R:DSAT Chapter 203: Breaking Into the Barracks

Luo Wei raised his head to glance at the bright moon atop the horizon. He heard the howling sounds of killing travelling from the wastelands, shaking the heavens. He wondered–if the Moon Palace truly had immortals and gods really lived in the sky, what would they think when witnessing mortals destroying each other on earth? Retrieving these useless thoughts, Luo Wei mounted his horse. Seeing that Wei Lan had also mounted a horse behind him, he whispered to Ten, “Let’s go.” 

A group of people rushed towards the outside of the camp. 

Inside the tent that Luo Wei had abandoned, dozens of corpses lay in disarray. They were all Northern Yan soldiers who had received orders to take care of, but also keep watch on Luo Wei. After Ten and the others killed them, they dragged them into the tent. 

Luo Wei and the others had already changed into Northern Yan military uniforms in advance. As they dashed out of the camp, because surrounding squadrons heading for deployment outside the camp were everywhere, no one noticed Luo Wei and his team.

The barrack’s exit appeared before his eyes when a group of Eastern Shang soldiers blocked Luo Wei and his team’s path. The general heading the group did not even look at Luo Wei as he inquired, “Does the Third Young Master also want to go to the battlefield?” 

Luo Wei tightened the reins, wanting to stop; Wei Lan hurriedly said from behind him, “We can’t stop, charge ahead.” 

“Our Grand Prince knew that the young master would want to leave today, and specially had this general send the young master.” Seeing that Luo Wei and his team did not stop their horses, this Eastern Shang general drew his sword and placed it horizontally before his chest. 

There were already Northern Yan soldiers hastening to report to the general remaining in the camp. 

Imperial Physician Wei saw that the Eastern Shang soldiers had already notched their arrows, and he shouted, “They have bows and arrows!” 

Luo Wei stopped his horse. If they charged ahead, they would all become Eastern Shang’s target practice. 

Seeing them stop, the man seemed somewhat pleased with himself. He said, “You are not a warrior. You should stay in the barracks, and be at ease while you wait for our Grand Prince and His Highness, Northern Yan’s Crown Prince, to return victorious.” 

“Why would Eastern Shang’s people stop us?” Imperial Physician Wei asked Luo Wei. With death close at hand, he still wanted to know why he would die. 

Luo Wei ignored Imperial Physician Wei. He did not expect that Yang Yuansu would ruin his plans. But if he thought a bit more about it, if Luo Wei fell into Sima Qingsha’s hands and Sima Qingsha knew that Greater Zhou wanted to occupy Black Frost City, Sima Qingsha would definitely battle with Greater Zhou. At that time, Eastern Shang could take advantage of the fight between the two tigers, Yan and Zhou, and win Chun Du Pass like taking candy from a baby. Everyone was scheming; now it seemed that Yang Yuansu was one step ahead of them. 

“Third Young Master, please go back,” the Eastern Shang general said. 

“I’ll kill him,” Ten whispered to Luo Wei. “This person seems to be a mounted general, he must not be able to fight on foot.” 

“No need,” Luo Wei declined. “You all wait here.” 

“What are you going to do?” Wei Lan hurriedly asked. 

“This one seems to not only be poor at fighting on foot, but also an idiot,” Luo Wei said as he urged the horse he straddled, moving forward as he spoke to the Eastern Shang general: “Then before I go back, can I exchange a few words with this general?” 

The general also had his horse trot forward, replying, “What does the young master wish to say to this general?” 

“General, there’s no need to have them point their arrows at me right?” Luo Wei pretended to be somewhat flustered. 

The general saw that Luo Wei was close to him. He could reach out one hand to stop someone like Luo Wei, who was not a fighter. He also did not need to fear the Zhou people across from him rushing over. He raised a hand to signal for his subordinates to lower their bows and arrows. 

Luo Wei arrived close to the general’s front and dismounted. 

Luo Wei had alighted from his horse, and this general could not stay sitting on his. He dismounted as well, asking, “What does the young master want to say? If you have something to say, please say it quickly.” 

“Can general not let my one horse go?” Luo Wei lowered his voice and said to the general, “If general is magnanimous, Luo Wei will send ten thousand gold as thanks.” 

The general’s expression shuttered as he spoke forcibly out of a sense of righteousness: “What kind of person does the young master take this general as?” 

“General!” Luo Wei bent his waist to salute in respect to this general. 

The general turned sideways to avoid Luo Wei’s salute. “Third Young Master shouldn’t waste his breath, this general…” This Eastern Shang general didn’t get to finish what he wanted to say. Luo Wei took advantage of him turning and looking elsewhere to thrust a dagger into his waist.

(T/N: Luo Wei thrust the dagger into his 腰眼, lit. “the eye of his waist.”) 

Upon stabbing out this dagger, Luo Wei did not look to see whether this Eastern Shang general survived his attack. He retreated a step and flipped onto his horse. 

Behind Luo Wei, Wei Lan had already galloped over when Luo Wei mounted his horse. 

The Eastern Shang soldiers wanted to lift their bows and notch their arrows, but they were already too late. 

Ten and the rest quickly charged forward, surrounding Luo Wei to protect him. In front, the sharp sword in Wei Lan’s hand flashed cold light; several Eastern Shang soldiers’ corpses already fell to the ground. 

“Third young master, stay!” The general who had stayed behind in the camp to watch over it chased them on horseback, bringing mounted soldiers with him. 

“Go!” Luo Wei only spoke this one word.

The general who had stayed behind did not dare to order arrows to be released. This was Northern Yan’s barracks–it was difficult to guarantee that they would not harm their own if they let loose their arrows. “Stop him!” the general shouted. 

Luo Wei and his team were already in front of the gate, whipping their horses to rush forward. The Northern Yan army had no way to stop them. Wei Lan pulled down a brazier used by the soldiers for lighting. The brazier filled with lamp oil fell to the ground. The lamp oil trickled across the earth, and fire spread in its wake. This Northern Yan general watched as Luo Wei and his group rushed out of the gate of his Northern Yan barracks.

The general gave chase with his troops on horseback. Every time before Sima Qingsha deployed troops, he would instruct his officials and subordinates to watch over Luo Wei well, and ensure that Luo Wei did not take a single step outside of the barracks. Once the general thought of Luo Wei escaping from his own hands, he felt his blood run cold. If Luo Wei escaped, His Highness the Crown Prince would definitely kill him.

After two parties on horseback exited, the surviving Eastern Shang soldiers ran towards their general. They saw that the general lay there without breathing. Luo Wei’s strength was limited, and most of the dagger was exposed outside. This kind of injury was not fatal. When the soldiers saw the black blood beneath the general’s body, they suddenly realized that the dagger had been smeared with poison. 

Luo Wei galloped south the whole way. Their Greater Zhou’s barracks were at Tian Shui fountainhead’s southern end. 

“Those in front, block Luo Wei!” At the command of their general, the chasing Northern Yan soldiers shouted together. “Luo Wei wants to return to Zhou, the Zhou army wants to seize Black Frost City, stop him!” 

“We can’t run forward anymore!” Wei Lan said to Luo Wei. “Sima Qingsha is in front!” 

Ten glanced behind him. “There are too many of them, we can’t kill them all!” 

“Damn it,” Luo Wei cursed. Their group of horses did not continue towards the south, but diverted to the southwest. 

Just as the Northern Yan general wanted to pursue Luo Wei southwest, a subordinate of his who knew the terrain shouted, “General can’t chase anymore!” 

“Why?” the general asked. 

“That place is a large swamp,” the soldier pointed southwest and informed.

“What does that matter?” It was not as if the general had never seen a swamp. He turned, wanting to continue his pursuit. 

“No one would dare to go there!” The soldier rushed to the front of the general’s horse, blocking him. “This humble one previously ran a caravan here. No one can come out of there alive. They all say there are man-eating demons living there, general!” 

“Go to the side and have a look,” the general heard that Luo Wei would die in the swamp, and he relaxed greatly. But he didn’t dare to be careless, and said to his subordinates, “If we don’t see them enter with our own eyes, I won’t be at ease!” He pointed at the soldier in front of him, “Lead the way!” 

A group of soldiers also travelled southwest under the glimmer of the stars and moon overhead. 

At the same time, southeast of Tian Shui’s fountainhead, Long Xuan stood atop a dirt mound. He looked at the depression in the ground not far from him, where the Mo clan was surrounded by Zhou soldiers.

“Your Highness,” Ning Fei galloped over on horseback, “they begged for surrender. They’re willing to help Your Highness catch Mo Huan Sang.”

“Kill,” Long Xuan did not say even one more word to Ning Fei. After he saw Ning Fei’s stunned expression and watched him turn back to ride his horse over to convey orders, Long Xuan said to himself, “Black Frost’s Mo clan is merely this.”



R:DSAT Chapter 202: The Prisoner Below the Steps


  1. The title is a phrase used in “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” General Lü Bu, having been captured and bound by Cao Cao, saw Liu Bei sitting beside Cao Cao atop the steps. He greedily hoped for Liu Bei to recall past fondness, and asked Liu Bei, “Sir is a guest of honor; Bu is a prisoner below the steps. Why not make a brief remark for leniency?” 
  1. Historically, prisoners were kept underground so one would go down the steps to see a prisoner. “Prisoner below the steps” does not necessarily refer to a prisoner below any steps, as the phrase in the title became synonymous with something like “lowly prisoner.”)

Luo Qi and Long Xuan stood together. Sima Zhuxie, who had been locked up in an open space within the barracks on Long Xuan’s orders, was on the ground before them. This was already not Luo Qi’s first time seeing Sima Zhuxie’s half-mad half-foolish, blind state, but he still found it hard to bear. “Your Highness,” he said to Long Xuan, “the weather is so cold. You’ve only given him an unlined garment to wear. I’m really afraid that he’ll freeze to death.”

Long Xuan looked at Sima Zhuxie, who hugged his upper arms and was curled up in a ball, shivering. He said, “If I don’t freeze him, why would Mo Huan Sang come to save him?”

“Mo Huan Sang will definitely come?” 

“He’s even entered Tian Shui’s fountainhead for him, how could he not come?” Long Xuan kicked a dirty steamed bun at his feet to the side of Sima Zhuxie’s hands. “What’s the use of this lunatic being alive?” He asked Luo Qi. 

