ASV Chapter 75: Amen

However, compared with Qin Kaiyi’s pale and shocked face, Tang Shayun’s expression was so excited. As if she had mentally collapsed, she shouted all her grievances at Qin Kaiyi until Qin Kaiyi stepped forward and slapped her hard, so that the almost despairing shouting came to an end.

“Wuwuwu (T/N: crying noises)… why… why is this happening, why would I encounter such a thing… why… I want to leave here, I want to go home!!! Who will save me… Who will save me…” Tang Shayun was crying and lying on the ground, her voice incredibly mournful. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi stood next to Tang Shayun and watched her mental state crumble. After a long time, a slight sigh came out of his mouth–who wouldn’t want to go home after coming to this world?

While witnessing everything, Shen Feixiao’s expression became more and more profound. 

“Master, you don’t want to know who that person called Yan Gu is?” The eggplant clearly understood Shen Feixiao. He watched the uncomfortable discourse between Qin Kaiyi and Tang Shayun, and his focus obviously wasn’t on the relationship between those two. 

“Don’t want to.” Shen Feixiao’s expression was very indifferent. He knew that the illusion technique Tang Shayun used was not an ordinary illusion to imitate any human form, but one that would imitate the person who the victim of the illusion thought could help him most. “Yan Gu is fine, Ziyang Pei is also fine, all cannot think to take him from my hands.” 

Looking at the rich purple in Shen Feixiao’s eyes, the eggplant knew that he could not hook Shen Feixiao’s interest and boredly shrugged: “Okay, there really seems to be a relationship between Tang Shayun and Qin Kaiyi… wu, what does the master plan to do?”

“Don’t you know what I plan to do?” Shen Feixiao showed a smile that was yet not a smile, looking at the eggplant pretending to be silly, “Don’t be too greedy.”

“… Okay.” The corners of his mouth pulling, the eggplant mumbled, “Ruining her just like this… what a pity.” The original natural demonic body should have a better use.

Shen Feixiao pretended not to hear the complaints of eggplant. He looked at Qin Kaiyi through the mirror, watching him standing on the spot with his head hanging down. He stood up after a while: “Remove the formation.”

“Yes.” The eggplant had no power to object.

Qin Kaiyi didn’t know when the bright moonlight shone in… He looked up and found that the atmosphere of the corridor he was in had somehow changed, shedding its previous lifelessness. The building at the moment had a smart ancient charm. If it were not for Tang Shayun, who was crying and almost fainting on the ground, Qin Kaiyi guessed that he might have even appreciated the scenery. 

“Don’t cry.” Looking at Tang Shayun still crying, Qin Kaiyi had no pity. What this girl had done was too cruel. He didn’t have much of an intention to help her. After all, he had heard of the story of the farmer helping the snake. 

“Wuwuwu (T/N: crying noises)…” But Tang Shayun completely ignored Qin Kaiyi. The method to leave her body could only be used once in a lifetime, and now she had ruined her only chance to leave.

“…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to say something, but when he thought that Shen Feixiao might be spying on them, he suppressed that urge. Tang Shayun’s words were enough to arouse Shen Feixiao’s vigilance. If he himself said something… maybe even he would be implicated. 

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao’s voice came from afar. Qin Kaiyi stiffened as soon as he heard that voice. He turned to look at Shen Feixiao not far away, and then looked at the almost unconscious Tang Shayun, thinking that this really was a game set up by Shen Feixiao… he just didn’t know what the purpose of this game was. 

“Go back.” Shen Feixiao didn’t express any opinion on Qin Kaiyi standing outside for half a night. Both he and Qin Kaiyi were well aware, so it was unnecessary to say anything.

“…” Qin Kaiyi was silent, and did not answer Shen Feixiao’s words.

“Let’s go.” Shen Feixiao finished saying this and lifted Qin Kaiyi into his embrace, ignoring his struggles. He frowned slightly after feeling the coldness of Qin Kaiyi’s skin. 

Qin Kaiyi knew that his resistance was futile. After struggling twice, he accepted his fate. He finally glanced at Tang Shayun lying on the ground. Somehow, there was a  sense of the fox grieving at the rabbit’s death. (T/N: idiom meaning sympathy for a like-minded person in distress). 

Shen Feixiao didn’t seem to notice Qin Kaiyi’s gloominess at all. He held Qin Kaiyi through the long wooden corridor and returned to the room where Qin Kaiyi first came out. Then he kicked the door open and walked in. 

“What do you want?!” When Shen Feixiao put him on the bed, Qin Kaiyi had to admit that his nerves collapsed again. He shrunk back on reflex, but Shen Feixiao grabbed onto his feet. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t say anything and just held Qin Kaiyi’s feet in his hands. Qin Kaiyi’s feet were very beautiful, with a texture not as rough as the average man. Beautifully shaped musculature and bone structure were wrapped in a layer of white jade-like skin. Those smooth and round toes gently and cautiously shrunk back due to fear, looking both pitiful and cute.  

Shen Feixiao held Qin Kaiyi’s feet in his hands and did nothing else.

And Qin Kaiyi froze for a while before reacting–Shen Feixiao was warming his feet! Warming his feet!! Too terrifying, it was really too terrifying… with half his body laying on the bed, Qin Kaiyi almost had the urge to viciously kick Shen Feixiao and then run around the room screaming, but his only remaining bit of reason stopped him… 

“Shixiong, do you want to go out for a walk.” Shen Feixiao was silent for a long time before lightly speaking.

