R:DSAT Chapter 179: I Want to Marry Him, is He Willing?

Luo Wei left the palace, sat on the carriage returning home and began to fall asleep. In the end, Wei Lan carried him all the way back to the bedroom, but Luo Wei did not wake up. He had pulled an all-nighter, and his nap in the morning didn’t make up for it at all. 

Imperial Physician Wei disregarded his own image as he rolled his eyes at Wei Lan and stood in the courtyard to scold him. “The young master just got a bit better and ran outside, not even sleeping. Don’t mention snow ginseng, it’s useless even if you picked the Queen Mother of the West’s peaches of immortality!”

Wei Lan lowered his head to accept the scolding. After he finished listening, he asked, “Then how is the health of my family’s young master today?”

Imperial Physician Wei was so out of breath he almost fainted. “I’ve spoken for half a day, but you didn’t understand, did you?”

“You haven’t said whether the young master’s health is good or bad?” Wei Lan looked earnest.

He couldn’t stay in this official’s residence anymore. Imperial Physician Wei gritted his teeth. The people in this courtyard were all shameless and unafraid of scolding. In the courtyard on the other side, the one with broken legs sat on the bed and still thought about playing with broadswords! What kind of family of sick patients was this!

“Master Wei?” Wei Lan still called out to Imperial Physician Wei. He knew Luo Wei was not a good patient, but he couldn’t control Luo Wei, so he could only fix his attention on the doctor. 

“I’m going to see how the medicine is cooking.” Imperial Physician Wei was not in a good mood. He turned around to leave with rage boiling in his stomach, only to see Ning Fei walk in. “Why are you here?” Imperial Physician Wei’s tone worsened. “The young master just fell asleep.”

Ning Fei looked at Wei Lan, “The young master is asleep?”

Wei Lan confirmed, “He slept right after coming out of the palace, and hasn’t woken up yet. Do you have something urgent to see the young master about?”

Ning Fei felt awkward. “I have come to say goodbye to the young master.”

“Leaving today?”

“En, there are a lot of things in the army that need to be prepared in advance. I’m afraid it won’t be good to leave late.”

“Then I will call the young master,” Wei Lan said immediately.

“Wait,” Imperial Physician Wei shouted at the two people who were about to enter Luo Wei’s bedroom, “You really won’t let him sleep? Do you resent that he has recovered too quickly?”

“Master, General Ning is leaving. If he doesn’t let the young master know, he will be blamed,” Wei Lan said helplessly.

“Whatever!” Imperial Physician Wei gave up. No one listened to him anyway.

Ning Fei asked in a low voice, “He still doesn’t know that the young master is going to Northern Yan?”

“I haven’t told him yet.”

Ning Fei whispered in Wei Lan’s ear, “If Yun Qi must go to Northern Yan, you remember to bring this Imperial Physician Wei with him. The young master cannot leave him.”

“He is willing to go with us?” Wei Lan said with uncertainty. 

“It doesn’t matter if you have Yun Qi go and ask for an imperial decree, or whatever,” Ning Fei replied. “Anyway, you must take him, otherwise if Yun Qi gets sick midway, what will you do? The military doctors in the army are all experts at treating external injuries. You can’t count on any of them for Yun Qi’s illness.”

Wei Lan agreed, “I’ll take note and talk to the young master.”

In the bedroom, Luo Wei slept soundly. Wei Lan walked to the front of the bed and pushed at Luo Wei, calling, “Young master?”

Luo Wei opened his eyes in a daze. He first looked at Wei Lan with a somewhat foolish-looking smile, and then asked, “Is it dawn?”

Wei Lan didn’t respond yet when Ning Fei began to laugh, “Yun Qi, did you sleep yourself silly? It’s still broad daylight.”

“Zi Zhou?” Luo Wei saw that Ning Fei was also there, and the confusion passed. He hurriedly prepared to get up.

Wei Lan took thick clothes and put them on Luo Wei. “Get dressed first.” 

“Why did Zi Zhou come?” Luo Wei sat still, letting Wei Lan put clothes on him as he asked Ning Fei.

“I’m going back to Yun Guan and came to say good-bye,” Ning Fei answered. 

“Is everything packed?”

“I have nothing to bring, just a few changes of clothes.”

“It’s also good to leave early.” Luo Wei took water from Wei Lan’s hand, and drank half the cup in one go. “Tell my eldest brother everything, so you all can prepare.”

“I understand,” Ning Fei affirmed. “It is said that the Black Frost Cavalry is the best in the world, I have long wished to meet them.”

“Yes,” Luo Wei said. “We will take back Black Frost City. If we want to defend it, we must get rid of this Black Frost Cavalry. This time I think the entire army at Yun Guan will be dispatched, so you should prepare early.”