Luo Qi watched Sima Zhuxie take the muddied bun and stuff it into his mouth, wolfing it down. Luo Qi only took a glance and could not look anymore, turning his face away. 

Long Xuan saw Luo Qi’s appearance and mused, “It’s said that those who campaign on battlefields have hearts and guts made of steel. Brother Shi Yi seems to be an exception.”

“This person is already crazy,” Luo Qi said, “It seems unnecessary for us to disgrace him like this.” 

Long Xuan replied, “The ones who drove him crazy are those from his family and clan, not us. Brother Shi Yi, this person has fought against you on the battlefield before. How many of our Greater Zhou soldiers have stained his hands with blood? You want to sympathize with him?” 

Luo Qi couldn’t reason with Long Xuan. Sima Zhuxie was now only a lowly prisoner. To avenge for seas of blood, they could just kill him. This kind of humiliation, in Luo Qi’s opinion, was completely unnecessary and not what a man of character would do.

Long Xuan spoke up again: “I’m also not intentionally disgracing him. If not for this, how could we pressure Mo Huan Sang to rescue him? I’ve already given Northern Yan face by not suspending their former crown prince from the flagpole in front of everyone.” 

After Sima Zhuxie finished eating that dirty steamed bun, his two hands again searched the ground randomly. He hadn’t eaten for a day already. How could one bun be enough to fill him? 

Luo Qi truly could not stand it. He said to the close soldiers behind him, “Bring him some food,” and then turned to Long Xuan again to explain, “Your Highness, to draw Mo Huan Sang here, a living Sima Zhuxie is useful. If this continues, I’m afraid he won’t last until Mo Huan Sang’s rescue.” 

Long Xuan didn’t object, and just waved a hand at Luo Qi’s soldiers.

One day ago, Long Xuan locked Sima Zhuxie and his attending eunuch–who Long Xuan had captured along with Sima Zhuxie–here. After freezing for half a day, he purposefully let the guards pretend to be careless so that they’d let the little eunuch go in order for the eunuch to go back and tell Mo Huan Sang of Sima Zhuxie’s suffering. 

“That eunuch should have already met with Mo Huan Sang,” Long Xuan said to Luo Qi. “When Mo Huan Sang comes, we can destroy these soldiers and horses, but must not shoot to kill these two men.” 

“Your Highness wants to leave Mo Huan Sang a way out?” Luo Qi wondered if he had heard wrong. They’d come here just to wipe out Mo Huan Sang and his Black Frost Cavalry. They’d now lost troops and generals, and even Luo Wei was under pressure in Northern Yan’s barracks. Now Long Xuan actually told him to give Mo Huan Sang a way to survive?

“I’ve already thought a long time about this,” Long Xuan replied. “When I was in the Black Frost army, I discovered that Mo Huan Sang has a terrible relationship with the Mo clan, and Mo Huan Sang took his mother’s surname. With regards to the Mo clan, he should be considered an outsider.” 

“What does this have to do with giving him a way out?” Luo Qi asked. 

“This just shows that if we kill the entire Mo clan, we don’t have to be afraid of Mo Huan Sang’s revenge.” 

Perhaps Sima Zhuxie had heard Long Xuan say Mo Huan Sang’s name. He faced Long Xuan’s direction, and shouted, “Sang.”

“Brother Shi Yi, say, why do we want to kill Mo Huan Sang?” Long Xuan asked Luo Qi. 

Luo Qi retorted, “Does this need to be asked?” 

“Without the Black Frost Cavalry, we don’t need to worry about losing Black Frost City,” Long Xuan reasoned. “Emperor Sima Changtian is seriously ill. Sima Qingsha will definitely ascend to the Northern Yan throne. Mo Huan Sang won’t find us for revenge, but he’ll find Sima Qingsha.” 

“Your Highness wants to leave him to throw Northern Yan into disorder?” Now, Luo Qi understood Long Xuan’s intentions.  `

“Maybe Mo Huan Sang doesn’t have the ability, but I hope he does.” 

Luo Qi glanced again at Sima Zhuxie, who sat on the ground and repeated Mo Huan Sang’s name. He cupped his hands in salute at Long Xuan, “This general obeys.” 

“You are the commander of three armies,” Long Xuan chuckled tersely, then continued, “you don’t have to say things like ‘obey.’”

Soldiers brought over a bowl of hot noodle soup. 

“Feed him until he’s full,” Long Xuan ordered.

Luo Qi walked to the commander’s tent with Long Xuan again. Luo Qi had previously been stationed far away in Yun Guan, and hadn’t had much contact with Long Xuan. Having fought this Tian Shui battle and having interacted with Long Xuan up until now, Luo Qi had concluded that it was best for him to stay as far away from Long Xuan as possible. In terms of his thinking alone, he was not Long Xuan’s opponent. In this generation of his Luo family, it seemed only Luo Wei could match this Long Xuan. Thinking of what Luo Wei and Long Xuan were like when together, Luo Qi truly rejoiced that their Luo family had a Luo Wei. 

“Mo Huan Sang can be left alone, but not a single one of the Mo clan can stay,” Long Xuan said as he walked beside Luo Qi. “Did Brother Shi Yi hear me?” 

Luo Qi replied, “Yes, this general takes note.” 

“Not a single one staying–that includes the old, young, women, and children.” Long Xuan looked at Luo Qi. “If Brother Shi Yi can’t do this, then Xuan can go and do it.” 

“I understand,” Luo Qi assured, “there will be no mistakes.” 

Long Xuan thought for a while and then said, “Forget it, let me do it. Brother Shi Yi’s firstborn will soon enter this world. This massacre of the young and old does not suit you. I’ll be the one to go.” 

Long Xuan didn’t know whether he wanted to thank Long Xuan for sharing his burdens, or if he should dislike Long Xuan for speaking of massacring the Mo clan as if he were going to watch a grand play. 

“When Mo Huan Sang comes to rescue Sima Zhuxie, Northern Yan and Eastern Shang will send troops once they hear the news. I’ve already sent people to inform Luo Wei to take that opportunity to come back,” Long Xuan continued. “We should still arrange a team on horseback to rescue him.” 

“This general thanks Your Highness,” Luo Qi gave thanks to Long Xuan. 

“Why is that necessary?” Long Xuan didn’t care about Luo Qi’s gratitude, just as he didn’t care one bit about how Luo Qi viewed him. This was the person with the most troops under his control in the Luo family. Even if Luo Qi respected him, they could only be enemies. 

Luo Qi said, “Your Highness is showing consideration for Yun Qi. It is only right for this general to thank Your Highness.” 

“Mo Huan Sang might come tonight. Please prepare, Brother Shi Yi,” Long Xuan gave these parting words to Luo Qi before entering the commander’s tent.

On this night, those long unseen stars and the moon appeared in the sky. Perhaps days of rainfall washed the skies clean–the heavens on this night were a pure, deep blue, making one fall into boundless reveries with one glance. 

In Sima Qingsha’s commander’s tent, Luo Wei heard the news that they’d lost Mo Huan Sang’s whereabouts.

“Is this information reliable?” Other than Luo Wei, who had knowledge of the situation in advance, no one else in the tent believed this news. Sima Qingsha asked the mounted scout, “How did you discover this?”

After days of fierce warfare, these generals had all had a taste of Mo Huan Sang’s power. How could a brave and vicious person like Mo Huan Sang disappear for no reason? The generals in the tent already believed that Mo Huan Sang was an immortal. Who was so capable that he could make Mo Huan Sang disappear? 

The mounted scout explained for a long time, only conveying that he had heard the news but hadn’t personally witnessed what had happened. 

“Then what about the eldest prince?” Sima Qingsha asked. 

The scout still only gave him three words: “I don’t know.” 

Luo Wei piped up: “There’s always a ‘just in case.’ Your Highness and the Grand Prince Yuansu should still prepare to send troops. If Mo Huan Sang has really disappeared, while the Black Frost Cavalry is still a thunder of dragons without a head, isn’t it better to win this battle?” 

“Then what about you, Yun Qi?” Sima Qingsha asked. 

“I’ll just be in my tent,” Luo Wei replied to Sima Qingsha with a smile. “I’ll sit there waiting for the beautiful news of Your Highness’s overwhelming victory.” 

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ASV Chapter 88: Outside the Little Black Room, Zhuang Zhou and the Butterfly (1)

(T/N reminder: Please keep in mind the tags/warnings on novelupdates before reading!) 

When Qin Kaiyi woke up, he almost thought that he was dreaming.

He stared lifelessly at the almost transparent white muslin clothes he wore and the icy-cold silver shackles on his wrists. For a moment he didn’t react or realize what had happened–hadn’t he returned to his own world? Could it be that… he transmigrated again??

This thought rendered Qin Kaiyi’s entire person irascible. He stumbled up from the bed, wanting to get rid of the chains hanging from his wrists, and discovered a small keyhole on the outside of the shackles.

Clearly someone had imprisoned him.

Qin Kaiyi remained silent for a while before fully taking in the reality set in front of him. He carefully observed his physical conditions, and discovered with great embarrassment the marks on his body. 

Those marks were green and purple, and the most severely affected areas had imprints left by someone’s teeth. Any adult with some experience would know how these marks were created. Qin Kaiyi’s expression became even uglier, and he had to face a fact that really made his balls hurt–he’d transmigrated again, seemingly into someone else’s body. 

The question of where exactly he’d transmigrated wasn’t answered until a few hours later. At that time, Qin Kaiyi was already asleep on the bed. This body was very fragile. Qin Kaiyi had only made a few relatively active movements before feeling exhausted. 

Helpless, he had to smash an already broken jar and fall asleep on the large bed.

This nap was smooth and steady; Qin Kaiyi didn’t dream of anything strange and was not disturbed by anyone. But when he woke up again after sleeping his fill, the person gazing at him made him jump with fright. 

“You… Shen Feixiao…” Qin Kaiyi was completely stunned stupid when he saw the expressionless person sitting on the side of bed. He stammered and completely did not understand the situation unfolding before his eyes, “You, how are you… here?”

Although the person in front of him looked exactly the same as Shen Feixiao, his temperament seemed to hold an additional quality. His pupils were a deep black, and he wore black robes. The impression he gave was wholly gloomy. 

