ASV Chapter 86: The Real World

Do you believe in dreams?

Do you believe that your dreams could come true?

Can you tell whether a long dream is the real world or a false one? 

When Shen Feixiao got into a car accident, he thought he would not survive. 

When the brake failed, he flew directly into the river from the bridge. As river water flooded his nasal cavity, he still thought sullenly, if I find the person who did this

But the situation after that was not under Shen Feixiao’s control. 

When he was conscious again, he fell into a strange dream. In the dream, he forgot all the things he had experienced and became another world’s Shen Feixiao.

This Shen Feixiao was stubborn and twisted. After experiencing countless incidents, he developed an extreme obsession with a man named Qin Shi. Of course, the Shen Feixiao of that time did not know that all these matters… were all just a dream. 

When Qin Shi injured his heart, Shen Feixiao’s mood was very complicated. He found it difficult to bear that in his very last moments, he could not hold Qin Shi’s hands. However, he also rejoiced–the shixiong he had imprisoned could finally shake him off and return to his own world. 

Was that world very beautiful? Shen Feixiao, who gradually lost consciousness, thought peacefully… if he had the chance to enter the world he had seen in Tang Shayun’s mind… How good would that be?

Fortunately, he really came to this world.

Shen Feixiao woke up in a hospital ward and numbly opened his eyes. He saw the familiar and anxious expressions of his parents. He said they were familiar… but  actually, he also felt unfamiliar. 

When Zhuang Zhou dreamt of being a butterfly, did the butterfly dream of Zhuang Zhou or did Zhuang Zhou dream of the butterfly? (T/N: famous Chinese philosopher who dreamt that he was a butterfly and wasn’t certain if he was the butterfly or the butterfly was him.) 

The dream and reality tightly wove together, giving Shen Feixiao a very strange illusion. He even began to suspect that this was a fantasy set up by someone. 

If an average person encountered such a situation, his state of mind would have to be in chaos for some time. But Shen Feixiao calmly accepted these circumstances, and as for the reason… 

Looking at the novel on his niece’s computer, Shen Feixiao reached out and held his chin.

“Uncle, uncle, what are you looking at?” The niece’s name was Shen Qing. She was sixteen years old and had a pretty good temperament, but always gave Shen Feixiao a strange feeling… (T/N: she says “little uncle,” meaning he is her father’s youngest brother. The uncle used here is specifically for your father’s brothers). 

“What is this novel about?” Shen Feixiao clicked open the novel titled “The Immortal Cultivation Record,” and his expression was subtle. 

“Oh, this one ah.” Inexplicably relieved, Shen Qing clearly stated with justified forcefulness: “This is a cultivation novel, and it’s okay, but the author hasn’t updated in a long time, it is estimated to be pit…” (T/N: pit, colloquially a fraud). 

“Is it.” Shen Feixiao blinked: “How is this person’s name the same as mine?”

“It’s a coincidence, absolutely a coincidence.” Some cold sweat emerged on Shen Qing’s forehead–she would never tell her uncle that she started reading this book just for that reason!!! Fantasizing about uncle and the villain’s gay love was too much undoubtedly! (T/N: 有木有, internet slang meaning undoubtedly. Actually QKY used this a lot but I didn’t insert it everywhere, because it was too jarring). (T/N 2: Fantasizing–also slang. Author used YY, which means to fantasize. It’s an abbreviation of the pin yin). 

“Oh.” Shen Feixiao responded concisely without much of an expression. He looked at the familiar name in the summary, and there was a faint conjecture in his heart.

“Hehe, uncle, what are you still looking at?” Shen Qing inexplicably felt guilty…

“It’s nothing.” Hearing the little niece’s cry, Shen Feixiao smiled openly: “This book called ‘My Wild Beast of a Daddy’ seems very interesting.”

“…” Shen Qing just knew that her uncle was absolutely black-bellied!!!! (T/N: outwardly kind, inwardly evil). 

“What is this computer document?” Shen Feixiao, in the midst of Shen Qing’s shrieking, clicked on a Word document titled “restrain from clicking.”  

“Shen Feixiao straightened his powerful waist and slammed into Qin Shi’s tight and delicate secret place. He forced Qin Shi to spit out sweet moans and groans. Although Qin Shi was shouting that he didn’t want it, his feet firmly wedged Shen Feixiao’s…”

“…” Shen Feixiao.

“…” Shen Qing expressed that she was going to die.

