R:DSAT Chapter 196: Qingsha Sends Troops

After Sima Qingsha and Luo Wei’s long conversation, he left the barracks and returned to Hefang CIty to have another discussion with his officials that lasted the entire night. 

Luo Wei slept soundly that night, not caring at all whether the Northern Yan monarch and officials in Hefang City could come to a conclusion. Upon waking up, the day was already bright. Just as he wanted to get up, Wei Lan lifted the tent flap and entered, carrying a bowl of medicinal soup.

“Imperial Physician Wei just finished brewing this.” Wei Lan placed the medicinal soup in Luo Wei’s hands. He then brought over clothes for Luo Wei to wear.

“Is there news from Hefang City?” Luo Wei now drank medicine like it was water, pouring it into his stomach with a few gulps. Like this, he couldn’t perceive too much bitterness. 

“Not yet,” Wei Lan replied. “Do you want to scout out the city?” 

“No need.” Luo Wei reached out a hand to make it easier for Wei Lan to dress him, “entering that city isn’t easy. Let’s not trouble ourselves. Let’s wait.” 

“Will Sima Qingsha send troops?” Wei Lan asked.

“Other than sending troops, this crown prince doesn’t have any other easy way out,” Luo Wei finished dressing and still lay on the bed. He patted the warm, heated brick bed, full of spirit as he said to Wei Lan, “This is my first time sleeping on this kind of northern heated brick bed. It’s really warm. When I go back, I’ll have the bed made like this so I won’t be afraid of the cold.” 

Wei Lan carefully looked at the bed, replying, “This doesn’t look hard. Just that the ventilation must be done.” 

This early morning, two people nestled in the tent and studied the heated brick bed.

When afternoon came, Sima Qingsha arrived again at the barracks. This time he gave Luo Wei a letter declaring that he would send troops to chase after Mo Huan Sang. 

“Your Highness is wise,” Luo Wei praised. “Eliminating Mo Huan Sang means removing great trouble for Northern Yan. Your Highness can stably guard these rivers and mountains then.” 

“Mo Huan Sang has been retreating towards Black Frost City the entire time.” In front of Luo Wei, Sima Qingsha seemed to be willing to reveal some of his true emotions. He rubbed his bloodshot eyes and said, “Could it be that we must fight to the death with him outside Black Frost City?”

“If Your Highness decides to send soldiers, then us Zhou soldiers can also exit Black Frost City. At the Tian Shui fountainhead we can block Mo Huan Sang. What does Your Highness think?” 

“At the Tian Shui’s source?” Sima Qingsha looked at Luo Wei. “Yun Qi, have you lot long ago planned your response?” 

“We have thought quite a bit about a planned action,” Luo Wei revealed. “Deciding the battle at Tian Shui’s fountainhead with Mo Huan Sang, our Greater Zhou thinks is feasible. All that’s left is to see what Your Highness thinks.” 

“I’ve already sent people to meet Yang Yuansu.” Sima Qingsha did not speak further. He only told Luo Wei, “Tomorrow we will set out at 9 to 11 a.m. Yun Qi, you and I are both in the army. Make your preparations, all right?” 

Luo Wei handed over green tea that he had personally steeped himself to Sima Qingsha. “Last time at the Black Mountains, Your Highness said that Northern Yan’s tea is good. This time Yun Qi has tasted it for himself. Doesn’t Your Highness think your tea is too bitter?” 

Sima Qingsha took a sip and pursed his lips. “Our tea is just this bitter. Yun Qi isn’t used to it?” 

“I don’t like bitter tasting things.” Luo Wei still had jujube-steeped water in front of him. 

“Tasting tea also depends on the mood. How can I be in the mood now?” Sima Qingsha finished speaking and stood up. “I’m going to prepare. Yun Qi, wait for the battle to finish. I’ll find good tea that isn’t bitter for you.” 

“Okay.” Luo Wei stood up to see him off. “At that time, Your Highness will also be in the mood to taste tea.”

When Sima Qingsha arrived at the official’s entrance of the barracks, right before he mounted his horse, he suddenly whispered to Luo Wei, “Yun Qi, you steeped the tea well.” Finishing his words, he didn’t wait for Luo Wei to react before swiftly mounting his horse and leaving. 

“Young master?” Ten came forward a step to ask, “Northern Yan intends to send out troops?” 