“Shixiong.” Seeing that Qin Kaiyi had awoken, that person was not in a hurry. He reached out a hand and pulled Qin Kaiyi into his embrace. “Why do you look like you haven’t seen me before?”

“You…” Extremely frightened by Shen Feixiao’s action, Qin Kaiyi suddenly imagined a terrifying circumstance.

“Shixiong isn’t comfortable?” Ambiguously burying his head in Qin Kaiyi’s neck, Shen Feixiao lightly kissed Qin Kaiyi, saying, “Do you want to eat something?” 

“…I, I… Why are you?” Qin Kaiyi had a hard time organizing the words swirling in his mind, falling into a chaotic state immediately upon seeing Shen Feixiao’s actions. He completely didn’t dare to think about what would happen if the terrible circumstance he imagined were true… 

“Shixiong forgot again?” As if he had had enough of Qin Kaiyi’s cheap tricks, Shen Feixiao coldly smiled, “It’s all right… I’ll remind shixiong.” 

The sound of his voice had only just faded when Shen Feixiao grabbed Qin Kaiyi’s hand and forcefully slammed him onto the bed. 

Dizziness assaulted Qin Kaiyi from Shen Feixiao’s rough movements, and the memories of those horrifying past events rose to the surface. “What are you doing!” Qin Kaiyi’s voice was shrill and piercing to the point that it could incite fear. 

What are you doing? This was probably the worst question one could ask in a stallion novel… 

Because just like all other gongs who had become immoral and ruthless, the completely blackened classmate Shen Feixiao revealed a frightening smile, gently saying, “Doi_g you ah.” 

“…” Qin Kaiyi had the pathetic urge to cry bitterly and beg for forgiveness. 

But Shen Feixiao didn’t give Qin Kaiyi any more opportunities to speak. His hands separated Qin Kaiyi’s legs, one hand easily opening Qin Kaiyi’s muslin clothes, and then he unhesitatingly attached his body atop Qin Kaiyi’s. 

Because of the shackles, Qin Kaiyi had difficulties even pushing Shen Feixiao in refusal. He struggled as if he had gone insane, but the movements of his struggles seemed to be better than no movements at all to Shen Feixiao. 

“How come you’ve begun to struggle again?” Seeing Qin Kaiyi struggling as if for his life, a sliver of doubt slipped through Shen Feixiao’s gaze–he had already imprisoned Qin Kaiyi for many years, and Qin Kaiyi stopped resisting him a long time ago. Although this made Shen Feixiao feel that something was missing, he still didn’t mind. 

If he couldn’t make Qin Kaiyi’s heart stay with him, having the person himself was also fine. 

“Shen Feixiao, let me go!!!” Qin Kaiyi knew that circumstances were developing very strangely, but he didn’t know that they would be this strange. Clearly he had already returned to the modern era, so why would he transmigrate here again?? And why would he encounter such a strange Shen Feixiao!! 

“Shixiong?” Shen Feixiao heard Qin Kaiyi speak and was stunned. His eyebrows raised and his face formed a strange smile. “Shixiong what did you say?” 

“I said let me go!” Shen Feixiao stared at him so oddly that Qin Kaiyi felt some fear, but he pretended to reply calmly. 

“I’ve already said it to you many times,” Shen Feixiao recovered his expressionless appearance, but the gloom in his gaze deepened, “unless I die, letting you go… would be impossible.”  

“…” Qin Kaiyi’s face paled, and at this moment he realized that he’d already almost been stripped nak_d. Furthermore, Shen Feixiao’s legs had come in between his own two legs, and Shen Feixiao had adopted a posture even more difficult to refuse as he pressed his body up. 

“My god.” Qin Kaiyi wanted to smile bitterly, but found that he could not even bring himself to smile. Shen Feixiao lightly kissed Qin Kaiyi’s slightly damaged lips, and then used his hands to grip Qin Kaiyi’s waist. 

This body seemed to have long ago become accustomed to this kind of rough s_x. 

When he was entered, Qin Kaiyi felt almost no pain. The large and thick organ ground into his body. Because he had been chained, Qin Kaiyi’s hands suspended above him, and his legs had been forced to squeeze around Shen Feixiao’s waist. 

“Ah… ha… “ Hoarse moans overflowed from Qin Kaiyi’s lips, and he despairingly experienced an intense ple_sure. The urge to cry rose within him. 

Shen Feixiao’s movements held no gentleness, and even his expression was indifferent, as if he completely derived no pleasure from this act of c_pulation. 

“Ah… ah…” Qin Kaiyi’s body was currently very weak, and couldn’t withstand this kind of high intensity s_x. Not long passed before it became difficult for him to breathe, but unfortunately Shen Feixiao did not have any plans to stop. 

As he firmly gripped Qin Kaiyi’s waist and forcefully pumped in and out, he bit Qin Kaiyi’s lips until they were stained with blood. 

“Shixiong, shixiong.” Lowly gasping, Shen Feixiao continuously called for Qin Kaiyi. His calm appearance made it seem as if he were practicing cultivation. 

“No… stop… I… I can’t take it anymore.” Qin Kaiyi’s voice held a sobbing tone, and he began to pathetically beg for mercy. He felt as if his waist would break, and that unceasing motion that rubbed against that place in him continuously gave him a pleasure that almost reduced him to trembling. 

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao’s movements suddenly stopped, and after a moment a hot stream came pouring into Qin Kaiyi’s body. Qin Kaiyi opened his mouth wide like a fish steamed alive, and tears involuntarily slipped from the corners of his eyes. 

Qin Kaiyi had always thought that those events in his memories were already the worst Shen Feixiao had ever been to him, but he never thought… that in this world a word such as “worst” was meaningless.  

Because he had come once, Shen Feixiao didn’t start again, but held Qin Kaiyi’s body in his arms. His two hands gently stroked Qin Kaiyi’s back. 

Qin Kaiyi gasped and suddenly discovered a sinister scar on Shen Feixiao’s chest. It directly ran through his entire upper body down to the beginning of his lower abdomen. 

Noticing Qin Kaiyi’s puzzled gaze, Shen Feixiao laughed. He grabbed one of Qin Kaiyi’s hands and put it against himself, running it gradually along his scar. His voice was gentle and sweet, “Does shixiong like this scar? At that time I almost died… ah, everything shixiong gives me I like… shixiong…” 

“…” Shen Feixiao’s odd reaction caused his entire body to shiver. Qin Kaiyi almost screamed. 

“Is it very scary?” Shen Feixiao touched Qin Kaiyi’s shivering body, not caring a bit, “At that time I was also scared. I thought if I died, I would never see shixiong again. En, it’s good that I lived… of course, I know that shixiong didn’t want me to live…” 

“… It’s not related to me.” Qin Kaiyi, completely not knowing what was happening, cried and mumbled to himself, “It’s not my business ah, Shen Feixiao…” 

“Of course it’s not shixiong’s business.” Having a warped understanding of Qin Kaiyi’s words, Shen Feixiao bit Qin Kaiyi’s earlobe and then delicately licked at it. “Because I’m insane, so it has never been related to shixiong.” 

“…” A wave of dizziness came over Qin Kaiyi. He didn’t know what to say. Could it be that he should tell Shen Feixiao… that he wasn’t Qin Shi?? 

No one would believe that, no one… who would come and tell him… why he had come back to this world again?? 

“Since shixiong has rested up,” seeming not to have seen Qin Kaiyi’s whiter than paper complexion, Shen Feixiao laughingly said, “then let’s do it again.” 

“No…” Completely powerless to refuse, Qin Kaiyi’s mouth had just opened to speak when Shen Feixiao swallowed the rest of his words. At the same time, Shen Feixiao snapped his fingers and released the shackles which Qin Kaiyi hung from. He then placed Qin Kaiyi’s hands on his shoulders. 

Like a puppet who had been played with to the point of breaking, Qin Kaiyi softly whimpered, numbly feeling Shen Feixiao once again invading his body.  

… So hot, so bloated… “Ah, ha… en…” Intermittently moaning, Qin Kaiyi supported his head on Shen Feixiao’s shoulders. The scene before him blurred a bit, and only Shen Feixiao’s mutterings continued beside his ears like incantations. Shen Feixiao lightly kissed Qin Kaiyi’s ear, his voice both light and soft, “Shixiong, you are mine, shixiong, don’t think of going anywhere… shixiong…” 

… This is a dream right, why won’t I quickly wake up? Qin Kaiyi miserably and despairingly thought. Why would I dream of this kind of a Shen Feixiao… why would I return to this world… didn’t I… already leave? 


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ASV Chapter 87: Leave Your Chrysanthemum Under My Protection

Qin Kaiyi felt that he was very unlucky. 

Extremely incredibly especially unlucky to the max. Although he could never forget Shen Feixiao after returning to this world, that didn’t mean he could accept Shen Feixiao without batting an eyelid ah… 

However, the Shen Feixiao in this world was obviously more mature than the one in the other world. He watched Qin Kaiyi’s expression looking like he couldn’t do anything about him, and a flash of amusement slid through his gaze. He pretended to carelessly say: “Shixiong, I still have some luggage downstairs. Help me move it up ba.” 

“…But, but.” Qin Kaiyi stuttered and wanted to make a final struggle: “Do you have to live here? I…”

“Could it be that shixiong is willing to let me sleep on the streets?” In front of Qin Kaiyi, Shen Feixiao didn’t care about showing weakness. He made a pitiful expression: “Shixiong…”

“…I’m going.” Qin Kaiyi pulled a long face. He completely didn’t understand why the situation developed like this… Why would Shen Feixiao magically appear in this world, and… become so… strange?

Fine, he definitely was very strange. Previously, a certain someone who could only pull a slight smile when angry or gloomy could now even be described as smiling from ear to ear. Qin Kaiyi, for some reason, shivered… actually, how did Shen Feixiao convince him to let him live here? 

Seeing Qin Kaiyi go out, Shen Feixiao smoothly opened his phone screen and sent a message: “Method not bad, next time I’ll bring you chocolate.” 

Two seconds later, the other party responded: “o(*≥▽≤)ツ Really, really? Add oil uncle oh!!! Waiting for you to succeed in holding hands!”

Shen Feixiao chuckled and tucked the phone into his trouser pocket, then raised his head and looked at Qin Kaiyi’s residence.