“Writing is not bad.” Shen Feixiao smiled very elegantly. He reached out and pushed up the  glasses he bought after the car accident, saying lightly: “I think it is necessary to talk to my older brother about the problem of your sex education.”

“…TAT.” Shen Qing was speechless, and choked for a long time before saying weakly: “Uncle… I will be killed by my father.”

“Really?” Shen Feixiao was unmoved.

“This is discrimination, okay, why can you all watch AVs, but I can’t read some p*rno books!!” Shen Qing decided to smash the cracked pot. (T/N: idiom meaning falling into crazy despair after a setback). 

“Your uncle definitely watches AVs.” Shen Feixiao’s tone was calm: “But I would never want to act in an AV. You wrote this little p*rno book well, is there author’s remuneration?”

“…” Shen Qing was defeated.

Looking at Shen Qing’s bitter expression, Shen Feixiao finally broke into a smile. He continued to look at Shen Qing’s document while smiling. After a while, he patted Shen Qing’s head: “Relax, I won’t report these small matters to your dad.”

“Really? Really?” Shen Qing’s eyes brightened.

“Of course.” Shen Feixiao stood up and said helplessly: “But books like ‘My Wild Beast of a Daddy,’ read less of those, you’re still a little girl…”

“Long live uncle!!! Forever a total top~~~~” Shen Qing cheered happily. (T/N: ??? She called her uncle a gong?? Pretty sure this is the right translation!)

Of course, she was too happy to notice that Shen Feixiao’s expression as he looked at her computer document was complicated. 

…Shen Feixiao would never admit it, but Shen Qing’s document brought some memories to the surface. He clearly saw in his mind’s eye those groans, those struggles… and that tight feeling. 

After taking off his glasses and rubbing the corners of his eyes, Shen Feixiao’s complexion was not very good. He didn’t know if there was a Qin Shi in this world, but according to Tang Shayun’s memory and Qin Shi’s ever-present wish to go home, his shixiong… should also be a person of this world.

Afterwards, Shen Feixiao began a detailed investigation. He started with “The Immortal Cultivation Record”, and soon there was a candidate in his mind–the author of “The Immortal Cultivation Record,” Qin Kaiyi.

Shen Feixiao slept in the ward for nearly a month after the car accident. During this month, “The Immortal Cultivation Record” had not a single word of an update, as if the author had suddenly disappeared. Furthermore, on the second day after he woke up, “The Immortal Cultivation Record” announced that it wanted to cheat its readers out of a continuation. 

This was too much of a coincidence to be just a coincidence. 

Shen Feixiao’s family background was very complicated, and his car accident was also fishy. Therefore, even if he had discovered this, he had to first deal with some people and matters before looking for Qin Kaiyi. 

However, the Heavens’ favorite pastime was probably playing pranks. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t expect to see Qin Kaiyi in his own family’s company.

Seeing the person in a photo appear in front of him alive, Shen Feixiao was not actually anxious to seek proof. He carefully observed Qin Kaiyi, wanting to seek out something therefrom. 

A person’s height could change, and his appearance could also change, but his small movements, tone, and unconscious habits all gave Shen Feixiao a message–the probability that Qin Kaiyi and Qin Shi were the same person was very high.

As the saying goes, he had broken in iron shoes without finding what he sought, but when he finally obtained his desires he expended no energy. Shen Feixiao’s eyes let slip a gentleness that he himself wasn’t aware of–the Qin Shi of that world eventually escaped from his hands, but in this world… he definitely would not give Qin Kaiyi the opportunity again! 


When Qin Kaiyi woke up, he found himself lying on a large bed. It was only after he shakingly crawled up that he discovered that his clothes had been changed. 

Looking at the pure white pajamas, Qin Kaiyi’s mouth twitched: “Anyone there?”

“Shixiong?” Shen Feixiao came in from the doorway with a glass of water in his hand, his smiling face like a flower: “Are you better?”

“Shen, Shen, Shen Feixiao!!!” Qin Kaiyi felt like he could almost faint again. 

“En.” Qin Kaiyi’s reaction strengthened Shen Feixiao’s guess. He sat beside Qin Kaiyi and handed him a glass of water: “Drink some water, did you not have breakfast?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi dazedly took the cup, and held back for a long while before squeezing out a sentence: “Imprisonment in this world is illegal!”

“…” Shen Feixiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Shixiong, I didn’t plan to do anything to you.”

