R:DSAT Chapter 161: Awakening

    Luo Wei woke up on Lunar New Year’s Eve. The official’s residence happened to be conducting a ritual and chanting sutras. 

    “Young master?” Wei Lan, who had been staying by the bed all this time, saw Luo Wei open his eyes. He thought that, like all the times before, Luo Wei was only opening his eyes without conscious thought and would soon sink into sleep again. 

    Luo Wei looked at Wei Lan for a while. “Lan?” He called out to Wei Lan in a voice so low it almost couldn’t be heard.

    “Young master?!” Wei Lan cried out, his voice hoarse. 

    Luo Wei wrinkled his whole face into a ball. “What’s wrong with you?” He asked Wei Lan.

    “Young master, you’re awake?” Wei Lan was afraid that Luo Wei would sleep again. He reached a hand into Luo Wei’s blankets and shook Luo Wei’s shoulder as he spoke, “Are you really awake?” 

    “I just fell asleep.” Luo Wei opened his lips to try for a smile, only then finding out that his face seemed stiff, unable to move, “Why do you look like you want to cry?” He asked Wei Lan. 

    “Master Wei!” Wei Lan unexpectedly ran to the door and shouted for Imperial Physician Wei and the others who kept watch outside the room, “The young master is awake, this time it’s for real!” 

    After a moment, the imperial physicians all ran in.

    Imperial Physician Wei asked Wei Lan as he ran to Luo Wei’s bed, “The young master didn’t fall asleep again?”

    Wei Lan followed behind Imperial Physician Wei Taiyi and replied, “Young master just spoke with me!” 

    When Imperial Physician Wei reached the bed, he extended his head to look. He saw Luo Wei’s pair of open eyes. This time, this pair of eyes clearly held spirit. Speaking frankly, these eyes finally looked like those of a living person’s. 

    The news that Luo Wei woke up quickly spread throughout the whole household. While Luo Zhi Qiu hurried to Luo Wei’s courtyard, he also ordered people to send letters to the palace so that Emperor Xing Wu could also celebrate a peaceful Lunar New Year.

    Luo Wei didn’t have a clue about what happened. All at once, many people entered his room. His second brother couldn’t walk by himself and was carried in by someone. Little Luo You cried when he saw him, but had his mouth firmly blocked by Xu Yue Miao’s hand as she kept telling him he shouldn’t cry. Mother Fu Hua unceasingly chanted prayers under her breath, and the imperial physicians hurriedly congratulated his father, Luo Zhi Qiu. Luo Wei thought, where is this congratulations coming from? 

    “Xiao Wei.” Luo Ze asked people to place him on the edge of Luo Wei’s bed, and he shouted at Luo Wei, “Are you still uncomfortable anywhere?!” 

    “Second brother,” Luo Wei said, “your legs?”

    “Even if the elder brother’s leg is lame, he can’t die,” Luo Ze replied. “Don’t worry about me, are you still uncomfortable anywhere? Tell the imperial physician quickly.”

    “I,” Luo Wei licked his lips and then answered, “I want to drink water.”

    Wei Lan rushe out to pour a glass of water. He brought it to the side of Luo Wei’s mouth, giving Luo Wei mouthful after mouthful of water.

    Luo Wei looked at Wei Lan in front of him, and the memories from before he fell unconscious rose to the surface. 

    “Young master?” Wei Lan’s hand was wet. He saw tears falling from Luo Wei’s eyes and asked in a panic, “Is the young master uncomfortable again?”

    Wei Lan’s one sentence caused everyone in the room to rush over. 

    Imperial Physician Wei took Luo Wei’s pulse with a face filled with anxiety, fearing that in this short time Luo Wei’s illness would again rear its head. 

    “I’m fine,” Luo Wei hurriedly reassured all these people who had become anxious at a moment’s notice. “It’s just that my eyes are a little itchy.”

    Everyone ignored Luo Wei and only looked at Imperial Physician Wei.

    “I’m really okay,” Luo Wei emphasized. He just felt a strange pressure in his mouth, breathing was a bit difficult, and he was slightly dizzy. He didn’t feel any other discomfort. 

    “Third young master’s pulse is stable,” Imperial Physician Wei’s fingers left Luo Wei’s wrist.

    “Xiao Wei,” Luo Ze called out loudly, “You almost scared me to death!”

    Luo Wei said, “Was I very sick?”

    “Do you know what day it is today?” Luo Ze asked.

    “The third young master can’t be bothered.” Imperial Physician Wei saw that Luo Wei wanted to stew in his thoughts again and hurriedly implored, “Just quietly recover.” 

    “Today is New Year’s Eve,” Wei Lan told Luo Wei.