Although Qin Kaiyi was an otaku, his small residence wasn’t too messy. There was a sofa and a desktop computer in the living room, while the bedroom held only one single-sized bed and a refrigerator–other than that, there was no decent furniture.

Shen Feixiao touched his nose, thinking calmly that maybe he should add something to this room, such as a large enough bed…

Qin Kaiyi had already dragged up a suitcase from Shen Feixiao’s car downstairs. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Shen Feixiao still standing at the door. Shen Feixiao’s expression was profound, slightly chilling Qin Kaiyi’s heart. 

In fact, up until now, Qin Kaiyi still felt a small amount of fear for Shen Feixiao. Even if Shen Feixiao promised that he would not hurt him again, those horrible memories were still deeply imprinted in Qin Kaiyi’s mind. 

“You’ve come?” Shen Feixiao heard Qin Kaiyi’s footsteps, turned his head to look at him, and then casually took a few steps forward to take the luggage from Qin Kaiyi’s hand: “You sit first? What’s at home? I’ll go prepare lunch.”

“…Nothing.” Qin Kaiyi for some reason began to feel that this was actually Shen Feixiao’s home, and had the terrifying misconception that he was the one who was a guest. He awkwardly said, “I usually call takeaway…”

“Oh.” Shen Feixiao didn’t show a surprised expression. He looked at Qin Kaiyi with understanding. “Is there a supermarket nearby?”

“Yes…” Qin Kaiyi’s voice dragged out; he wanted to dispel Shen Feixiao’s intentions: “But there’s no other such things in my house…”

“It’s okay,” Shen Feixiao said, not caring, “Anyway, I want to live here for a long time.”

…Wh-, what? What kind of situation is “living here for a long time”?? Didn’t you tell me yesterday that you were renovating your house and you’d live here temporarily? Qin Kaiyi opened and closed his mouth twice, but said nothing–it’s not like he could drive out someone who just arrived!

Reality proved that in this world, the thicker your skin the greater your profits…

When Shen Feixiao dragged Qin Kaiyi to the supermarket, Qin Kaiyi had completely wilted, like an eggplant that had been dried in the sun. He didn’t pay attention to how much Shen Feixiao bought in the end, until–

“Why are you buying this?” Qin Kaiyi looked at a certain person standing in front of the condom shelf, and his face reddened, “You, you!”

“To use it with shixiong ah,” Shen Feixiao answered in a matter-of-fact tone. He turned his head and looked at Qin Kaiyi seriously, “Otherwise what can it be used for? Blowing balloons?”

“You promised that you wouldn’t force me.” Qin Kaiyi just wanted to cry. How exactly could he have allowed for Shen Feixiao to move in… 

“Yeah,” Shen Feixiao gave Qin Kaiyi a soothing look, “preparedness averts peril. In case shixiong agrees, and there is no condom, how disappointing would that be.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi was speechless. He suddenly came up with the idea of ​​finding the time to rent another place… 

Shen Feixiao didn’t seem to notice Qin Kaiyi’s entanglement in his thoughts. He calmly bought the required seasonings and ingredients as well as some plastic products and paid the bill.

The supermarket was only about five or six minutes away from Qin Kaiyi’s residence, so Shen Feixiao didn’t drive. He carried a bag in one hand, and his other hand automatically took Qin Kaiyi’s.

“…Let me go, Shen Feixiao!” Qin Kaiyi, who was still in a daze, suddenly felt his hand being pulled. His whole face turned red when he got touched. Righteous indignation filled his chest, and he wanted to break free, but found that even as he struggled until his hand reddened he still could not shake Shen Feixiao off. Furthermore, passersby began to watch them, so he could only say in a whispered, fierce voice, “If you won’t let go then scram from my house tomorrow…” 

“Shixiong, don’t make a fuss.” Shen Feixiao calmly ignored Qin Kaiyi’s threat, and purposefully loudly replied, “I have no intentions towards that girl, I only like shixiong.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi had the urge to slam his head on the wall and die. 

“Good boy.” Seeing that Qin Kaiyi’s expression became unmentionably sinister, Shen Feixiao internally chuckled a bit. He let go of Qin Kaiyi’s hand, and then rubbed Qin Kaiyi’s hair. “I’ll go back and make you something good to eat.” 

…What went wrong? Did I transmigrate back to my original world incorrectly? Qin Kaiyi numbly glanced at Shen Feixiao, and then silently followed behind him. He finally understood the meaning of the idiom “inviting a wolf into your home.” 

Back at the residence, Shen Feixiao did not take further liberties with an already nerve-wracked Qin Kaiyi, instead choosing to enter the kitchen to cook.

Shen Feixiao’s cooking skills were good. His family had always pursued the principle that daughter-in-laws were meant to be loved. His mother had almost never been in the kitchen since marrying, and all household chores were given to his father. Shen Feixiao had been influenced by his mother and continued this tradition. 

Qin Kaiyi, who was sitting outside the kitchen, expressed great anxiety. He didn’t expect Shen Feixiao to make any exquisite dishes, but just hoped that his kitchen wouldn’t be burned. However, when Shen Feixiao served the meal he had prepared, Qin Kaiyi’s eyes widened. 

“You made all this?” Although the dishes were commonly homemade ones, Qin Kaiyi felt as if he was about to partake of a banquet. 

The sweet and sour flavors of the tomato-fried egg were delicious, and the texture of the eggs was just right. The century egg cucumber soup’s flavor soothed the palate, and coupled with two other dishes–mapo tofu and sichuan shredded pork with garlic sauce–this spread made classmate Qin Kaiyi, who was used to takeout, ferociously gobble down a few bowls of rice. (T/N: rice is paired with the food, meaning he ate quite a lot of the dishes).  

Shen Feixiao looked at Qin Kaiyi and the nonstop movements of his chopsticks. A smile hung from the corners of his mouth. “Don’t eat too much, it will be uncomfortable for you to lie on a distended stomach in bed.” 

“…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly choked. He was silent for a while before weakly asking, “Why should I lie on my stomach in bed?” Don’t blame him for being sensitive; he clearly remembered that Shen Feixiao’s shopping bag held several condoms!

“Afternoon nap,” Shen Feixiao answered with an unchanged expression. “What was shixiong thinking?”

“…Hehe,” Qin Kaiyi dryly laughed. He felt that it wasn’t that he was too sensitive, but that a certain someone’s criminal record was too terrible…  

So a lunch that was supposed to be very pleasant had Qin Kaiyi trembling with fear. He would take a bite and then glance at Shen Feixiao, rather like he was eating his last meal before his scheduled execution. (T/N: lit. 断头饭, severed head meal. In ancient China, the last meal before one’s head got chopped off). 

Shen Feixiao restrained himself for a moment, but still couldn’t hold back. He let out a “ha” and then began to laugh in earnest. 

“What are you laughing at, what are you laughing at!” Qin Kaiyi’s expression was very ugly. He threw the bowl, saying with enraged humiliation, “If you laugh again, you will not be allowed to live here!”

“…” Shen Feixiao immediately stopped laughing. He knew that Qin Kaiyi was very pretty in some respects, and would be difficult to appease if he got pissed off… 

Shen Feixiao gave Qin Kaiyi face and stopped laughing, letting Qin Kaiyi’s self-esteem recover. Qin Kaiyi dryly coughed once, pretending to be dignified: “Go and wash the bowl.” 

“Yes…” Shen Feixiao noticed Qin Kaiyi becoming slightly pleased with himself, but didn’t say anything. 

“Who told you to laugh, rather than laughing again it would be better for you to go and wash bowls for me.” Qin Kaiyi’s problematic habit of talking to himself still hadn’t changed. He looked at Shen Feixiao taking the dishes and walking into the kitchen, muttering quietly, “Let’s see who’s the daughter-in-law, clearly it’s you… really…” 

Shen Feixiao didn’t know about these thoughts of Qin Kaiyi’s. After washing the dishes, he sat back in the living room and accompanied Qin Kaiyi to watch the entertainment program on his computer.

Shen Feixiao didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, but Qin Kaiyi suffered sitting next to him. He would watch the show while secretly watching for Shen Feixiao’s reactions. He looked like a timid little hamster. 

“Shixiong, what are you looking at?” Shen Feixiao, who was originally watching the program, suddenly spoke. As soon as he spoke, cold sweat appeared on Qin Kaiyi’s back. 

“Ah? Ah?” Qin Kaiyi looked innocent, “What did I look at?”

“Can you not stare at me all the time?” Shen Feixiao replied helplessly. 

“If you hadn’t been looking at me how would you know that I’ve been looking at you?” Qin Kaiyi asked boldly, with the confidence of having justice on his side. 

“…” This was Shen Feixiao’s first time encountering such a scoundrelly side of Qin Kaiyi. 

“Shen Feixiao… Actually I want to say…” Qiao Kaiyi stammered for a long time, “I think we are not suitable…”

“Where are we not suitable?” Shen Feixiao narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t tell me it’s our gender.”

……In fact it is the gender ah, young man. Qin Kaiyi wanted to cry but had no tears. He held back for half a day (T/N: long time) before squeezing out one sentence: “I, I am not used to the bottom…” 

“Oh?” Shen Feixiao was expressionless. 

“What I mean is,” Qin Kaiyi took a deep breath and was ready to smash the already broken jar. (T/N: meaning the pot’s already cracked, might as well smash it). He directly continued: “I’m not used to being the bottom, if you really want us to be together, I want to be on top!” 

“Okay,” Shen Feixiao answered with exceptional simplicity. 

“Really?” Qin Kaiyi was struck dumb. 

“Of course,” Shen Feixiao’s smile was like a light breeze on a clear day, “I would spare no effort to satisfy shixiong’s requests.”

So you’re telling me, an adult, that SFX is rich, handsome, and a good cook but thirsts for QKY when he’s a poor and ordinary otaku? He thirsts for him even without the knife-cut nose bridge? 

Did QKY become a K-drama/Bollywood MC, or am I too jaded? Though the flying swords have disappeared, somehow, this world is the one that requires me to suspend my disbelief.

ASV Chapter 86: The Real World

Do you believe in dreams?

Do you believe that your dreams could come true?

Can you tell whether a long dream is the real world or a false one? 

When Shen Feixiao got into a car accident, he thought he would not survive. 