“… Where?” Qin Kaiyi didn’t believe that Shen Feixiao would be so kind.

“Of course you can’t go far.” Shen Feixiao noticed Qin Kaiyi’s feet warming up, but didn’t let go, instead playing with them in his hands. “It’s not safe to go far.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi stopped talking. He knew Shen Feixiao still wanted to say a bit more. 

“I know shixiong wants to leave,” Shen Feixiao’s tone was very calm, as if speaking of trivial matters, “but that’s impossible. No matter where shixiong flees, I will get shixiong back… then break shixiong’s legs with my own hands.”

Those words clearly had no tonal inflections, but made Qin Kaiyi’s blood run cold. He looked at Shen Feixiao’s expressionless face and did not dare to doubt the truth of his words.

“So shixiong must not run away.” Shen Feixiao let go of Qin Kaiyi’s shivering feet in his hands. “Otherwise I can’t control myself.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi held back for a long time without saying anything. What could he say? Shen Feixiao was obviously abnormal now; reasoning with a lunatic?? He was not that stupid!

“If shixiong is bored, I can call some people to accompany shixiong.” Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi casually and said, “Would it be good to call that Yan Gu over?”

“…” So Shen Feixiao did hear his conversation with Tang Shayun! The cold sweat on Qin Kaiyi’s forehead dripped down at once, and he remembered the truths that Tang Shayun revealed in her state of mental collapse. He somehow began to feel guilty. 

“Shixiong, is that an agreement?” Shen Feixiao warmly asked. 

“… No.” Squeezing out one word after a long while, Qin Kaiyi took a deep breath and said, “No, I’m very good by myself, don’t get Yan Gu.” He didn’t know if Shen Feixiao had the ability to find Yan Gu, but he knew… If Yan Gu was also caught, then that would really cut off his last chance.

“Is it.” Shen Feixiao lowly chuckled, and did not force Qin Kaiyi anymore. He stood up. “Shixiong stood outside for one night, he must be exhausted. Then I will not disturb his rest.”

“… Goodbye.” Qin Kaiyi really wanted Shen Feixiao to get as far away as possible. 

However, at the moment when Shen Feixiao pushed open the door and was about to leave, Qin Kaiyi heard a long-lost voice ringing in his mind [System Tip: The transmigrator without a system has been eliminated, triggering the last part of the plot——Shen Feixiao’s revenge, the mission time is not limited. Please let Qin Shi be personally killed by Shen Feixiao, gather the final return value, and return to your original world; the transmigrator without a system has been eliminated, triggering the last part of the plot——Shen Feixiao’s revenge, the mission time is not limited. Please let Qin Shi be personally killed by Shen Feixiao, gather the final return value, and return to your original world] “…” Looking at Shen Feixiao’s back, Qin Kaiyi choked back a blurted out cry of surprise, and he was shocked to the point that his face became deathly white.

He hadn’t written Qin Shi’s ending yet but was already going through it. It seemed that Qin Shi’s final ending had been filled in by this world as well. 

But making Shen Feixiao kill him? Qin Kaiyi couldn’t help but think of Shen Feixiao warming his feet just now, and he inexplicably shivered–this challenge was really a bit difficult…

“Shen Feixiao, how should it be so he would kill me… how should it be… to kill me,” Qin Kaiyi whispered with a bitter smile. In fact, it was quite simple to make Shen Feixiao angry, but after getting angry–Shen Feixiao obviously only got on top of him instead of killing him ahhhhhhh!!!

The last mission had been issued, and he was only one step away from home… but why did this step look so… far away?

After a night of fatigue, Qin Kaiyi curled up at the head of the bed again and gradually fell asleep. After he fell asleep, the originally closed door was pushed open with one hand. Shen Feixiao, who was supposed to leave, walked in quietly and put a thin blanket on Qin Kaiyi before leaving again. 

At some point in time, Shen Feixiao had begun to habitually eavesdrop on his shixiong talking to himself—but this time, what he heard almost made him rush in from the outside.

“… Shen Feixiao, how should it be so he would kill you.” The man standing outside the door had a twisted and sorrowful smile. “Shen Feixiao… how could he be willing to kill you.” (T/N: 舍得, more implication of being unwilling to part with something). My dearly loved shixiong… all that you have done, what exactly is it for? Could it be that your purpose is to make me despair a bit, and then despair some more? Until I am completely crazy, and only then would you show a satisfied smile??

“Hehehe.” A low laugh came out of Shen Feixiao’s mouth. After staggering a few times, he held onto a pillar in the corridor, and his eyes were like an abandoned plot of land covered with unchecked wild growth. “Then let me see for myself how heartless you actually are.” 

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Damn, didn’t know SFX had a foot fet1sh…


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  1. sfx: *grabs the mc’s feet*
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    lol thanks for the chapter!!! also i caved and finally read the rebirth novel and thanks for translating that too!!! (it gives me knives…. that i want to use to mince long xuan’s (is that even his name? i’m going to be real with you i don’t really care) balls <3)

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  3. ofc SFX would have a foot fetish ,since QKY’s feet is so soft like a pillow and as white as a jade~meanwhile my feet is indescribably ugly asf lol. can’t wait to see what other crazy stuff SFX is gonna do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  4. QKY has a chance to go back…but it’s such a hard mission to fulfill. What to do? 😂
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