R:DSAT Chapter 198: Night Battle at Tian Shui’s Source

When the news that Mo Huan Sang’s Black Frost Cavalry had entered Tian Shui’s source reached Sima Qingsha’s army, Luo Wei was eating with Sima Qingsha and Yang Yuansu at the same table. 

“He really entered Tian Shui’s source?” Yang Yuansu spoke first. Inwardly, he did not believe that Mo Huan Sang would enter Tian Shui’s source to seek death. In these years this person had fought from all four quarters and established military glory. Was it possible that he carried an empty, false reputation? Was this person actually an idiot? 

Sima Qingsha subconsciously looked at Luo Wei. He wanted to hear what Luo Wei would say. 

Luo Wei leisurely lowered his head and drank hot soup. It seemed that Long Xuan had succeeded. The next task was Black Frost Cavalry’s annihilation. Feeling a gaze fall on his own body, Luo Wei raised his head to smile at Sima Qingsha as he looked at him, saying, “It seems Your Highness and the prince’s pursuit made Mo Huan Sang lose his head.” 

Mo Huan Sang couldn’t discern truth or falsehood from Luo Wei’s remark. However, at being with Luo Wei, seeing this person’s slight smile, and hearing this person speak a little–even if it was just dispensable polite formulas–Sima Qingsha’s disorderly heart could enjoy a bit of peace. “Then we also must enter Tian Shui’s source,” Sima Qingsha said. 

“Tian Shui’s source,” Yang Yuansu drank a gulp of Northern Yan’s strong alcohol, then continued, “that will be Mo Huan Sang’s burial ground!” 

“That is still up to His Highness.” In front of Sima Qingsha, Luo Wei seemed to always be good at understanding others. “After Mo Huan Sang’s soldiers lose, whether he is killed or kept, it’s all at the mercy of His Highness’s single thought.” 

“Naturally,” Yang Yuansu replied. “He’s a Northern Yan person. He should be dealt with by His Highness the Crown Prince.” 

At this, the atmosphere in the tent eased again. Luo Wei smiled again. “When the Tian Shui battle ends, this subordinate can return home. Eastern Shang also has many and varied state affairs. It must be that the prince is also eager to return home?” 

“That’s right,” Yang Yuansu confirmed. “A fallen leaf will return to its roots. How could I not think about returning home?” 

The two people who separately harbored their own thoughts glanced at each other, then at the fine food in front of them. Those who had ulterior motives would all see themselves reflected in their own kind. It was just that there was no need to expose each other.

Sima Qingsha sat at the side without noticing the abnormal expressions of the two people who sat at the same table as him. He only thought about how after the Tian Shui battle ended, Luo Wei would leave. This was an eventuality everyone knew about, but it was as if Sima Qingsha had just realized it. Sima Qingsha felt some sadness in his heart. 

In the following days, nobody was in the mood to joke anymore. Everyone shut his mouth and marched day and night, only seeking to reach Tian Shui’s source a day earlier. 

The soldiers who spread out into Tian Shui’s source like pouring water continuously streamed into the allied forces of Northern Yan and Eastern Shang. Mo Huan Sang’s Black Frost Cavalry and Luo Qi’s Yun Guan Cavalry had already faced off in Tian Shui’s source. Having fought a few times, each had sustained losses.

Luo Wei was anxious at heart. His big brother Luo Qi’s Yun Guan Cavalry was also a brave and strong military force in the last life, but Mo Huan Sang’s Black Frost Cavalry fought with all it had. Luo Wei did not believe that this time, Luo Qi could solely rely on the Yun Guan Cavalry under his command to resist Mo Huan Sang. However, Luo Wei did not let others see his anxiety. He still had to talk cheerfully and wittily in front of Sima Qingsha. He feared that Sima Qingsha, who only thought to kill Mo Huan Sang, would divide his attention to think further and discover that something was not right. 

Fortunately, Tian Shui fountainhead’s mud pit-like lands arrived beneath Luo Wei’s feet ten days later. 

Yang Yuansu did not want Mo Huan Sang to have the opportunity to catch his breath. After the army entered Tian Shui’s source, instead of first setting up camp it surged forward for a day and a night before catching up to the rear of the Black Frost Cavalry. Within the soft quagmire, the army entangled with the Black Frost Cavalry in a deadly struggle.

The Greater Zhou army at the front heard battle cries resounding from behind the Black Frost Cavalry. Seeing Northern Yan and Eastern Shang’s military banners from the observation towers in their barracks, they immediately charged forward. 

The war waged in front of Luo Wei had nothing to do with him. He could only stay within the rear of the army. 

Wei Lan and the dragon guards all gathered around Luo Wei. They were far away from Northern Yan’s soldiers, forming a small group. Wei Lan whispered a question to Luo Wei: “Can we go now?” 

“Not yet,” Luo Wei replied, hearing the distant, howling sounds of killing shaking the heavens. 

“Then when?” Ten asked. 