When the brake failed, he flew directly into the river from the bridge. As river water flooded his nasal cavity, he still thought sullenly, if I find the person who did this

But the situation after that was not under Shen Feixiao’s control. 

When he was conscious again, he fell into a strange dream. In the dream, he forgot all the things he had experienced and became another world’s Shen Feixiao.

This Shen Feixiao was stubborn and twisted. After experiencing countless incidents, he developed an extreme obsession with a man named Qin Shi. Of course, the Shen Feixiao of that time did not know that all these matters… were all just a dream. 

When Qin Shi injured his heart, Shen Feixiao’s mood was very complicated. He found it difficult to bear that in his very last moments, he could not hold Qin Shi’s hands. However, he also rejoiced–the shixiong he had imprisoned could finally shake him off and return to his own world. 

Was that world very beautiful? Shen Feixiao, who gradually lost consciousness, thought peacefully… if he had the chance to enter the world he had seen in Tang Shayun’s mind… How good would that be?

Fortunately, he really came to this world.

Shen Feixiao woke up in a hospital ward and numbly opened his eyes. He saw the familiar and anxious expressions of his parents. He said they were familiar… but  actually, he also felt unfamiliar. 

When Zhuang Zhou dreamt of being a butterfly, did the butterfly dream of Zhuang Zhou or did Zhuang Zhou dream of the butterfly? (T/N: famous Chinese philosopher who dreamt that he was a butterfly and wasn’t certain if he was the butterfly or the butterfly was him.) 

The dream and reality tightly wove together, giving Shen Feixiao a very strange illusion. He even began to suspect that this was a fantasy set up by someone. 

If an average person encountered such a situation, his state of mind would have to be in chaos for some time. But Shen Feixiao calmly accepted these circumstances, and as for the reason… 

Looking at the novel on his niece’s computer, Shen Feixiao reached out and held his chin.

“Uncle, uncle, what are you looking at?” The niece’s name was Shen Qing. She was sixteen years old and had a pretty good temperament, but always gave Shen Feixiao a strange feeling… (T/N: she says “little uncle,” meaning he is her father’s youngest brother. The uncle used here is specifically for your father’s brothers). 

“What is this novel about?” Shen Feixiao clicked open the novel titled “The Immortal Cultivation Record,” and his expression was subtle. 

“Oh, this one ah.” Inexplicably relieved, Shen Qing clearly stated with justified forcefulness: “This is a cultivation novel, and it’s okay, but the author hasn’t updated in a long time, it is estimated to be pit…” (T/N: pit, colloquially a fraud). 

“Is it.” Shen Feixiao blinked: “How is this person’s name the same as mine?”

“It’s a coincidence, absolutely a coincidence.” Some cold sweat emerged on Shen Qing’s forehead–she would never tell her uncle that she started reading this book just for that reason!!! Fantasizing about uncle and the villain’s gay love was too much undoubtedly! (T/N: 有木有, internet slang meaning undoubtedly. Actually QKY used this a lot but I didn’t insert it everywhere, because it was too jarring). (T/N 2: Fantasizing–also slang. Author used YY, which means to fantasize. It’s an abbreviation of the pin yin). 

“Oh.” Shen Feixiao responded concisely without much of an expression. He looked at the familiar name in the summary, and there was a faint conjecture in his heart.

“Hehe, uncle, what are you still looking at?” Shen Qing inexplicably felt guilty…

“It’s nothing.” Hearing the little niece’s cry, Shen Feixiao smiled openly: “This book called ‘My Wild Beast of a Daddy’ seems very interesting.”

“…” Shen Qing just knew that her uncle was absolutely black-bellied!!!! (T/N: outwardly kind, inwardly evil). 

“What is this computer document?” Shen Feixiao, in the midst of Shen Qing’s shrieking, clicked on a Word document titled “restrain from clicking.”  

“Shen Feixiao straightened his powerful waist and slammed into Qin Shi’s tight and delicate secret place. He forced Qin Shi to spit out sweet moans and groans. Although Qin Shi was shouting that he didn’t want it, his feet firmly wedged Shen Feixiao’s…”

“…” Shen Feixiao.

“…” Shen Qing expressed that she was going to die.

“Writing is not bad.” Shen Feixiao smiled very elegantly. He reached out and pushed up the  glasses he bought after the car accident, saying lightly: “I think it is necessary to talk to my older brother about the problem of your sex education.”

“…TAT.” Shen Qing was speechless, and choked for a long time before saying weakly: “Uncle… I will be killed by my father.”

“Really?” Shen Feixiao was unmoved.

“This is discrimination, okay, why can you all watch AVs, but I can’t read some p*rno books!!” Shen Qing decided to smash the cracked pot. (T/N: idiom meaning falling into crazy despair after a setback). 

“Your uncle definitely watches AVs.” Shen Feixiao’s tone was calm: “But I would never want to act in an AV. You wrote this little p*rno book well, is there author’s remuneration?”

“…” Shen Qing was defeated.

Looking at Shen Qing’s bitter expression, Shen Feixiao finally broke into a smile. He continued to look at Shen Qing’s document while smiling. After a while, he patted Shen Qing’s head: “Relax, I won’t report these small matters to your dad.”

“Really? Really?” Shen Qing’s eyes brightened.

“Of course.” Shen Feixiao stood up and said helplessly: “But books like ‘My Wild Beast of a Daddy,’ read less of those, you’re still a little girl…”

“Long live uncle!!! Forever a total top~~~~” Shen Qing cheered happily. (T/N: ??? She called her uncle a gong?? Pretty sure this is the right translation!)

Of course, she was too happy to notice that Shen Feixiao’s expression as he looked at her computer document was complicated. 

…Shen Feixiao would never admit it, but Shen Qing’s document brought some memories to the surface. He clearly saw in his mind’s eye those groans, those struggles… and that tight feeling. 

After taking off his glasses and rubbing the corners of his eyes, Shen Feixiao’s complexion was not very good. He didn’t know if there was a Qin Shi in this world, but according to Tang Shayun’s memory and Qin Shi’s ever-present wish to go home, his shixiong… should also be a person of this world.

Afterwards, Shen Feixiao began a detailed investigation. He started with “The Immortal Cultivation Record”, and soon there was a candidate in his mind–the author of “The Immortal Cultivation Record,” Qin Kaiyi.

Shen Feixiao slept in the ward for nearly a month after the car accident. During this month, “The Immortal Cultivation Record” had not a single word of an update, as if the author had suddenly disappeared. Furthermore, on the second day after he woke up, “The Immortal Cultivation Record” announced that it wanted to cheat its readers out of a continuation. 

This was too much of a coincidence to be just a coincidence. 

Shen Feixiao’s family background was very complicated, and his car accident was also fishy. Therefore, even if he had discovered this, he had to first deal with some people and matters before looking for Qin Kaiyi. 

However, the Heavens’ favorite pastime was probably playing pranks. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t expect to see Qin Kaiyi in his own family’s company.

Seeing the person in a photo appear in front of him alive, Shen Feixiao was not actually anxious to seek proof. He carefully observed Qin Kaiyi, wanting to seek out something therefrom. 

A person’s height could change, and his appearance could also change, but his small movements, tone, and unconscious habits all gave Shen Feixiao a message–the probability that Qin Kaiyi and Qin Shi were the same person was very high.

As the saying goes, he had broken in iron shoes without finding what he sought, but when he finally obtained his desires he expended no energy. Shen Feixiao’s eyes let slip a gentleness that he himself wasn’t aware of–the Qin Shi of that world eventually escaped from his hands, but in this world… he definitely would not give Qin Kaiyi the opportunity again! 


When Qin Kaiyi woke up, he found himself lying on a large bed. It was only after he shakingly crawled up that he discovered that his clothes had been changed. 

Looking at the pure white pajamas, Qin Kaiyi’s mouth twitched: “Anyone there?”

“Shixiong?” Shen Feixiao came in from the doorway with a glass of water in his hand, his smiling face like a flower: “Are you better?”

“Shen, Shen, Shen Feixiao!!!” Qin Kaiyi felt like he could almost faint again. 

“En.” Qin Kaiyi’s reaction strengthened Shen Feixiao’s guess. He sat beside Qin Kaiyi and handed him a glass of water: “Drink some water, did you not have breakfast?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi dazedly took the cup, and held back for a long while before squeezing out a sentence: “Imprisonment in this world is illegal!”

“…” Shen Feixiao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Shixiong, I didn’t plan to do anything to you.”

“Really?” Qin Kaiyi vigilantly looked at Shen Feixiao. He appeared to still not believe him much: “I, I’m actually not Qin Shi, you have found the wrong person.”

Wasn’t this reaction a bit too slow? Shen Feixiao was helpless: “I actually never said that you are Qin Shi.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to thrash his own big mouth. 

“Relax, I won’t lock you up.” Knowing what Qin Kaiyi was thinking, Shen Feixiao lightly said: “Why aren’t you writing that novel anymore?”

“…” Qin Kaiyi heard this sentence and was like a cat whose tail had been stepped on: “You–investigated me!!!”

“No.” Shen Feixiao lied without any psychological barriers: “Aren’t you working in my family’s company? I read your resume.”

“…” Qin Kaiyi stopped talking again.

After a while, Qin Kaiyi spoke weakly: “Why are you here in this world too?”

“I have always been in this world.” Shen Feixiao’s gaze was warm and gentle: “It was just that I had a car accident some time ago, and then had a long dream.”

“Oh.” Qin Kaiyi took a sip of water, a little relieved. “Actually I also had a dream, but since it was a dream…”

Hearing this sentence, Shen Feixiao’s gaze gradually cooled. 

“…” Qin Kaiyi wanted to say that they should consider each other as someone the other did not know. However, facing Shen Feixiao’s icy stare, he simply swallowed those words back. 

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao suddenly smiled. “I did something that hurt you in that world, and you killed me… we can count it as a debt settled?”

“En, en.” Qin Kaiyi nodded hurriedly.

“Then me wanting to pursue you again in this world is another matter.” Shen Feixiao said directly: “I want you.”

A mouthful of blood stuck in Qin Kaiyi’s throat–actually he should have long ago understood. Whether it was this world or the other, Shen Feixiao wouldn’t change a bit. He was still a pervert! 

Seeing Qin Kaiyi looking like he wanted to cry but had no tears, Shen Feixiao cheerily pressed a soft kiss on his lips: “But this time, I will not force you again.”