    “New Year’s Eve?” Luo Wei couldn’t believe it. When he woke up from his sleep, it became New Year’s Eve?

    Wei Lan saw Luo Wei begin to get up and he pressed him down again, asking, “What are you doing?” 

    “I’ll look at the sky outside,” Luo Wei answered. “You’re not all playing a prank on me?”

    It turned out that Luo Wei also had his foolish moments. If he looked at the sky outside, could he confirm the date? Everyone in the room wanted to laugh, but feared that Luo Wei would think too much again and bore the urge. 

    “Would Wei Lan trick you?” Luo Zhi Qiu said. “You’ve slept all these days. If you still feel discomfort anywhere, tell the imperial physicians.”

    “No discomfort,” Luo Wei replied.

    “Young master’s chest doesn’t feel stifled?” Imperial Physician Wei asked.

    “It’s fine.”

    Does “it’s fine” mean it’s still stifled? Imperial Physician Wei nodded his head to indicate he understood. 

    “Why are there still people reciting Buddhist scriptures?” Luo Wei listened carefully and then asked again, “We’re doing Buddhist rituals at home?”

    The people in the room were all helpless to deal with this kind of natural worrywart, who had just turned back around from the gates of hell and wanted to ask about every little thing. 

    “They were invited by mother,” Fu Hua answered. “We have to rid the house of misfortune, so that you three brothers can live this next year without illness or disaster.” 

    “Thank you mother,” Luo Wei thanked Fu Hua. It was rare that this mother would also think of him along with his second brother and eldest one. This improvement in his relationship with his mother should be the result of his success in resolving some major events after rebirth, right? 

    “This kid.” Fu Hua felt unwell again.”You’re still so polite with your mom? Is mom an outsider?” 

    “Okay,” Luo Zhi Qiu heard something amiss in Fu Hua’s words and was afraid that Luo Wei would think a few layers too deep again. He hurriedly interjected, “Let’s let Wei Er rest. Lan, you watch over him.” 

    Imperial Physician Wei and the rest exited to discuss Luo Wei’s prescription. 

    Luo Ze and Luo You didn’t want to leave, but Xu Yue Miao was afraid that Luo Wei would want to ask Luo Ze about outside matters again. She firmly dragged these two old gentlemen out. 

    “I haven’t told Xiao Wei that his uncles and the rest of them are here.” After leaving Luo Wei’s bedroom, Fu Hua only just remembered that her four elder brothers had all come to the capital to celebrate the new year, and she still hadn’t told Luo Wei. 

    “There’s no harm in saying it later.” Luo Zhi Qiu pulled Fu Hua as she left to enter the room again, “Wei Er just woke up, let’s not talk to him about anything.” 

    Fu Hua followed Luo Zhi Qiu away. Her brothers came together this time for a few reasons. The first reason was that they all had to come to the capital to report on their provinces. The second was that they had heard about Luo Wei’s dangerous illness. These four governors of frontier trading centers all rushed the entire way to the capital, fearing that they would be one step too late and miss seeing Luo Wei one last time. 

    Sure enough, when Luo Zhi Qiu and his wife returned to the lobby of the main courtyard, Luo Zhi Qiu’s four elder brothers by marriage were already waiting there. Seeing the couple enter, the Fu family’s eldest lord Fu Jing Zong asked, “Wei Er woke up?”  

    “He woke up,” Luo Zhi Qiu answered, “It’s just that his body is still very weak.”

    “If he woke up then it’s good!” said the third eldest, Fu Jing Zu. “Didn’t I say that Wei Er had only just grown up a little bit? How could he be gone just because they say so?” 

    The four brothers of the Fu family still only had an impression of the past Luo Wei, and their opinion of Luo Wei wasn’t very high. However, this was their little sister’s youngest son. After arriving at the capital and seeing the endless rewards for service bestowed on Luo Wei, the four Fu brothers did not feel even a shred of contempt for Luo Wei. 

    “Let’s drink up today,” said Fu Jing Zhi, the second eldest. “Xiao Wei passed this trial. We have to properly celebrate.” 

    Luo Zhi Qiu nodded and asked the steward to lay a feast upon the table. Luo Zhi Qiu did not enjoy liquor or wine, but today he wanted to have a good drink. 

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  1. Thanks for translating!! This novel is so awesome, I don’t even remember the last time I was so excited reading something! Even though there’s so many chapters I read it all in one go, and it just never got boring. You’re awesome for picking this up!! Hope you have a great weekend ❤

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  2. Thankyou for the update! I really love this fic because it is not like typical rebirth trope, the MC is so strong and the ML is unclear (in an exciting way)

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