“When the Black Frost Cavalry’s fate cuts short,” Luo Wei answered. 

“Three armies are exchanging blows with Mo Huan Sang. This person still won’t die?” Ten remarked. 

“Our army is exhausted.” Luo Wei’s hands gripped the hems of his clothes. He didn’t let Wei Lan and the rest see how his hands shook. “Still can’t contain the Black Frost Cavalry. Let’s continue waiting.” 

Wei Lan and the few others with him only guarded Luo Wei. Imperial Physician Wei could only stand at the side fiddling with his bag of medicine. At this time, all of them had to listen to Luo Wei. 

This entire night, Long Xuan waited outside the official’s entrance. He was not in the mood to pay attention to the sounds of slaughter echoing not far away. He only wanted to see Luo Wei taking advantage of the chaos before Sima Qingsha regained his footing to return. Long Xuan stood in front of that entrance until daylight. The killing and shouting noises gradually quietened. The wounded were either carried or supported back by their comrades. But, from beginning to end, Luo Wei had not returned. 

Long Xuan looked at the imperial bodyguards behind him. At that, the bodyguards hastened to kneel. “Your Highness, this subordinate truly delivered your message to the third young master.” 

“Thinking he’s infallible, this bastard!” Long Xuan cursed out. Luo Wei did not grasp this opportunity. If he wanted to run later, Long Xuan thought that that would be difficult. 

At this time, Luo Qi also returned from the battlefield up ahead. It was another night of struggling at the risk of death. Luo Qi’s body had no visible wounds, and his expression was still calm. 

“Brother Shi Yi.” Long Xuan shook his head slightly when he saw Luo Qi.

Luo Qi saw Long Xuan shake his head and knew that Luo Wei had not returned. His body swayed twice as he sat on his horse.

“Let’s enter the camp and then talk.” Long Xuan strode forward two steps and caught hold of the reins of Luo Qi’s warhorse. 

Luo Qi returned to the commander’s tent and did not wait for Long Xuan to ask before he said, “Mo Huan Sang is worthy of his fame as a general.” 

Long Xuan replied, “With the armies of three countries, you still cannot take him down?” 

Luo Qi shook his head. Last night, Ning Fei fought one-on-one with Mo Huan Sang. Unexpectedly he nearly lost his life at Mo Huan Sang’s hands. Thinking of that scene now, Luo Qi felt apprehension. Beneath the heavens, Ning Fei’s martial ability was already rare. Was Mo Huan Sang truly as the Northern Yan army had spread by word-of-mouth, a deified general who had descended to this world? 

At this time, Ning Fei arrived outside the tent and requested a meeting. 

“Enter,” Luo Qi hastily had Ning Fei enter the tent. He did not know how Ning Fei fared after a night of chaotic warfare. 

Ning Fei walked in and, like Long Qi, was covered in mud. 

Luo Qi and Long Xuan saw that Ning Fei entered unassisted, his four limbs all attached, without any visible wounds. At this, they felt relieved. 

“Yun Qi hasn’t returned?” Ning Fei actually opened his mouth and first inquired after Luo Wei. 

Luo Qi sighed. “He hasn’t.” 

“It should be the case that he thought we would not be able to annihilate Mo Huan Sang yesterday, so he didn’t leave,” Long Xuan deduced. “Yun Qi wants to wait for Mo Huan Sang to reach the end of the road before he leaves. General Ning, are you injured?”

Ning Fei heard Long Xuan’s question and replied honestly, “This general was swept in the back by the butt of Mo Huan Sang’s spear.” 

“And you’re still coming here to ask after Yun Qi?” Luo Qi quickly spoke up. “Hurry and find a military doctor to see you.” 

Ning Fei said, “This general already escaped the brunt of Mo Huan Sang’s attack at that time, and has no obstruction in his breathing. It seems this general is lucky this time and hasn’t sustained injuries.” 

“You also aren’t Mo Huan Sang’s opponent?” Long Xuan asked. “Is this person really that strong?”

Ning Fei and Luo Qi both did not speak. As generals, they would not admit that their skills were inferior. Having fought with Mo Huan Sang, they did not feel that his martial ability was universally shocking. It was just that, for reasons unknown, they would inevitably feel terrified facing him. 

“I don’t believe that Mo Huan Sang is really some descended martial deity.” Long Xuan shook his head, continuing, “He’s doing it for survival. Unless you lot fight him for your lives, there’s no way you can be his opponent.” 

Luo Qi wanted to speak, “Your Highness-”

Long Xuan raised a hand to stop Luo Qi. “Brother Shi Yi need not say more. Why should the generals of our Zhou barracks fight with their lives? We are doing this only for Black Frost City, do we want to do this for his Northern Yan’s mountains and rivers too?” 

“Then why hasn’t Yun Qi returned?” Ning Fei asked the question he finally couldn’t suppress, “At this time, Mo Huan Sang still hasn’t reached the end of his road?”


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