Wowowow, SFX wants QKY even when he’s a little otaku and not a universally desired man with a knife-cut nose bridge? Color me shocked!

ASV Chapter 85

Although Qin Kaiyi did not want to admit it, he could not deceive himself. He had imagined the scene of returning to his original world after killing Shen Feixiao countless times, but when this scene really arrived, Qin Kaiyi was cowardly. He held Shen Feixiao in his arms as he gradually lost his life, crying like a despairing child: “Shen Feixiao don’t die… Shen Feixiao…” 

The Feng Shen Gu could make Qin Kaiyi feel Shen Feixiao’s life passing, and Qin Kaiyi once again realized that he was so useless.

Shen Feixiao no longer had the strength to speak. His lips were pale and bloodless, and his hands were stained red. He looked at Qin Kaiyi’s face which was almost within his reach, and stretched out a trembling hand, but he could not expel a single word.

Qin Kaiyi whimpered and hugged the person in his arms tightly. That grief-stricken, inconsolable appearance rendered Ziyang Pei, who was standing to the side, speechless. 

Ziyang couldn’t save Qin Kaiyi, just as Qin Kaiyi couldn’t save Shen Feixiao.

At the moment when the world in front of him darkened, Shen Feixiao’s state of mind was very calm. His heart demon was already very powerful, and he had given the Rain-Soaked Bell, which healed the mind, to Qin Kaiyi. On most days, there were few times when he could achieve clarity; his mind was filled with bloody images. It was only when he was with Qin Kaiyi that this cruelty and ferocity could somewhat be suppressed. 

Shen Feixiao didn’t worry about Qin Kaiyi. He knew that his shixiong had his own world and would not enter eternal darkness with him. This was also very good.

Shen Feixiao, whose body became ice-cold, calmly thought that when he came to this world, he was destined to be alone. At the moment he left… he was also alone. 

“Shen Feixiao.” Qin Kaiyi’s voice became weaker and weaker. The blood spilling from his mouth dyed his long white hair and white clothes, striking a contrast that made it seem as if his entire person would disappear. 

Zi Yangpei finally couldn’t hold back. He pulled Qin Kaiyi, who was about to leave along with the outflow of Shen Feixiao’s life, into his arms. 

“Qin Shi, Qin Shi…” The rims of Ziyang Pei’s eyes were red, and his voice was like a desperate cornered animal’s: “Qin Shi don’t leave me, Qin Shi…” 

Qin Kaiyi couldn’t hear Ziyang Pei’s voice anymore. He felt as if a big hole been ripped open on his chest. The pain made him unable to speak, only allowing him to softly mumble. His senses blurred. 

Was this the taste of death? Qin Kaiyi thought that it was really uncomfortable. That bear child Shen Feixiao didn’t forget to comfort him even at this time, he… ai… 

“Qin Shi… Qin Shi… What’s wrong with your body? Qin Shi?” Ziyang Pei watched in disbelief as Qin Kaiyi’s body gradually became transparent: “You… why are you…”

“It’s finally time to go back.” Qin Kaiyi closed his eyes tiredly. He already felt a force pulling at his soul.

As expected, not long after, the system prompt sounded in Qin Kaiyi’s ears for the last time. 

[System Prompt: Completed the task to be personally killed by Shen Feixiao, received 100% return value, will return soon; completed the task to be personally killed by Shen Feixiao, received 100% return value, will return soon; return countdown: 5, 4, 3, 2…] He was going back. Qin Kaiyi’s face was numb. What originally should have given him great excitement inexplicably lost its original meaning. Qin Kaiyi’s head weakly fell on Ziyang Pei’s shoulder, and he slowly closed his eyes–so tired, I really want to… sleep

“Qin Shi…” Knowing that he was powerless to reverse the movements of the heavens, Ziyang Pei desired to go insane. (T/N: figuratively meaning, he was powerless to reverse a desperate situation). 

“Ziyang Shi… Ziyang Shi, I know I owe you, but what I should have paid back I have, why would you… push me like this?” Some length of time later, Ziyang Pei slowly let go of the already silent Qin Kaiyi. He turned his head and vehemently glared at Ziyang Shi, who stood to the side expressionlessly. 

“Brother, of course you owe me.” Ziyang Shi smiled indifferently. That face like a good-looking woman’s was full of malicious laughter: “It is because of you that he would die. Now that you have lost your most beloved person, isn’t that great? Like this, we have finally settled this loan.” 

“…” Ziyang Pei heard these words but didn’t show the violent rage that Ziyang Shi expected. Instead, he coldly smiled: “You don’t really think he’s dead?” 

“What?” Ziyang Shi was shocked: “What do you mean?”

“My good little brother.” Ziyang Pei’s smile seemed as if he was crying: “My good little brother… who told you that Yan Gu died?”

“… Didn’t he go with Xue Xian back then?” Ziyang Shi’s expression was shocked.

“But he didn’t die.” Ziyang Pei looked at Ziyang Shi indifferently: “In Xue Xian’s secret realm… he survived.” 

“…” Ziyang Shi’s expression made it seem like he had seen a ghost. 

Too much plotting and scheming–this saying was probably made for Ziyang Shi. 

“Don’t mind it, it is I who owes you.” Ziyang Pei began to chuckle lowly. He picked up Qin Kaiyi’s body in one go, without even glancing at Shen Feixiao on the ground, then turned and left. 

“…Didn’t die?” Ziyang Shi looked like a petrified statue. He looked at Ziyang Pei’s back and foolishly murmured: “Yan Gu… didn’t die?”

Well, Qin Kaiyi left a poignant story in this world, but this already had nothing to do with him… Looking at the familiar room and messy decorations, Qin Kaiyi almost wanted to cry bitterly… He really… went back.

Stumbling into the bathroom, Qin Kaiyi looked at that face in the mirror that was both familiar and unfamiliar. Tears ran down his cheeks–he really came back, he really… returned to the world that he originally belonged to. 

The desktop computer on the table was still exuding a faint light. The Word document on his screen looked so pale and wan. Qin Kaiyi slowly sat on the computer chair and, word by word, sentence by sentence, read the novel that he had written himself. 

“Shen Feixiao…” When he saw that name, Qin Kaiyi finally couldn’t hold back, and his voice became hoarse and choked with emotion: “Shen Feixiao…”

Shen Feixiao died, and he came back. Why could he come back… because Shen Feixiao died.

Lying on the  computer desk, shoulders twitching, Qin Kaiyi cried loudly in complete disregard for his image. 

There were always so many headache-inducing choices in the world. Even if one wasn’t willing, he would eventually have to choose an answer. 

“Don’t write novels anymore, don’t write novels anymore.” One by one, all his typed words were deleted. As if encountering an obstacle set up by a demon, Qin Kaiyi’s tears completely covered his cheeks. 

But if the words were deleted, could those memories be deleted? When Qin Kaiyi fell tiredly on the bed, his heart was full of apprehension and despair that he could not voice out. Even if he closed his eyes, he would picture Shen Feixiao’s sickly pale face, and beside his ears, Shen Feixiao’s voice would sound out with a “shixiong”… 

There were some people who, though you might not have loved them, you could never forget them. 

Although Qin Kaiyi wanted to go home for a long time, when he really returned to his home, he felt some strangeness in this originally familiar scenery.

He had been in that world for more than twenty years.

But after all was said and done, he had accomplished his ultimate wish. Qin Kaiyi muddleheadedly fell asleep. 


The following days of his life could be said to be ordinary and mediocre. 

Qin Kaiyi gave up on continuing his novel, and chose an unkind pit to fall into.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to write, but that he… really didn’t dare to write. 

When one day you realized that everything you wrote would come true, as long as you were a human, you would hesitate. Because you would never know… if you would be forcefully pulled into that world. 

Changing his homebody otaku habits, Qin Kaiyi found a job that couldn’t be counted as too good. He became an ordinary little office worker. Sometimes he couldn’t resist opening the comments on the novel he wrote. As if to torture himself, he would look at the the cheated readers’ helpless and angry messages. 

This kind of behavior originally had not much of an effect on Qin Kaiyi, until one day–he saw one particular kind of comment. 

“The ending of this novel should be that Shen Feixiao fell in love with Qin Shi, and then they died together.”

If it were before, Qin Kaiyi would have laughed off this sentence. After all, the number of those life forms called fujoshis in this world couldn’t be counted as few, and there was no need to make a fuss about nothing. But because of some inexplicable reason, Qin Kaiyi steadfastly stared at this comment until his cigarette almost burned his finger and roused him. 

When Qin Kaiyi reacted, he realized… that his back was soaked with cold sweat.

“Hehe.” Laughing hollowly, Qin Kaiyi extinguished his cigarette butt, and barely managed to pull out a weird smile: “That must be a wrong impression, definitely… a misconception.”

If it wasn’t a misconception, how could he see a certain person’s shadow in such an unexceptional comment? 

The man was already dead; he died in front of him… and he was killed by his own hands. Qin Kaiyi exhaled and turned off his computer with a tired expression.

His current life was very bland, but he wouldn’t be like how he was before, always hoping for some adventure. After all, since he had experienced so many things, Qin Kaiyi realized that sometimes blandness was a kind of blessing. 

But would the heavens be kind enough to let Qin Kaiyi live in peace?

Fate was like a naughty child, secretly turning a corner in a maze, and cracking another joke–not big but not small–at a certain person. 

“Qin Kaiyi, I heard that there were some structural changes to the department. Someone from the top is coming down,”  a gossiping colleague named Jia whispered. 

“What?” Qin Kaiyi stopped the movements of his hands and turned his head: “Who is coming down?”

“I heard that it is the boss’s son.” Colleague Jia saw that Qin Kaiyi was interested and became even more full of zeal: “A famous highly eligible bachelor… called Shen… Shen what was it again?”

“Shen Feixiao?” Stupefied, Qin Kaiyi blurted this out. 

“Yes, how did you know!” Colleague Jia’s expression was full of surprise.

Qin Kaiyi heard this and suddenly felt a wave of strong dizziness. He failed to stabilize his body and directly collapsed backwards.

“Shixiong.” In the midst of his vague perception, a certain man’s deep voice sounded beside his ear: “How can you be so careless… what would you do if you fell.”

