R:DSAT Chapter 210: Yun Qi, Are You Willing to Help Me?

The Zhou soldiers withdrew in a hurry, not even taking their tents with them. When night fell, Northern Yan soldiers discovered that the Zhou barracks hadn’t lit their lanterns and felt something was amiss. Sima Qingsha sent people to investigate, and they discovered that the barracks were empty. Only then did they confirm that theContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 210: Yun Qi, Are You Willing to Help Me?”

R:DSAT Chapter 209: Nowhere to Enter

When the first mounted scout told Luo Qi that Luo Wei had entered the southwest swamp and might have already died, Luo Qi reacted by throwing the scout to the ground with one kick. But when the second, the third, the fourth, and every other scout that went out for news said the same words,Continue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 209: Nowhere to Enter”

R:DSAT Chapter 208: You Love Him?

The rescue was effortless for Ten and the others. They charged out looking unlike people but unlike ghosts, already scaring the Mo clan members. When they moved their hands, bugs fell off, fueling nausea. The odor on their bodies was also identical to the smell of corpses that had rotted for many days. The MoContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 208: You Love Him?”

R:DSAT Chapter 207: Encountering Huan Sang

Luo Wei and the others struggled bitterly through the swamp for three days and three nights.  Drinking water was not a problem. The rain did not stop, and they were wet from head to toe. They could open their mouths, and water would drip into their throats from the clothes on their heads. Eating broughtContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 207: Encountering Huan Sang”

R:DSAT Chapter 206: Without Vengeance, Peace in This Life Will be Difficult to Obtain

After it started to rain, the temperature of the swamp actually rose. The miasma became more pervasive. Those walking within it could only see a vast white expanse of vapor.  After Twelve woke up, he didn’t dare to open his eyes. He only discovered after entering the swamp that he was afraid of bugs.  (T/N:Continue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 206: Without Vengeance, Peace in This Life Will be Difficult to Obtain”

R:DSAT Chapter 205: Man-Eating Swamp

The southwest of Tian Shui’s fountainhead had been a dead place since ancient times. No one dared to enter, thousands of animals vanished within, and birds did not breach it. Hundreds of mounted Northern Yan soldiers held torches and walked among wild underbrush growing at half of a man’s height. From time to time, oneContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 205: Man-Eating Swamp”

R:DSAT Chapter 204: God is Watching You!

After the not-so-distant cursing, pleading, and blood-curdling shrieks gradually weakened, Long Xuan stepped off the dirt mound. He did not mount his horse, but walked to the side of the land depression where the air seemed to congeal with the strong smell of blood.  Ning Fei saw Long Xuan come over, and stepped forward, “YourContinue reading “R:DSAT Chapter 204: God is Watching You!”

ASV Chapter 91: Snatch the Wife Back Home

Sometimes, being hard headed was not good. For example, after Qin Kaiyi put on a bold face once, afterwards he itched to sew his own mouth shut.  When he first made that request to Shen Feixiao, he intended to make trouble for him. However, he completely did not expect that Shen Feixiao could eat bothContinue reading “ASV Chapter 91: Snatch the Wife Back Home”

ASV Chapter 90: Outside the Little Black Room, Zhuang Zhou and the Butterfly (3)

(T/N: Please read the tags on Novel Updates before proceeding) A thin and long chain traversed across Yan Gu’s collarbone.  Because of how he was positioned, Yan Gu had to lean against the side of the table. His entire body was abnormally pale, and his chains were covered in bloodstains and spots. It was notContinue reading “ASV Chapter 90: Outside the Little Black Room, Zhuang Zhou and the Butterfly (3)”

ASV Chapter 89: Outside the Little Black Room, Zhuang Zhou and the Butterfly (2)

The bed was very large, and it was covered with soft white satin. Small golden bells hung suspended from ribbons at the bed’s edges, forming what looked from a distance like a golden prison cage.  In fact, the bed was a golden cage. Every time Qin Kaiyi tried to leave the bed, those golden bellsContinue reading “ASV Chapter 89: Outside the Little Black Room, Zhuang Zhou and the Butterfly (2)”