R:DSAT Chapter 180: Gifting Silver

Ning Fei didn’t know how to deal with a girl like Fu Wei. The girl had only known him for a few days, and she had already talked to him about marriage without anyone else present. For important milestones like marriage, parents were the masters and the matchmaker would be the go-between. Ning Fei himself was not from a normal background, but he did not expect that one day he would meet such a girl who talked about marriage on her own.

“Just give me one word.” Fu Wei came back to herself at this moment, and she relaxed. Anyway, it had already come to this, so she would speak openly. 

“You,” Ning Fei thought for a long time before saying, “How many days has Miss Fu known this humble one?”

“This time I came out, and it was naturally to marry,” Fu Wei said. “My family wanted me to enter the palace, but from what my father and the rest said, my little cousin stopped it.”

“Isn’t going to the palace good?”

“What’s so good about entering the palace? I wouldn’t cherish it!” Fu Wei said with a disdainful look. “My father is a provincial governor and there are already countless women in his courtyard, let alone those in the palace? This time I came out and my mother refused, but she couldn’t go against my father. General Ning, in your eyes, am I a person with no feminine virtues?”

“You-you’re fine,” Ning Fei replied. He thought Fu Wei was bold, but he didn’t believe that Fu Wei was a person who didn’t hold feminine virtue.

“Then would you marry me?”

Ning Fei squeezed his two hands behind his back nervously. It seemed he had never been as nervous as he was today in his life. Some thoughts Ning Fei couldn’t figure out by herself, but it seemed that if he gave up the girl in front of him he did not know if he would meet another in the future who could make him laugh to think of her, or who would make him so nervous. 

Luo Wei sat on the railing of the pond in the courtyard. There was a strong wind last night, but today was a bright and pleasant winter day. The sunlight shone warmly on his body, making Luo Wei want to sleep again.

Wei Lan nudged Luo Wei. “Sleep when we return to the room in a bit. You will catch a cold sleeping here.”

Qi Zi, who had gone outside to pack the carriage, ran back. He carried over a hand warmer that had already become cold, and asked Luo Wei, “Young master, this was found in the carriage. Did you change your hand warmer?”

Luo Wei was holding the one he used frequently in his hands, and he glanced at the one in Qi Zi’s. It was the one recently given to him by Long Xuan in the palace. “I won’t use this. Throw it away.”

“Throw it away?” Qi Zi queried. “Young master, this is an object from the palace, and there is a word branded on it.”

Luo Wei looked at the place Qi Zi pointed at, only to see the character “Long” branded on the hand warmer.

“We can’t casually throw away things from the palace right?” Qi Zi asked.

“Then put it in the warehouse,” Luo Wei amended.

“In the warehouse again?”

“Should I provide it as a sacrificial offering?”

Qi Zi saw Luo Wei’s heavy expression when he spoke, and hurriedly ran off. 

Soon after Qi Zi left, Ning Fei walked out of the room, his face again calm and composed.

“Finished talking?” Luo Wei did not get up and asked while sitting.

Ning Fei nodded, and said to Luo Wei and Wei Lan, “Yun Qi, Lan, I’m leaving now. My mother and younger siblings, Yun Qi, I will have to trouble you.”

“Okay,” Luo Wei replied. “Don’t worry, I will arrange it.”

“Lan,” Ning Fei continued, “The journey to Yun Guan from the capital is difficult. You have to take care of Yun Qi. Don’t let him get tired.”

Wei Lan agreed.

Ning Fei stretched out his hands, one on each side, and put them on Luo Wei and Wei Lan’s shoulders. He patted them and said, “Then we will see each other at Yun Guan!”

“Take care.” At this, Luo Wei stood to see him off.

“No need to see me out.” Ning Fei pressed Luo Wei down. “While you can still rest now, take more breaks.” After Ning Fei said this, he strode out. A great battle was imminent, making him inexplicably excited. As for the girl still in the room, Ning Fei felt sweetness in his heart. They would meet again, no matter how long or short the period of their parting would be.

Luo Wei and Wei Lan watched Ning Fei leave the courtyard together before walking back to the bedroom.

“Zi Zhou is gone?” Fu Wei asked when Luo Wei came in.

“You’ve even begun to call him Zi Zhou? Have you finished speaking? When will Zi Zhou marry you?” Luo Wei responded jocularly. 