“…” He must have been experiencing an illusion. Before finally losing consciousness, Qin Kaiyi firmly grabbed at someone’s collar. Such an illusion wasn’t bad. 

ASV Chapter 84

Although Ziyang Pei attacked Shen Feixiao ruthlessly, the soul contract he made with Qin Kaiyi foreordained that the outcome of a battle between the two men fighting would be impossible to predict. Qin Kaiyi shrank in Ziyang Shi’s arms and watched for a while, feeling that something was not quite right… 

“Are you buying time?” Qin Kaiyi looked at Ziyang Shi and frowned, “What on earth do you two want?”

“Why don’t you guess?” Ziyang Shi expressionlessly watched Shen Feixiao and Ziyang Pei fight, not even glancing at Qin Kaiyi. “It seems you’re not yet stupid enough that there’s no antidote.” (T/N: no such antidote = idiom meaning beyond redemption). 

The bad hunch in Qin Kaiyi’s mind strengthened…

“Ai, I say, Shen Feixiao too.” It was unclear what he had thought of; Ziyang Shi’s face suddenly opened up in a smile: “He can even forget such important matters. Do you think he’s really stupid or pretending to be stupid?”

“What…you…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly understood what Ziyang Shi wanted to do. His face turned white as if with one brushstroke, and his lips slightly trembled: “You want to use me?”

“Yi? Finally reacted?” Stretching out a hand and touching Qin Kaiyi’s face twice, Ziyang Shi smiled and said: “Aren’t those words superfluous? If you didn’t have anything for us to use, why would we get you out?” 

…Well, sure enough, he shouldn’t believe Ziyang Pei. Qin Kaiyi smiled in self-mockery.

“En, it’s almost time.” After a while, Ziyang Shi looked up at the sky and said to himself: “… Then let’s get started.”

As soon as Ziyang Shi’s voice reached his ears, Qin Kaiyi felt a sharp pain in his belly. He opened his mouth wide and wanted to shout, but his voice stuck in his throat. He couldn’t say anything. Ziyang Shi, firmly holding him as he tried to struggle, resumed staring expressionlessly at the fight between Ziyang Pei and Shen Feixiao. 

Feng Shen had a miraculous effect… If one of them suffered an unbearable injury, then the injury would be transferred to the other person.

As expected, Shen Feixiao, who had originally had the advantage, showed some slight changes in his expression. His quick movements also slowed. It seemed that Shen Feixiao knew what was going on–he turned his head and looked at Ziyang Shi with cold indifference. 

“… His aura is really not bad.” Zi Yangshi’s chest tightened at Shen Feixiao’s gaze, but he forced himself to calm down: “There’s no point in looking at me, if not for Qin Shi still having use… I would have long ago dispatched you.”

Qin Kaiyi, who was still in Ziyang Shi’s arms, was about to pass out completely from pain. He curled up into a ball and rigidly covered his abdomen with his hands. Large beads of sweat flowed down his cheeks, and even his lips became a pale white from the harsh pain. 

“Ziyang Shi.” Seeing Qin Kaiyi hurting like this, Ziyang Pei’s faintly threatening words transferred over: “Don’t forget what you promised me back then.”

“Of course I know, isn’t he not dead yet?” Hearing Ziyang Pei’s cold reminder, Ziyang Shi coldly snorted. He directly flew with Qin Kaiyi to the ground, and then threw Qin Kaiyi off: “Hurry it up and finish.”

“…” Seeing Ziyang Shi’s movements, Ziyang Pei’s expression became a little bit gloomy. 

Shen Feixiao knew what Ziyang Shi did to Qin Kaiyi, and his movements became less polite. At the beginning, he had to pay a little attention to his own safety. Now he began to fight as if he didn’t want his own life, so that Ziyang Pei had no choice but to repeatedly dodge and sidestep to avoid his sharp blade. 

“Are you really willing to kill Qin Shi?” As he continued his onslaught, Shen Feixiao’s face suddenly formed a strange smile: “En?” 

“Of course not willing,” Ziyang Pei said while evading.

“Then you don’t know that Qin Shi cannot live if I die?” Shen Feixiao narrowed his eyes.

“Of course I know.” Zi Yangpei sneered: “You don’t have to sound me out, Shen Feixiao. When you used the Feng Shen, did you ever think that the Feng Shen… could also be removed?” 

“What?” Shen Feixiao obviously did not expect this; he looked stunned. “What did you say?”

“Hahaha… Didn’t your cute, good, domesticated eggplant tell you?” Ziyang Pei laughed, and his smile was full of mockery: “Feng Shen is a female Gu; if it encounters a male Gu…” 

But before Ziyang Pei finished his words, both of their movements stopped. 

The reason for why Ziyang Pei and Shen Feixiao stopped fighting was quite simple–Qin Kaiyi, who had been thrown on the ground, shouted with extreme misery. 

Shen Feixiao and Qin Kaiyi’s perceptions were partially connected, so he naturally understood what Qin Kaiyi was feeling. He hatefully glared at Ziyang Shi, who stood to the side and looked completely unconcerned, and coldly said: “Do you believe that I won’t kill you right now?” 

“Ziyang Shi, stop before going too far.” This time Ziyang Pei unexpectedly stood on Shen Feixiao’s side.

“Brother, this is not because of me.” Ziyang Shi met with both their gazes and spread out his hands, seemingly helpless: “It appears that the golden core in his abdomen has some problems. I haven’t tormented him too much.” 

Shen Feixiao’s expression became one of concentration. Apparently thinking of something, he didn’t care about Ziyang Pei behind him and directly flew to where Qin Kaiyi was lying. 

After flying to Qin Kaiyi’s side, Shen Feixiao hurriedly reached out and investigated his abdomen. His expression became grave–the demonic energy sealed by him in Qin Kaiyi’s dantian was really a mess. The originally solidified golden core had a crack threading through it, and as he watched it seemed it would split, killing its owner. 

“Ziyang Shi, what the hell did you do to him!” Shen Feixiao’s eyes reddened with anger, and he stepped forward and grabbed Ziyang Shi’s collar: “Do you want to die?”

“If I die, then he can’t live either.” Ziyang Shi didn’t fear Shen Feixiao’s threat at all. Instead, he opened Shen Feixiao’s hand, manner relaxed. “Instead of wasting time here with me, it’s better to bring him to Yu Hong earlier. Maybe he can still be saved.” 

“…” Shen Feixiao vehemently gritted his teeth, forcing himself to temporarily restrain himself. He turned to embrace Qin Kaiyi, who was on his last gasp, up. Because of this, he didn’t notice the wisp of coldness that slipped past in Ziyang Shi’s gaze. 

Ziyang Pei was the first to notice that something was wrong with Ziyang Shi’s strange smile. He first froze and then shouted: “Shen Feixiao put down Qin Shi!” (T/N: author wrote Qin Kaiyi here again).

“Wha…” Shen Feixiao didn’t finish speaking–it was too late.

Qin Kaiyi, who should have long ago lost consciousness, had a twisted smile on his face. One of his hands had run through Shen Feixiao’s chest. 

“…” Shen Feixiao’s expression, originally surprised and angered, stiffened upon seeing Qin Kaiyi’s face. He sighed, as if to say that there was nothing he could do about Qin Kaiyi, and knelt on one knee with a bitter smile. “Shixiong, you are… really ruthless.” 

Feng Shen, Feng Shen, link thou life to mine.

When Shen Feixiao’s body was irreversibly injured, Qin Kaiyi’s mouth also overflowed with blood. He instantly woke up from the control of Ziyang Shi’s Gu, and his entire body began to tremble: “Shen Feixiao… you…”

“Ziyang Shi!!!!!!” Ziyang Pei’s shout sounded behind Shen Feixiao, carrying enormous rage. As if he had gone insane, he rushed towards the expressionless Ziyang Shi standing at the side, ruthlessly slapping him in the face. He madly roared: “You didn’t take away Qin Shi’s Feng Shen, why would you promise me, Ziyang Shi!!!!”

“So what if I promised you?” Ziyang Shi fell to the ground from Ziyang Pei’s strike, but he seemed not to care. Laying on the ground, he reached out a hand and wiped the fresh blood from his mouth, then lazily said: “Brother, back then you had promised me to stay with me for a lifetime.” 

“…” Ziyang Pei finally understood… They were all fooled by Ziyang Shi


Qin Kaiyi’s hands were covered with Shen Feixiao’s blood, and his chest was also very pained, but he knew… his pain and Shen Feixiao’s could not be compared…

“Qin Shi, Qin Shi, are you okay…” No longer worrying about Ziyang Shi on the ground, Ziyang Pei anxiously ran to Qin Kaiyi’s side. He watched Shen Feixiao firmly embracing Qin Kaiyi. Shen Feixiao’s vital signs seem to fade bit by bit, and Ziyang Pei almost collapsed. He wanted to pull Qin Kaiyi out of Shen Feixiao’s arms, but was afraid to aggravate Shen Feixiao’s injuries and cause Qin Kaiyi’s life to fade away faster. 

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao didn’t show any anger or hatred for this action that drove him to death’s door. His expression was gentle, but the blood unceasingly spilling out from the sides of his mouth destroyed any softness in this scene: “Shixiong… are you… going back to your world?” 

“Shen Feixiao…” Qin Kaiyi was terrified into foolishness. He kept wiping at the blood around Shen Feixiao’s mouth with his hands, and his whole body was shaking: “Shen Feixiao, don’t die…”

“Don’t blame you.” Shen Feixiao lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Qin Kaiyi’s lips, still smiling: “I don’t blame shixiong, and shixiong, don’t blame yourself. This was all Feixiao… reaping what he has sown.” 

“…” Qin Kaiyi hurriedly gasped for breath, he knew that Shen Feixiao wouldn’t live… and the Feng Shen inside of him… told him this information… 

Should he be happy? He could finally go back, he could finally leave this world, he could finally escape Shen Feixiao’s imprisonment, he could finally…

But why… did he want to cry so much? 

There will always be someone in the world who you may not love, and you may even hate, but he has drawn a dense and profound mark on your life’s path, so that in this life… you could never forget him. 

