R:DSAT Chapter 200: Flying Into a Rage in Terror

While Wei Lan still thought of how to fool Luo Wei, Ten ran in and asked Imperial Physician Wei, “Master Wei, what kind of boots are we looking for? Is what we’re wearing now no good?” 

Imperial Physician Wei replied, “The boots you’re wearing are too thin. Go find thicker ones.” 

“Young master, don’t…” Wei Lan could not pay attention to the needles still stuck in his knees and rushed to Luo Wei, but he still ended up looking on helplessly as Luo Wei’s quick hands opened the wooden box. 

Wei Lan reached out, wanting to snatch the box.

Luo Wei held on to that box without loosening his grip, asking Wei Lan, “What medicine is this?” 

Wei Lan hadn’t answered yet when Ten leaned over and muttered, “What medicine did Lan hide for his family’s young master?” 

“What’s this smell?” Luo Wei scented a sharp pine fragrance, and momentarily couldn’t recall what the smell was. 

But Ten’s expression changed. Before Wei Lan had quit his addiction, Ten had seen him eat the same medicine for an entire journey. “Do you not want to live anymore?” Unable to attend to the pleading look on Wei Lan’s face, Ten fisted the lapels on Wei Lan’s chest and yelled, “Why are you eating these things again? These aren’t good things, they can take your life, don’t you know that?!” 

Luo Wei’s body stiffened all over. “What is this?” He asked Ten. 

“Young Master, this is the drug that Wei Lan and the shadow guards ate before, that drug from Qi Lin Villa!” Ten shouted in Luo Wei’s direction, his face ashen. 

“Qi Lin’s secret drug?” Luo Wei’s voice cracked. 

“Yes!” Ten still gripped Wei Lan. 

Luo Wei loosened his hold. Unable to stand, he fell to the ground. 

“Young master,” Wei Lan also threw away the wooden box, squatting down to support Luo Wei. 

“You bastard!” Luo Wei did not know where a burst of energy came from; he suddenly pushed Wei Lan so that Wei Lan sat upon the ground. “You eat this drug? You want to die so badly? Did I say you could die?!” As Luo Wei spoke, his body shook and curled into a ball. 

“I don’t want to die,” Wei Lan saw Luo Wei’s state and felt even more flustered. He went over to hug Luo Wei. 

“Scram!” Luo Wei thought of the four words “Qi Lin secret drug” and his head hurt as if it would explode. Seeing Wei Lan arrive in front of him, he lifted a hand wanting to hit him, but pain rended his heart and he was unable to follow through. 

“You can’t get anxious like this!” At this time, Imperial Physician Wei was hopping mad. He shouted at Luo Wei, “Your heart arteries are injured, don’t you know that? Do you want it to act up again?!” 

“I didn’t eat it.” Wei Lan scooped Luo Wei into a hug, sentences falling from his lips in succession, “I didn’t eat a single one, I only brought it with me, don’t be anxious, I’ll let you hit me, hit me, don’t be anxious all right?” 

How could Luo Wei believe Wei Lan’s assurances now? He’d heard both the imperial physicians and Xiao Yi Apothecary’s people speak of the power of the Qi Lin secret drug. Luo Wei was out of his wits, only thinking that if the wooden box was full then Wei Lan had not eaten the drug. With this idea in mind, Luo Wei struggled out of Wei Lan’s embrace, crawling on the ground as he began to pick up the drugs. 

“Young Master, what are you doing?” Ten also squatted down to ask. He was anxious and did not know what to do. 

Imperial Physician Wei could guess at Luo Wei’s thoughts. In his heart, he sighed that an intelligent person like Luo Wei could also take stupid actions, as he said, “You don’t need to pick it up. I can take Wei Lan’s pulse and know if he’s taken the drug.” 

(T/N: in traditional Chinese medicine, doctors can discern much of a person’s health circumstances by taking the pulse. Taking a person’s pulse in TCM is more like a check-up, though with a simple action.) 

Luo Wei was wholly focused on the soybean-sized pills on the ground. It was as if he hadn’t heard Imperial Physician Wei speak. 

“Come here for me.” Imperial Physician Wei dragged Wei Lan up, and then spoke to Ten: “Help the young master pick up the drugs. If that box isn’t full, then we all won’t live past today.” 

Wei Lan wanted to shake off Imperial Physician Wei’s hand which held his wrist. 

“Don’t move.” As a doctor, Imperial Physician Wei was not Wei Lan’s opponent. After Wei Lan threw his hand aside, Imperial Physician Wei berated, “Yelling for him like this, do you want his cardiovascular disease to act up again? He has something to do, save your useless thoughts!” 

Wei Lan didn’t dare move anymore. 

Luo Wei didn’t even raise his head as he stayed on the ground. He’d set his heart on those pills. 

Imperial Physician Wei pulled Wei Lan aside to sit down. He glanced back at Luo Wei and saw that he hadn’t fainted yet, and then focused on taking Wei Lan’s pulse. 

“I really haven’t taken that drug,” Wei Lan told Imperial Physician Wei again. 

“Don’t talk,” Imperial Physician Wei replied. “I’ll know the truth from the lies in a bit.” 

“You aren’t the imperial physician who treated me before.” 

“I taught that man his medical skills!” 

Wei Lan hoped that Imperial Physician Wei would go to see Luo Wei instead of glaring at him, but seeing that expression of Imperial Physician Wei’s that was comparable to the bottom of a pot, he shut his mouth. 