“It would be good if he were like you,” Fu Wei said with distress written all over her. 

“What does it mean to be like me?”

“Doing things straightforwardly!” Fu Wei clarified. “He asked me to think again. I’ve thought it through, what else should I think about?”

“But he didn’t say he wouldn’t marry you.” Luo Wei saw that the silly girl couldn’t change her way of thinking, so he had to mention, “Now that there are important matters at the Yun Guan army, you should let him finish what he has to do and then come back to work out the affairs between you two. Isn’t that better?”

“Then I will send him off.” After Fu Wei understood, she immediately ran out.

“He’s already left!” Luo Wei shouted from behind.

“What if I can catch up?” When Fu Wei said this, she had already reached the courtyard entrance.

“You’ll see,” Luo Wei said to Wei Lan. “Even if she enters the Ning family in the future, she will be eaten to death by Zi Zhou.”

Wei Lan smiled and shook his head, then asked Luo Wei, “Do you want to go to bed to sleep again?”

“No.” Luo Wei headed to the study. “I haven’t written my letter to Sima Qingsha yet. I have to think about how to write this letter.”

The little apprentice of Imperial Physician Wei sent the boiled ginseng soup over and placed it in Wei Lan’s hands. His small face was sullen as he said, “This is the young master’s ginseng soup.”

“What’s the matter?” Luo Wei saw the little child fuming as he ran away, and asked Wei Lan, “Did I offend this little doctor too?”

Wei Lan took the ginseng soup and went into the study with Luo Wei. Imperial Physician Wei was angry with them. This little apprentice probably undeservedly suffered the wrath of an Imperial Physician Wei who had no outlet. “Children have a lot of mood swings,” Wei Lan explained. “The young master has never spoken to him, so how can he have offended him?”

Luo Wei bowed his head and took a sip of the freshly brewed snow ginseng soup. He said to Wei Lan, “I always feel that the taste of this ginseng soup is different from what I used to drink. Is this ginseng soup?”

“Maybe some medicinal materials have been added in it.” There were not many people in the official’s residence who knew about Long Xuan sending the snow mountain ginseng, and Wei Lan didn’t know the truth either. “Didn’t the Imperial Physician Wei mention that?”

Luo Wei drank the ginseng soup in a few mouthfuls, and praised Imperial Physician Wei: “His medical skills are indeed brilliant, I want to thank him. When we leave the capital, Lan, you go to see what good things are in the warehouse and take a few things to give to him.”

“Zi Zhou told me that we should take Imperial Physician Wei to Yun Guan,” Wei Lan said.

Luo Wei had just picked up a pen to write on the letter paper. He paused. “Take him with us?”

“I also feel that we have to take Imperial Physician Wei with us. If the young master gets sick on the road, we won’t be afraid if he’s there.”

“Let’s talk about it later,” Luo Wei replied after thinking for a bit. An Imperial Physician Lin had been killed by him in the hands of Long Xuan, and now he couldn’t even return the body to Imperial Physician Lin’s family. Any way one looked at it, this Imperial Physician Wei was also his savior. It was better not to implicate him if he could help it. Thinking of Imperial Physician Lin, Luo Wei remembered something and said to Wei Lan, “The Imperial Physician Lin who came to me, you know of him?”

Wei Lan affirmed, “I know.”

“Lan, take a trip. Bring five hundred taels of silver to his family. Don’t let people in the official’s residence know about it,” Luo Wei instructed. “Go and see if his family has any requests. Come back and tell me.” 

Wei Lan watched Luo Wei begin to immerse himself in writing his letter. He moved the room’s charcoal furnace closer to Luo Wei, and then went to Luo Wei’s bedroom to get banknotes worth five hundred silver taels. He left the residence in the direction of Imperial Physician Lin’s home. 

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8 thoughts on “R:DSAT Chapter 180: Gifting Silver

    1. Physician Lin helped pass along info about LX’s side to Luo Wei. In particular, I think he gave either LX’s mother’s medical info, or LX’s concubine’s medical info to LW. LX implied to LW that he found this out and gave the physician a horrible death

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  1. bruh idk like im glad that our lil mc is doing better bc of the ginseng…but then i remember that the mfker fucked up his eye (and life) in the past THEN sent mc medicine to barely keep him alive and ugh mfer so nasty i hate him so much its so manipulative 💩


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