ASV Chapter 77: Leaving the Soul

Ziyang Pei’s little brother Ziyang Shi had been sleeping for thousands of years because of the godly Gu insect, and his life which should have been prematurely extinguished was maintained by Tang Shayun.

The godly insect was male, and the Feng Shen was female. This time Shen Feixiao was looking for a Gu insect named Feng Shen.

This kind of insect was extremely difficult to develop. If Shen Feixiao hadn’t spent six years with his shifu Yu Hong, he would not know that Yu Hong had raised one.

Feng Shen ah, Feng Shen. As this gu insect’s name implied, once this kind of insect was in a person’s body, it could reverse that person’s state of mind. It could manipulate that person’s likes and dislikes. But the reason why Shen Feixiao went to find this gu insect… was not to make Qin Kaiyi like himself.

He had his pride, and he would never use this kind of thing to force Qin Kaiyi; not to mention that he had never extravagantly demanded that Qin Kaiyi should like him. From a long time ago, Shen Feixiao already knew that he only wanted Qin Kaiyi to accompany him.

Whether it was hate or love, Shen Feixiao didn’t care how Qin Kaiyi viewed himself. What he cares about was that he could hold Qin Kaiyi firmly in his hand and let him always stay with him.

And the reason Shen Feixiao went to find the Feng Shen Gu was for another of the Feng Shen Gu’s effects. The one who bestowed the Feng Shen Gu and the one who bore it would have their lives linked together. Even after death, their souls would not separate. 

Shen Feixiao took hold of the wooden box in his hand, and his expression was indifferent. If something really happened to Qin Kaiyi, he could not imagine how he would react.

“Why did you ask me to ask for this Gu insect?” After not seeing him for a long time, Yu Hong still didn’t change. He observed Shen Feixiao’s silence and sighed heavily: “You do know that once you use this Gu insect, there will be no way to go back.”

“I know.” Shen Feixiao’s eyes were no longer purple, with only a thick black remaining within them: “I hope shifu will help me to accomplish this.”

“I would like to, but you also won’t look at what this really is.” Yu Hong smiled bitterly: “Feixiao… why do you bother, I see that your shixiong does not necessarily have good intentions towards you… “

“No.” Shen Feixiao calmly smiled. “He won’t threaten me with this.”

“… Ok.” Yu Hong knew Shen Feixiao’s temperament very well. He looked at the disciple who was a head taller than him by a head. He could hardly say anything, and sighed: “Take it.”

“Thank you, shifu.” Yu Hong was probably someone who would stand on his side no matter what the situation was. Shen Feixiao held the sturdy wooden box with his hands and said indifferently: “If there is a next life, disciple will be cattle and serve as a horse…” (T/N: meaning he will obey his orders and willingly serve him). 

“That’s enough.” Yu Hong rubbed his eyes tiredly with his hands and sighed: “It seems that Xue Xian can’t escape the fate of those secret skills being lost in the end… Feixiao, I won’t say much more, you look for happiness and fortune on your own. From now on… you don’t have to come here.”

“Yes.” Shen Feixiao still had no expression when he heard this sentence. He knew why Yu Hong would treat him like this… he had brought it on himself.

He didn’t say any unnecessary words. Shen Feixiao received the Gu insect from Yu Hong and pushed the door open to leave. The priceless Feng Shen Gu in his arms already represented Yu Hong’s friendship  with him, but he still didn’t accept this feeling. 

“Feixiao, do you really want to go?” Su Liuli’s eyes were red; she had apparently already cried. She looked at the box held by Shen Feixiao, and there was shock in her eyes: “You… in your hands……”

“It’s the Feng Shen.” Shen Feixiao cast a soft and gentle glance at the object in his arms, and then said three words to Su Liuli: “I am sorry.”

They all understood what it meant to be sorry.

“You… do you have a woman you like?” The rims of Su Liuli’s eyes turned red instantly. She had been waiting for Shen Feixiao, but she didn’t expect that what she was waiting for… would be an apology.