“Take care of yourself.” Ning Fei didn’t want to disturb Luo Wei further. After saying what needed to be said in a few words, Ning Fei wanted to take his leave.

Just as Ning Fei was about to leave and Luo Wei asked Wei Lan to send Ning Fei out, Fu Wei’s voice came from the outer room, “Cousin, your sixth cousin is ​​here, come out!”

Qi Zi and Xiao Xiao were both blocking her, but they couldn’t stop her.

“Wait a minute.” Luo Wei hurriedly sat up on the bed and shouted towards the outer room, “I will come out now.”

“Then I’ll wait here,” Ning Fei said.

“You won’t see her?” Luo Wei asked.

Ning Fei replied with some shyness, “It’s not good for me to meet her all the time.”

“All right,” Luo Wei said as he got out of bed, “this is also not the time to talk about love affairs.”

In the outer room, Fu Wei walked back and forth without stopping for a moment. Qi Zi and Xiao Xiao stood at the door of the inner room like door gods, for fear that this young lady’s temper would flare up and she would break in. This one didn’t seem to care about reputation, but their young master still needed his to be good.

Luo Wei put on his clothes in a hurry, and asked when he came out to see Fu Wei, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“Ning Fei is leaving!” Fu Wei shouted.

“Oh,” Luo Wei replied. “I know.” He waved a hand to have Qi Zi and Xiao Xiao leave, “The army has some matters he must leave early to deal with.” 

“Then what should I do?” Fu Wei asked Luo Wei. 

“What do you mean what should you do? Zi Zhou didn’t do anything to cousin right?”

“You’re making fun of me!” Fu Wei pointed at Luo Wei, her pair of long, shapely eyebrows going vertical.

“Sixth cousin,” Wei Lan began. 

“You aren’t a good person either!” Fu Wei scolded Wei Lan too. 

Wei Lan originally had good intentions and wanted to tell Fu Wei that Ning Fei was in the inner room, but having been interrupted by Fu Wei, he was pushed behind Luo Wei. He wanted to speak up but couldn’t. 

“All right, we are all not good people,” Luo Wei said to Fu Wei. “Cousin, what are your plans for Zi Zhou? If you don’t say it, how can we know?” 

“Can’t you tell?”

“I can’t tell, I haven’t made my own family yet.” 

“I,” Fu Wei held back for a long time. She finally suppressed herself until her face reddened, and didn’t say anything.

Luo Wei continued, “Cousin doesn’t have any plans, so what are you doing finding me? Zi Zhou is a general of the imperial court and has a government job. It is impossible for him to accompany cousin to practice martial arts every day.”

“He is in a hurry to go back, is he going to do battle?”

“This is a military matter, I don’t know.”

“Where is he now?”

“Do you have something to discuss with him?”

Fu Wei saw Luo Wei looking as if this had nothing to do with him, and she hated it to the point her teeth itched. 

“I’m tired.” Luo Wei yawned. “Cousin, do as you will.”

“I want to ask if he will marry me,” Fu Wei blurted out in a voice not unlike a mosquito’s hum. 

“What did you say?” Luo Wei heard it clearly, but he didn’t expect this Fu Wei to be so courageous.

“I want to marry,” Fu Wei threw caution to the wind and said loudly, “I just don’t know if he wants to marry.”

Now Ning Fei couldn’t sit still in the inner room anymore, and walked out in a few steps.

When Fu Wei saw Ning Fei coming out of the door of the inner room, she was struck dumb where she stood and didn’t know where to put her hands and feet.

 “The rest of us go out first,” Luo Wei held back a smile. “You both can talk.”


11 thoughts on “R:DSAT Chapter 179: I Want to Marry Him, is He Willing?

  1. well this chapter was just a pile of cute, wasn’t it! love doctor wei tearing out his hair!! he reminds me so much of the doctor in Nirvana in Fire.

    Ning Fei, congrats LMAO

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    1. the calm before the storm…

      I’ve heard good things about Nirvana on Fire. Is it worthwhile even for a fujoshi who won’t read about heteros unless urged to at knifepoint?

      NF escapes his LX crush. thanks to that he earns +100000000 karma


      1. Love Nirvana in Fire so much! Quite a few brotherhood moments that moved me to tears. Then again I’m easily moved lol So personally think it’s worth a try 😀 There’s a drama too. Best ever.

        YAY for NF!!! I was scarred he was going to fall for that damnable LX again.

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      2. Yes. Watch it. Big center stage “brotherhood” nudge nudge wink wink between the master strategist MC and the unfavored prince who was his childhood best friend. It has everything, big complex revenge schemes like RDSAT, identity shenanigans, amazing supporting characters (including outstanding female characters!), and hahaa like i said very easy to ship the two main leads…..ur fujo heart should be safe.

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