ASV Chapter 87: Leave Your Chrysanthemum Under My Protection

Qin Kaiyi felt that he was very unlucky. 

Extremely incredibly especially unlucky to the max. Although he could never forget Shen Feixiao after returning to this world, that didn’t mean he could accept Shen Feixiao without batting an eyelid ah… 

However, the Shen Feixiao in this world was obviously more mature than the one in the other world. He watched Qin Kaiyi’s expression looking like he couldn’t do anything about him, and a flash of amusement slid through his gaze. He pretended to carelessly say: “Shixiong, I still have some luggage downstairs. Help me move it up ba.” 

“…But, but.” Qin Kaiyi stuttered and wanted to make a final struggle: “Do you have to live here? I…”

“Could it be that shixiong is willing to let me sleep on the streets?” In front of Qin Kaiyi, Shen Feixiao didn’t care about showing weakness. He made a pitiful expression: “Shixiong…”

“…I’m going.” Qin Kaiyi pulled a long face. He completely didn’t understand why the situation developed like this… Why would Shen Feixiao magically appear in this world, and… become so… strange?

Fine, he definitely was very strange. Previously, a certain someone who could only pull a slight smile when angry or gloomy could now even be described as smiling from ear to ear. Qin Kaiyi, for some reason, shivered… actually, how did Shen Feixiao convince him to let him live here? 

Seeing Qin Kaiyi go out, Shen Feixiao smoothly opened his phone screen and sent a message: “Method not bad, next time I’ll bring you chocolate.” 

Two seconds later, the other party responded: “o(*≥▽≤)ツ Really, really? Add oil uncle oh!!! Waiting for you to succeed in holding hands!”

Shen Feixiao chuckled and tucked the phone into his trouser pocket, then raised his head and looked at Qin Kaiyi’s residence.

Although Qin Kaiyi was an otaku, his small residence wasn’t too messy. There was a sofa and a desktop computer in the living room, while the bedroom held only one single-sized bed and a refrigerator–other than that, there was no decent furniture.

Shen Feixiao touched his nose, thinking calmly that maybe he should add something to this room, such as a large enough bed…

Qin Kaiyi had already dragged up a suitcase from Shen Feixiao’s car downstairs. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Shen Feixiao still standing at the door. Shen Feixiao’s expression was profound, slightly chilling Qin Kaiyi’s heart. 

In fact, up until now, Qin Kaiyi still felt a small amount of fear for Shen Feixiao. Even if Shen Feixiao promised that he would not hurt him again, those horrible memories were still deeply imprinted in Qin Kaiyi’s mind. 

“You’ve come?” Shen Feixiao heard Qin Kaiyi’s footsteps, turned his head to look at him, and then casually took a few steps forward to take the luggage from Qin Kaiyi’s hand: “You sit first? What’s at home? I’ll go prepare lunch.”

“…Nothing.” Qin Kaiyi for some reason began to feel that this was actually Shen Feixiao’s home, and had the terrifying misconception that he was the one who was a guest. He awkwardly said, “I usually call takeaway…”

“Oh.” Shen Feixiao didn’t show a surprised expression. He looked at Qin Kaiyi with understanding. “Is there a supermarket nearby?”

“Yes…” Qin Kaiyi’s voice dragged out; he wanted to dispel Shen Feixiao’s intentions: “But there’s no other such things in my house…”

“It’s okay,” Shen Feixiao said, not caring, “Anyway, I want to live here for a long time.”

…Wh-, what? What kind of situation is “living here for a long time”?? Didn’t you tell me yesterday that you were renovating your house and you’d live here temporarily? Qin Kaiyi opened and closed his mouth twice, but said nothing–it’s not like he could drive out someone who just arrived!

Reality proved that in this world, the thicker your skin the greater your profits…

When Shen Feixiao dragged Qin Kaiyi to the supermarket, Qin Kaiyi had completely wilted, like an eggplant that had been dried in the sun. He didn’t pay attention to how much Shen Feixiao bought in the end, until–

“Why are you buying this?” Qin Kaiyi looked at a certain person standing in front of the condom shelf, and his face reddened, “You, you!”

“To use it with shixiong ah,” Shen Feixiao answered in a matter-of-fact tone. He turned his head and looked at Qin Kaiyi seriously, “Otherwise what can it be used for? Blowing balloons?”

“You promised that you wouldn’t force me.” Qin Kaiyi just wanted to cry. How exactly could he have allowed for Shen Feixiao to move in… 

“Yeah,” Shen Feixiao gave Qin Kaiyi a soothing look, “preparedness averts peril. In case shixiong agrees, and there is no condom, how disappointing would that be.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless. He suddenly came up with the idea of ​​finding the time to rent another place… 

Shen Feixiao didn’t seem to notice Qin Kaiyi’s entanglement in his thoughts. He calmly bought the required seasonings and ingredients as well as some plastic products and paid the bill.

