi’s words, mystified (lit.: amidst the clouds and mist). However, they all heard “his life should not cut short here” and felt happy in their hearts, each person’s face revealing delight. 

    After speaking these few sentences, Grand Master Fu Yi bid Luo Zhi Qiu goodbye. He did not even drink a single cup of tea, only saying that he still had to enter the palace to see Emperor Xing Wu.

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