“No.” Shen Feixiao shook his head indifferently: “It’s not like.”

“Then why!” Su Liuli stared in surprise: “Why would you…”

“The reason for being together does not necessarily have to be like.” Shen Feixiao looked at Su Liuli calmly. He lightly explained: “But some people have already become something you cannot do without. If you do not have them, you will have no way to live on.”

“… I don’t understand.” Su Liuli shook her head in despair. She also knew the effect of the Feng Shen gu, and she looked at Shen Feixiao’s eyes with a smidgeon of additional misery: “But why do you want the Feng Shen Gu? Don’t you know……”

Su Liuli naturally didn’t think that Shen Feixiao would use the Feng Shen Gu to manipulate the other person’s mind. She was worried about… another problem.

Shen Feixiao knew what Su Liuli was worried about. He looked at the woman who he had lived with for a time and smiled: “I know… besides, if this Gu is used, I’m afraid the one who will suffer losses is not me.”

“She is very strong?” Su Liuli was dumbfounded.

“No.” Shen Feixiao denied indifferently, but did not say the other sentence in his heart: he was not strong, but he was cruel enough–so cruel that he wanted Shen Feixiao to kill him.

This Gu could just count as a warning to himself. If one day he really couldn’t resist killing Qin Kaiyi, then he would die with him.

“You really…” Su Liuli knew that she couldn’t persuade Shen Feixiao, and the force she put behind the smile on her face was extreme: “Are you coming back?”

“No.” Shen Feixiao knew why Yu Hong severed relations with him before he went out, so he didn’t hesitate: “I will never come again. Liuli, you are a good girl, forget me.”

“…” Su Liuli shook her head weakly, and then stumbled away.

Shen Fei smiled at this scene without much emotion. All his feelings were given to one person, but that person regarded him as a monster.

But so what? Since he could obtain him, what was there to hesitate about?

After asking for what he wanted and solving the matters that he should solve, Shen Feixiao did not stay in God’s Medicine Valley and instead rushed back to the Lingshan Sect without pause.

And Qin Kaiyi, who had been shut in the Lingshan Sect by Shen Feixiao, discovered a situation that shocked him… after soaking in the blue water bath for a few days, his hair turned white…

What the hell was this?!!! When Qin Kaiyi saw his white-haired self in the copper mirror one morning, he had the urge to throw the table and roar. What was with his hair!! Was this the  result of malnutrition from abstaining from meat for a month!!

So when the eggplant came at noon to call Qin Kaiyi to take a bath, Qin Kaiyi finally couldn’t resist his outuburst. He smashed the copper mirror towards the eggplant’s feet and shouted with rage: “What’s wrong with my hair!!!”

The eggplant looked at the way Qin Kaiyi exploded, thinking quietly… This appearance with an immortal aura and sagelike manner was really not suitable for Qin Kaiyi… But fortunately, under Shen Feixiao’s pressure, the eggplant still remained reasonable. He slightly smiled and softly said: “This is a side effect of the medicinal bath, the master ordered… that the medicinal bath cannot stop.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi completely gave up. He scratched his hair with his hands and stood up lazily. Without wearing shoes, he acted as if he didn’t see the eggplant and walked towards the room where the bath was located. In fact he should have long known that he didn’t have the power of choice, but after all… this head of white hair, did it indicate that he could have a terminal illness? 

It was a pity that Qin Kaiyi’s wish to be terminally ill could never be fulfilled. As soon as the white-haired Qin Kaiyi shed his clothes and stepped into the bath, he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the door. 

“Shen Feixiao!” Not expecting Shen Feixiao to suddenly appear, Qin Kaiyi stilled suddenly. If his whole body was naked in front of Shen Feixiao in the past, this would not matter to Qin Kaiyi… but after Shen Feixiao forced him that time…

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao apparently just came back, and he still appeared travel-worn. He looked at Qin Kaiyi bathing and didn’t show any suprise: “Have you been well recently?”