The supermarket was only about five or six minutes away from Qin Kaiyi’s residence, so Shen Feixiao didn’t drive. He carried a bag in one hand, and his other hand automatically took Qin Kaiyi’s.

“…Let me go, Shen Feixiao!” Qin Kaiyi, who was still in a daze, suddenly felt his hand being pulled. His whole face turned red when he got touched. Righteous indignation filled his chest, and he wanted to break free, but found that even as he struggled until his hand reddened he still could not shake Shen Feixiao off. Furthermore, passersby began to watch them, so he could only say in a whispered, fierce voice, “If you won’t let go then scram from my house tomorrow…” 

“Shixiong, don’t make a fuss.” Shen Feixiao calmly ignored Qin Kaiyi’s threat, and purposefully loudly replied, “I have no intentions towards that girl, I only like shixiong.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi had the urge to slam his head on the wall and die. 

“Good boy.” Seeing that Qin Kaiyi’s expression became unmentionably sinister, Shen Feixiao internally chuckled a bit. He let go of Qin Kaiyi’s hand, and then rubbed Qin Kaiyi’s hair. “I’ll go back and make you something good to eat.” 

…What went wrong? Did I transmigrate back to my original world incorrectly? Qin Kaiyi numbly glanced at Shen Feixiao, and then silently followed behind him. He finally understood the meaning of the idiom “inviting a wolf into your home.” 

Back at the residence, Shen Feixiao did not take further liberties with an already nerve-wracked Qin Kaiyi, instead choosing to enter the kitchen to cook.

Shen Feixiao’s cooking skills were good. His family had always pursued the principle that daughter-in-laws were meant to be loved. His mother had almost never been in the kitchen since marrying, and all household chores were given to his father. Shen Feixiao had been influenced by his mother and continued this tradition. 

Qin Kaiyi, who was sitting outside the kitchen, expressed great anxiety. He didn’t expect Shen Feixiao to make any exquisite dishes, but just hoped that his kitchen wouldn’t be burned. However, when Shen Feixiao served the meal he had prepared, Qin Kaiyi’s eyes widened. 

“You made all this?” Although the dishes were commonly homemade ones, Qin Kaiyi felt as if he was about to partake of a banquet. 

The sweet and sour flavors of the tomato-fried egg were delicious, and the texture of the eggs was just right. The century egg cucumber soup’s flavor soothed the palate, and coupled with two other dishes–mapo tofu and sichuan shredded pork with garlic sauce–this spread made classmate Qin Kaiyi, who was used to takeout, ferociously gobble down a few bowls of rice. (T/N: rice is paired with the food, meaning he ate quite a lot of the dishes).  

Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi and the nonstop movements of his chopsticks. A smile hung from the corners of his mouth. “Don’t eat too much, it will be uncomfortable for you to lie on a distended stomach in bed.” 

“…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly choked. He was silent for a while before weakly asking, “Why should I lie on my stomach in bed?” Don’t blame him for being sensitive; he clearly remembered that Shen Feixiao’s shopping bag held several condoms!

“Afternoon nap,” Shen Feixiao answered with an unchanged expression. “What was shixiong thinking?”

“…Hehe,” Qin Kaiyi dryly laughed. He felt that it wasn’t that he was too sensitive, but that a certain someone’s criminal record was too terrible…  

So a lunch that was supposed to be very pleasant had Qin Kaiyi trembling with fear. He would take a bite and then glance at Shen Feixiao, rather like he was eating his last meal before his scheduled execution. (T/N: lit. 断头饭, severed head meal. In ancient China, the last meal before one’s head got chopped off). 

Shen Feixiao restrained himself for a moment, but still couldn’t hold back. He let out a “ha” and then began to laugh in earnest. 

“What are you laughing at, what are you laughing at!” Qin Kaiyi’s expression was very ugly. He threw the bowl, saying with enraged humiliation, “If you laugh again, you will not be allowed to live here!”

“…” Shen Feixiao immediately stopped laughing. He knew that Qin Kaiyi was very pretty in some respects, and would be difficult to appease if he got pissed off… 

Shen Feixiao gave Qin Kaiyi face and stopped laughing, letting Qin Kaiyi’s self-esteem recover. Qin Kaiyi dryly coughed once, pretending to be dignified: “Go and wash the bowl.” 

“Yes…” Shen Feixiao noticed Qin Kaiyi becoming slightly pleased with himself, but didn’t say anything. 