Imperial Physician Wei did not take Wei Lan’s pulse for long before concluding that it was that of a normal person’s. At this, Imperial Physician Wei eased his worries and said to Luo Wei–who was still busying himself on the ground–“Be at ease young master. This youngster hasn’t eaten that harmful medicine.” 

Luo Wei was still engrossed in eagerly picking up his medicine. Now he wouldn’t believe what anyone said. He only believed in the foolish method he had devised in his panic. 

The pills were only the size of soybeans, and had rolled all over the floor. The tent’s floor was not of flat stone. It was only a slightly dried portion of the muddy grounds of Tian Shui’s fountainhead. It was impossible to pick up all the little pills that had fallen from the wooden box. Luo Wei and Ten searched on the ground for a long time, but didn’t collect much. 

Imperial Physician Wei held a candle for Luo Wei at the side. Seeing that Ten and Wei Lan both did not speak, he said, “Young master, what use is it for you to pick these up like this? What if Lan has more than one box? Then what will you do?”

At this, Luo Wei seemed to wake up from a dream. He lifted his head and looked towards Imperial Physician Wei. “You’re saying he has more?” He asked Imperial Physician Wei. His grip loosened, and the handful of pills he had just picked up all scattered to the ground again. 

Luo Wei scared Imperial Physician Wei stiff. Imperial Physician Wei only then realized that one might fear that Wei Lan was not simply a trusted aide and friend in Luo Wei’s heart. Even when he informed Luo Wei that he might not be able to avoid medicines and stone acupuncture needles for the rest of his life, that man’s expression was a mixture of indifference and apathy. Now this person’s face was full of terror on Wei Lan’s behalf, as if  the sky had fallen and the earth would sink too.

“Young master I truly haven’t taken that drug,” Wei Lan squatted again in front of Luo Wei, hurriedly explaining, “there’s only this one box, no others.”

“Move aside!” Luo Wei pushed Wei Lan to tumble down again, sternly reprimanding, “This place is full of the drugs you want to take; you still want to take them?! Damn thing! If I knew sooner you were like this, why would I have saved you back then?! Die earlier, why should you come again to hurt me!” 

“Young master!” Luo Wei lost his conscience and spoke irresponsibly, but Wei Lan could not bear hearing Luo Wei speaking this way. When he yelled for Luo Wei, grievance colored a great amount of his voice.

“I’ll let you eat it!” Luo Wei stood up and ferociously stomped on the pills on the ground. 

“Young master,” Imperial Physician Wei wanted to persuade Luo Wei, thinking that Luo Wei shouldn’t continue like this. 

“Shut up!” Luo Wei screamed at Imperial Physician Wei, kicking the crushed medicine and dirt at Wei Lan, “Eat it! Eat it in front of me!” 

Since Luo Wei’s rebirth, other than when dealing with the one threatening incident in the Western Mountain hunting grounds involving his second brother Luo Ze, he had never been vicious to another person again. This time, he already revealed all the violence in his temperament that he had hidden away. Luo Wei himself was not aware that in this moment, his face completely lost the mild sunniness it had before. His expression filled with ruthless severity, and the vicious currents emanating from his body even made Ten stand in front of Wei Lan to block him for fear that Luo Wei would strike out and harm Wei Lan.

“What’s going on?” Sima Qingsha walked in without having someone announce him beforehand. 

Luo Wei heard Sima Qingsha’s voice. His back facing Sima Qingsha, he momentarily couldn’t adjust his frame of mind. 

“The medicine spilled?” Sima Qingsha saw the pills on the ground, and only reasoned that the medicine Luo Wei used had spilled. 

(T/N: I should mention that though I refer to the medicine as pills, in TCM, solid medicine usually doesn’t look like the caplets you see in Western medicine. TCM “pills”  are usually balls that are brown in color and slightly soft, with a medicinal/herbal smell). 

“Why has Your Highness come?” Luo Wei turned to face Sima Qingsha, the slight smile that Sima Qingsha was familiar with already on his face. 

Ten helped Wei Lan up and exchanged glances with Imperial Physician Wei. Imperial Physician Wei and Ten then both looked at Wei Lan. There was no discernible expression on Wei Lan’s face now. He only stared at Luo Wei. The three of them had just seen Luo Wei’s face change–this person only needed an instant to go from lightning flashes and thunder rolls to a gentle breeze and fine drizzle. At this moment, the three of them all found Luo Wei unfamiliar, as if they had never known this person. 

“It’s fine,” Ten saw Wei Lan’s complexion lose its color and whispered in comfort, “the young master has finished losing his temper, he won’t do that again.”

Wei Lan stared blankly. The terror in his heart was not less than Luo Wei’s. He was afraid from the drugs being discovered. However, what frightened him more was, if the Luo Wei just now was the real Luo Wei, then who was the person in the past who spoke warmly and softly with him and used the same pillow and bed as him? Wei Lan discovered with trepidation that he actually did not understand Luo Wei. 


The moment Wei Lan realized Luo Wei is a tiger mom.

I guess he won’t find him sessy anymore.

Time for a Long Xuan comeback? Or Sima Qingsha? Hm… 


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  1. And here I was enjoying the drama but damn Sima Qingsha interrupted by coming in unannounced again.
    Also WL! You can’t doubt LW like this ah

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  2. Thank god he didn’t take the medicine luo wei just can’t let it happen again he just don’t want to see people he care for die in front of him


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