“Really?” Qin Kaiyi vigilantly looked at Shen Feixiao. He appeared to still not believe him much: “I, I’m actually not Qin Shi, you have found the wrong person.”

Wasn’t this reaction a bit too slow? Shen Feixiao was helpless: “I actually never said that you are Qin Shi.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to thrash his own big mouth. 

“Relax, I won’t lock you up.” Knowing what Qin Kaiyi was thinking, Shen Feixiao lightly said: “Why aren’t you writing that novel anymore?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi heard this sentence and was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on: “You–investigated me!!!”

“No.” Shen Feixiao lied without any psychological barriers: “Aren’t you working in my family’s company? I read your resume.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi stopped talking again.

After a while, Qin Kaiyi spoke weakly: “Why are you here in this world too?”

“I have always been in this world.” Shen Feixiao’s gaze was warm and gentle: “It was just that I had a car accident some time ago, and then had a long dream.”

“Oh.” Qin Kaiyi took a sip of water, a little relieved. “Actually I also had a dream, but since it was a dream…”

Hearing this sentence, Shen Feixiao’s gaze gradually cooled. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to say that they should consider each other as someone the other did not know. However, facing Shen Feixiao’s icy stare, he simply swallowed those words back. 

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao suddenly smiled. “I did something that hurt you in that world, and you killed me… we can count it as a debt settled?”

“En, en.” Qin Kaiyi nodded hurriedly.

“Then me wanting to pursue you again in this world is another matter.” Shen Feixiao said directly: “I want you.”

A mouthful of blood stuck in Qin Kaiyi’s throat–actually he should have long ago understood. Whether it was this world or the other, Shen Feixiao wouldn’t change a bit. He was still a pervert! 

Seeing Qin Kaiyi looking like he wanted to cry but had no tears, Shen Feixiao cheerily pressed a soft kiss on his lips: “But this time, I will not force you again.”


Wowowow, SFX wants QKY even when he’s a little otaku and not a universally desired man with a knife-cut nose bridge? Color me shocked!


9 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 86: The Real World

  1. Well I guess he likes him because he’s him? Well like is a strong word for these both haaa.
    I mean he still wants him because of his weird obsession and that had nothing ( haha maybe) to do with his body.
    He sounds so clear of mind here but I don’t believe a single word of this guy ever again.

    I was wondering if I should read the other novel you are translating because you are really amazing at this and it seems to be a good one but honestly just looking at the overview of the plot already makes me sad.
    I’ll probably read it anyway just not now because I’m not ready yet. 😛

    Also are you planning on another novel after this or are you gonna focus on the other novel you are translating?

    And thank you for your effort and great translation!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Larissa! Thank you for following my translations ヽ༼。> ل͜ <。༽ノ it makes me very happy

      I highly recommend the other novel I'm translating, if you're not faint of heart. There are sad moments, but also triumphant moments, and heartfelt moments, and an assortment of all sorts of moments. The themes are quite problematic though (MC is underage when he is reborn, which is… not great) but the drama is very engrossing

      Do you have any recommendations for new novels to translate? There are a couple dropped novels that I want to keep reading, so I might translate those. "Forced to Marry the Enemy Prince," or "A Straight Guy's Nightmare," for example. I've yet to ask for permission from the previous translators

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      1. I really believe I’ll enjoy the novel and your translation because I already thought this one is fantastic. I’ll probably cry a lot again just like in this one but that’s probably because I’m a crybaby so it doesn’t say much 😛
        I’ll wait till my next exam and then I’ll start because as soon as I read something good I can’t stop and concentrate and I get the feeling the novel isn’t gonna be one easy to read and ‘digest’.

        I have some Novels I’d love someone to translate they generally are all in the direction that someone transmigrates and has to deal with his new situation and I actually love sad/depressing stories if there’s fluff in-between 😀
        I looked both the novels up and the both look very interesting (though I prefer the first one because harem isn’t my thing)
        The ones I really enjoyed are: “The Transmigrator’s Cultivation” and “Carven Jade” which both didn’t get translated for a long time but I’m not really sure if it’s something you’d like. These are the ones I remembered wanting to read but there are most likely more I just can’t remember atm 😀

        Thanks for your long answer hope you have a great day!


  2. Hey thanks a lot for uploading the translation… I hope the last few chapters are uploaded soon too☺😉😉


  3. Muchas gracias por la traducción, espero que sigas traduciendo otras novelas :3, te recomendaria si pudieras traducir Life Going Wild With Plug-ins aunque no es tan triste es buena :3


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