“Who told you to laugh, rather than laughing again it would be better for you to go and wash bowls for me.” Qin Kaiyi’s problematic habit of talking to himself still hadn’t changed. He looked at Shen Feixiao taking the dishes and walking into the kitchen, muttering quietly, “Let’s see who’s the daughter-in-law, clearly it’s you… really…” 

Shen Feixiao didn’t know about these thoughts of Qin Kaiyi’s. After washing the dishes, he sat back in the living room and accompanied Qin Kaiyi to watch the entertainment program on his computer.

Shen Feixiao didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, but Qin Kaiyi suffered sitting next to him. He would watch the show while secretly watching for Shen Feixiao’s reactions. He looked like a timid little hamster. 

“Shixiong, what are you looking at?” Shen Feixiao, who was originally watching the program, suddenly spoke. As soon as he spoke, cold sweat appeared on Qin Kaiyi’s back. 

“Ah? Ah?” Qin Kaiyi looked innocent, “What did I look at?”

“Can you not stare at me all the time?” Shen Feixiao replied helplessly. 

“If you hadn’t been looking at me how would you know that I’ve been looking at you?” Qin Kaiyi asked boldly, with the confidence of having justice on his side. 

“…” This was Shen Feixiao’s first time encountering such a scoundrelly side of Qin Kaiyi. 

“Shen Feixiao… Actually I want to say…” Qiao Kaiyi stammered for a long time, “I think we are not suitable…”

“Where are we not suitable?” Shen Feixiao narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t tell me it’s our gender.”

……In fact it is the gender ah, young man. Qin Kaiyi wanted to cry but had no tears. He held back for half a day (T/N: long time) before squeezing out one sentence: “I, I am not used to the bottom…” 

“Oh?” Shen Feixiao was expressionless. 

“What I mean is,” Qin Kaiyi took a deep breath and was ready to smash the already broken jar. (T/N: meaning the pot’s already cracked, might as well smash it). He directly continued: “I’m not used to being the bottom, if you really want us to be together, I want to be on top!” 

“Okay,” Shen Feixiao answered with exceptional simplicity. 

“Really?” Qin Kaiyi was struck dumb. 

“Of course,” Shen Feixiao’s smile was like a light breeze on a clear day, “I would spare no effort to satisfy shixiong’s requests.”

So you’re telling me, an adult, that SFX is rich, handsome, and a good cook but thirsts for QKY when he’s a poor and ordinary otaku? He thirsts for him even without the knife-cut nose bridge? 

Did QKY become a K-drama/Bollywood MC, or am I too jaded? Though the flying swords have disappeared, somehow, this world is the one that requires me to suspend my disbelief.


7 thoughts on “ASV Chapter 87: Leave Your Chrysanthemum Under My Protection

  1. Isn’t that the usual bl format?
    Cool, rich and handsome and… (insert a thousand praise) ml inexplicably fall in love with ordinary mc that show some kindness during his miserable time.
    There’s a running away and chasing period because the mc is straight before h.e.

    If the opposite occurs the ordinary mc is still the one leaving because him being oppressed by the ml family / ml himself / he still didn’t love me after alk this time, I give up.

    See how miserable being an mc is?

    In short I guess the author just wanna show what’s inside matters, regardless of appearance!

    And may I say how dumb Qin Kaiyi is?
    Even for his guilt of killing ml, which boss son can’t live somewhere else just because he renovate his house, even if we all know that was a total lie.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I think if they didn’t know each other from before he really would not be interested in him.
    I actually also dislike that perfect ML falls in love with total average MC because he’s kind trope. I think kindness isn’t enough to fall for someone but maybe that’s just me wanting other character traits then just being nice, if you can call kindness even a character trait..puuh.
    Its just his obsession that carried over nothing else.
    And seriously I wont fall for this dude again he’s total bonkers and untrustworthy. I remember I always said that I wanted something realistically and stuff and now I must admit I miss romance and fluff. 😀
    Thanks for the chap

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Honestly I’m really rooting for the demon cultivater, ziyang pei, honestly that might be wrong but it is something pei, I just think Shen feixiao has done too much you know, he’s gone too far, and I know ziyang pei has bin a bit of a prick at some points in the book but I just feel that he is more redeemable whereas Shen feixiao is no longer redeemable in my eyes 😦

    Liked by 5 people

  4. Wow. This is the first time I read a transmigrating novel where the MC comes back to the real world. They usually stay in the book with the ML.
    Even though SFX was really psycho in the dream, as long as he doesn’t do it again in the real world, I’ll let him off. QKY have PTSD…SFX has to work hard to redeem himself.


  5. Right? If there are people thirsting for others with this characteristics I’d gladly open my door for them. I wouldn’t even ask for cv, just straight away pass them with flying colours.

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