“Yes,” Luo Wei stood motionless. When he saw Sima Qingsha turn his head to look towards him, he even waved at the departing man as he replied to Ten, “Tomorrow we’ll leave from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Tidy up your luggage, we will be leaving again.” 

Throughout that night, Sima Qingsha sat by his Father Emperor Sima Changtian’s side. Emperor Sima Changtian was already paralyzed from a stroke. He lay on the imperial bed and looked at Sima Qingsha, as if he wished to say something but could not. 

Luo Wei and Wei Lan hugged each other in their sleep. Wei Lan didn’t dare to sleep deeply, but Luo Wei had a good night’s sleep. 

On the day they would set out, Luo Wei looked at the heavy rainfall that had started again outside the tent. He wrinkled his forehead and complained to Wei Lan, “Why is it raining again? They all say that there’s a lot of rainfall in the south. Why is the north also like this?” 

Today, Wei Lan also felt annoyed seeing this rain. They had to rush on the road in the rain again. Would Luo Wei’s body be able to endure?

“Young master.” Sun Li entered Luo Wei’s tent, having donned armor as well. He paid his respects and then continued, “His Highness requests the young master to go over.” 

“Does His Highness want me to travel with him? That isn’t necessary. I can go myself to the barracks of the main force.” 

“His Highness said he has more to talk about with the young master. Young master, please don’t have misgivings,” Sun Li replied.

Sima Qingsha saw Luo Wei walk to his front. Though winter had gone and spring was here, Luo Wei still wore thick winter clothes. He didn’t know if it was because this person was too thin, but these clothes did not make him appear oversized. 

“Your Highness,” Luo Wei directly strode over to Sima Qingsha’s horse and then stopped. “Spring rain is preciously hard to come by. On the day the army sets out, the sky delivers us this welcome fall of rain. Seems that this time Your Highness definitely can rid the country of its misfortune, seizing total victory.” 

“I’ll take your lucky words.” Sima Qingsha smiled. The army was setting out, and a sunny day would be a good omen. However, hearing Luo Wei speak, it was as if this spring rainfall had also become a good omen. 

From the head of Hefang City, three successive bursts of cannonfire sounded out. Three hundred fifty thousand Northern Yan soldiers left Hefang City for Tian Shui Fountainhead, situated outside Black Frost City.

Luo Wei and Sima Qingsha rode side-by-side on their horses. Luo Wei was adept at weighing others’ words and reading their facial expressions, and knew how to curry favor. In only a while, he made Sima Qingsha feel that he would not be lonely while journeying for this campaign. 

The news of Sima Qingsha and Hefang City sending troops reached Mo Huan Sang’s army before three days had passed. 

Before Mo Huan Sang had said anything, Sima Zhuxie almost lost his mind cursing Sima Qingsha for wanting to drive him to death, and then diverted his curses from Sima Qingsha to Sima Changtian. Finally, he had cursed out the entire imperial clan. 

Mo Huan Sang looked at Long Xuan, who sat at the side, with embarrassment. 

Long Xuan’s expression remained as usual, as if he hadn’t heard Sima Zhuxie hysterically shouting abuse.

Sima Zhuxie finished unleashing his rage, and then said to the two people in the tent, “I’m tired. Give me some quiet for a while.” 

After Mo Huan Sang exited the tent, he strided over a few steps to catch up to Long Xuan, saying, “Your Second Highness, Our Majesty is in a bad mood, so he lost his mind a bit when he spoke. I still hope that Second Highness will forgive it.” 

Long Xuan replied, “This isn’t a big deal. It seems His Majesty suffered quite a bit in Hefang’s imperial palace. Letting it out is also good.” 

Mo Huan Sang awkwardly smiled, “It’s good so long as Second Highness doesn’t find fault. This subordinate won’t accompany you, please do as you will.”

“All right. General Mo should accompany His Majesty.” 

Mo Huan Sang turned and ran off. 

From Long Xuan’s perspective, Sima Zhuxie was already a lunatic. He could be exploited, but other than that was useless. Unexpectedly, this Mo Huan Sang was rather a surprise to Long Xuan. He didn’t think that this demon well-known throughout the lands under heaven would actually be a well-mannered and bashful person. Mo Huan Sang’s appearance was not extraordinary, but his big eyes often held innocence like a child’s. That made this person truly somewhat cute. “Interesting,” Long Xuan said to himself, looking at Mo Huan Sang’s back. 

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Mo Huan Sang, hide yo kids and hide yo wife. Long Xuan is “interested” (ノдヽ)


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