… Qin Kaiyi expressed that he wanted to cover his body with some clothes…

Fortunately, Shen Feixiao did not make things difficult for Qin Kaiyi. After carefully scanning Qin Kaiyi from top to bottom, he turned away and left. He also said a few words before leaving: “Shixiong’s appearance with white hair is also very good-looking.”

“… Why do I have a bad hunch?” Qin Kaiyi looked at himself reflected in the water, inexplicably feeling guilty: “This guy Shen Feixiao, what on earth does he want to do?”

It was a pity that no matter how much Qin Kaiyi thought, he didn’t have such an imagination rich enough to reveal Shen Feixiao’s ultimate purpose. After a long time in the bath, he still hesitatingly stepped out. There was no way out. His skin felt like he’d soaked a layer off, but no matter how long he soaked he would not be able to avoid Shen Feixiao…

After putting on the clean clothes that were set aside, Qin Kaiyi slowly swayed out. This time it seemed that because Shen Feixiao had returned, the eggplant did not guard him at the door but instead let Qin Kaiyi return to his room with a gloomy face and a speed that could provoke anger in others. 

Sure enough, as soon as he opened the door, he saw Shen Feixiao sitting inside. Shen Feixiao seemed to have taken a bath and changed his clothes, leisurely drinking a cup of tea.

Qin Kaiyi swiftly scanned the situation inside the room, and was slightly relieved after discovering that there was nothing strange.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Feixiao raised his eyes, “What is shixiong looking at?”

“It’s nothing.” Qin Kaiyi awkwardly smiled. “Shidi… Where did you go?”

“Shixiong doesn’t like that his hair turned white?” Shen Feixiao didn’t answer Qin Kaiyi’s question, but instead asked him one.

“It’s fine.” Qin Kaiyi smiled insincerely: “Actually… it also looks good, hehe.” After hehe-ing a legion of grass mud horses wildly galloped within him, exerting great pressure. 

“I know that shixiong doesn’t like it.” Shen Feixiao stood up and walked to Qin Kaiyi, who was still waffling at the door, and reached a hand to close it: “But this is a matter that had to be done.”

“… Is it.” Qin Kaiyi’s hairs stood on end instantly. He wanted to unobtrusively stay a bit further away from Shen Feixiao, but his attempt was discovered.

“… Shixiong is still so afraid of me.” Squeezing Qin Kaiyi’s wrist, Shen Feixiao’s eyelashes drooped slightly like he was a wronged child: “Which part of me exactly is… so terrifying.”

…… From head to toe and from your insides to your outsides ah dear, Qin Kaiyi thought with bloody tears on his face–you just think of fireflies in the night, almost scared me to the point of peeing… (T/N: this is the literal translation. I think the author means that the situation is so clearcut, it is like fireflies against a dark night.)



12 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 77: Leaving the Soul

  1. Shen Feixiao needs a magic mirror to tell him what’s what, because I don’t think him looking in the mirror will be enough to make him realize.

    Thanks for the chapters 💕 The other works from this author aren’t like this, ah! Well, there are similarities, but I find this one scarier than a horror novel sometimes… Can Shen Feixiao’s condition get worse? Just fearfully reading to the end.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know how i feel about this story anymore. It has a similar storyline as in Scum Self Saving System, but much more sad and dark. I loved the 1rst half of the story, because sh*t hadn’t got too real yet. I read some snusnu stuffs with r*pe, but because it is written in a very fictional way, and there is almost always an immediate “mending” scene, I never get this uneasy feeling I feel while reading this work. When he was taken by ML, while it was not that much depicted, it just felt so ruthless and horrific. Because the author didn’t even show that in this moment the ML was taking pleasure in it. It didn’t feel like it happened.
    My feelings are really Weird rn, like I read a very bizarre story. I don’t feel quite good :((( I just hope he MC can go back to his world. And then, what about the ML? Left alone. Caring about no one. This is such a sad story.
    Thank you for translating it !
    I binge readed.


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