“My God.” Qin Kaiyi stretched out a hand to cover his face, his expression instantly overflowing with grief: “Actually, I was wrong from the beginning… doing unnecessary affectionate things was something this world needed least… Shen Feixiao, your life should have been smooth sailing, you should have been a king overlooking this all, it’s all my fault… it’s all my fault…” (T/N: “doing unnecessary affectionate things”–自作多情, literally doing extra feelings by yourself, figuratively means showering affection on an uninterested party). 

The most terrifying part of the butterfly effect was that you would never know what it would bring you in the end. 

“Don’t blame you.” Shen Feixiao’s voice became weaker and weaker, but he was still comforting Qin Kaiyi. He knew exactly what murder meant for Qin Kaiyi, so he felt that he must exhaust the last of his strength to try and absolve Qin Kaiyi of sin: “Shixiong… I…”

“…Shen Feixiao? What’s wrong with you… speak… Shen Feixiao…? Why… did you stop talking…?” Qin Kaiyi finally burst into tears at this moment: “Fuck, you fucking… don’t die.”

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R:DSAT Chapter 201: I’m Not a Good Person

Luo Wei and Sima Qingsha exited the tent to discuss. Glancing at the pills on the floor, Luo Wei had Wei Lan follow him out and ordered Imperial Physician Wei and Ten to clean up. 

“This medicine can’t be eaten anymore, right?” Sima Qingsha asked Luo Wei, not knowing the inside story. 

“How can it go in mouths when it’s dirty?” Luo Wei replied. “Your Highness, I also don’t like this warm tent. You should change the camping tent for me.” 

“What aren’t you satisfied with?” Sima Qingsha inquired. “Are the subordinates handling your affairs not wholehearted?” 

“It’s too noisy and dark over there.” Luo Wei looked at the surrounding tents, and it seemed that only his and Sima Qingsha’s tents looked decent. He pretended not to realize and pointed at Sima Qingsha’s resting tent, “I like the one next to it.” 

The complexions of the Northern Yan people behind Sima Qingsha turned strange. Only Sima Qingsha carelessly smiled, “Then Yun Qi can live in that warm tent.”  

“Where is Your Highness’s tent located?” Luo Wei deliberately asked. 

“Mine hasn’t been decided yet.” It would not be easy for Sima Qingsha to say now that he wanted to live in Luo Wei’s original tent. 

Luo Wei looked back uneasily. Seeing that Wei Lan was still behind him, he was reassured enough to turn back and converse with Sima Qingsha. 

Wei Lan knew Luo Wei wasn’t trusting him, fearing that there were overlooked pills in the tent that he would pick up. Wei Lan only blamed himself for losing Luo Wei’s trust. He was the one who lied to this person first. 

Having inspected the barracks, Sima Qingsha wanted to go to Eastern Shang’s camp and find Yang Yuansu. 

“You won’t go with me?” Sima Qingsha asked Luo Wei. 

“What would I have to talk about with that Grand Prince?” Luo Wei declined. “Let’s forget it.” 

At that, Sima Qingsha left with his people. 

Luo Wei also did not return to his warm tent. With him in front and Wei Lan behind him, the two of them walked to the north side of the barracks. This place was far from the battlefield ahead, and there were no soldiers walking around and performing their duties. Patrolling Northern Yan sentries saw Luo Wei and Wei Lan standing there but did not move forward, walking far away from them. 

Luo Wei looked at the desolate grasslands of Tian Shui fountainhead, whose boundary couldn’t be seen. Not long after, he also saw a lone goose fly over from the horizon. The sky accumulated thick clouds and gave no sunlight, murky, gloomy, and cold. Luo Wei did not know how long he stood for. Only when he felt his legs numb, did he open his mouth to speak to the identically silent Wei Lan, “Long Xuan gave you those drugs?” 

Wei Lan sidestepped the question, “Young master, i haven’t used that drug.” 

“Didn’t Imperial Physician Wei say so? You haven’t used that drug,” Luo Wei said. “That day you came back and asked me to be wary of Luo Ting Chao, saying you followed Long Xuan and discovered a private house of his. Was it that day? Long Xuan found you, and gave you the drugs? Tell the truth.” Having calmed down, Luo Wei did not need to expend much energy to figure out this matter. 

“Yes.” Luo Wei had hit the nail on the head. Other than the truth, what else could Wei Lan say?  

“I’ve told you to avoid him a bit, why would you still meet with him?” 

Wei Lan opened his mouth, but couldn’t speak. Subconsciously, Wei Lan felt that Long Xuan was making considerations on Luo Wei’s behalf. At the very least, in this matter, he didn’t want to speak ill of Long Xuan. 

“He said it was for me?” Luo Wei asked.

Wei Lan replied, “Young master, I may not be able to protect you now.” 

Luo Wei turned around and walked to Wei Lan’s side. “Lan, do you know what I’d do if you ate that drug?” 

Wei Lan shook his head. 

“I would kill you,” Luo Wei’s hand caressed Wei Lan’s cheek. His hand was ice-cold, and he felt the warm skin beneath his hand gradually chill as well, “Watching you, in the end, have your body fester until you die, I would rather you die without suffering.” 

“Young master,” Wei Lan reached out to grasp Luo Wei’s hand, but Luo Wei avoided him. 

“Finally I’ll go find Long Xuan. Even if I have to pay with a lifetime, I’ll avenge you. I wouldn’t let him die easily,” Luo Wei continued. “After killing Long Xuan, I would find you in the underworld. Didn’t we always speak of Xuan Zhou? Then we’ll be buried together in Xuan Zhou.” 

“Young master don’t say anymore.” Frightened by Luo Wei’s words, Wei Lan wanted to cover Luo Wei’s mouth. “I won’t be like this anymore.”

“Lan.” At this time, Luo Wei did take Wei lan’s hand in his. “I am not a good person, everything is for myself and for selfish profit. You can’t leave before me, because then I will be sad. I would rather you be sad than me.” 

Wei Lan covered Luo Wei’s mouth, begging, “I was wrong this time. Young master don’t speak anymore, I won’t do it again, I don’t have the medicine anymore. I will definitely not let the young master see me die.” 

“Even if I die, you must live,” Luo Wei pried Wei Lan’s hand off, continuing, “Because I want to see you live well.” 

“Without the young master, I…” 

“That’s why I am a selfish person. I will wait for you down below. After you’ve lived a good life, you can come see me. Otherwise I won’t forgive you, and won’t see you again.” 

Hearing Luo Wei’s words, Wei Lan’s entire body rapidly chilled, until the cold reached within his heart. He knew that some words could not be taken as true, but at this moment, Luo Wei seemed cruel and unfeeling in Wei Lan’s heart. Why can you leave first, but I can’t? You would be sad, but not me? But he could not speak this way in front of Luo Wei, and so Wei Lan could not voice these questions. 

“Long Xuan and I are both bad people,” Luo Wei spoke again of Long Xuan, “what’s between him and me, Lan wouldn’t understand. The debt between bad people is not something a person like Lan could understand.” 

“If the young master doesn’t tell me, how can I understand?” Wei Lan retorted. 

“I can’t explain,” Luo Wei replied. “Before I met Lan, I thought that if I had the opportunity, I would take Long Xuan with me to the grave. That way the debt would be repaid. I could reincarnate as a pig or a dog in the next life, anything would be fine, I have no need to be a person again. After meeting Lan, I had plans for myself again. I don’t want to die with him. As long as the Crown Prince can ascend to the throne, as long as he cannot harm my family, I’ll go with Lan to find a place to live out our lives. Lan, I scheme against others in a hundred and one ways, I think to exhaustion. But I’ve never had bad intentions towards you. At least in front of you, i can be a good person.” 

The sky again began to pelt raindrops.

Wei Lan covered Luo Wei and himself with a cloak. Wei Lan felt as if hot oil roiled in his heart, but he still lowered his eyes and said, “I know, I won’t lie to you again. I won’t think of using my life in exchange for yours. Even if the young master is no longer here, Wei Lan will live on.” 

“Long Xuan has never taken human life seriously. I am the same. Human lives in our eyes aren’t worth mentioning. But Lan’s life,” Luo Wei was still gazing into the distance, “is more important than anything else in my heart.” 

Wei Lan seemed to have tears in his eyes, but he could not cry them out. He was a beggar, a filthy Qi Lin Shadow Guard, a plaything, just such a person and nothing more. According to anyone, he was not important. Why would someone whose life was lesser than mole crickets and ants be so important to Luo Wei? 

(T/N: “mole crickets and ants” figuratively means tiny individuals with no power)

“Long Xuan,” Luo Wei brought Long Xuan up again, his eyes flashing with extreme, bitter resentment, “he just can’t see me doing well!” 

Wei Lan did not see the expression in Luo Wei’s eyes at this moment. He didn’t understand what debts could be owed between a prince and the young master of a prime minister’s family, such that they would use each other’s lives as payment. But Wei Lan also did not want to ask. It was also good that the drugs were discovered. Wei Lan had thought of telling Luo Wei; in fact, he was also selfish. He was also scared of death, he was scared to death of it. Now that Luo Wei had discovered those drugs, he didn’t have to feel guilty. Even if he was a burden, he could thicken his face and follow Luo Wei at his side.  

(T/N: to thicken his face means he can act more shamelessly, caring less for one’s respectability and reputation) 

“Sorry, I lost my temper at you,” Luo Wei said softly to Wei Lan. “It won’t happen again.” 

Wei Lan gave an “en.” If he could have his life while keeping watch by this person’s side, even if he drifted and lived without purpose he was willing. Wei Lan smiled in self-mockery. He wasn’t some good person either. 

(T/N: drifted and lived without purpose, dragged out an ignoble existence) 

Behind them, war drums sounded. The war broke out again, and they did not know how many more people would walk the road to the Yellow Springs.

(T/N: Chinese underworld) 

The two people in this place both did not look back. They nestled against each other in the rain. With only each other left between the heavens and earth, they would not feel lonely. 


IMO Luo Wei loves Wei Lan more than Wei Lan loves Luo Wei. To Luo Wei, Wei Lan is the only person who ever showed him kindness at his lowest point. Wei Lan is his savior and the only one he can relate to. Meanwhile, to Wei Lan, Luo Wei is a beautiful-looking person who shows him generosity, but he doesn’t really know or understand him. Even when he saves Luo Wei in the last life, it isn’t with deep emotional attachment but more general kindness. Also Wei Lan gives me straight boi vibes. IDK those are just my thoughts 

R:DSAT Chapter 200: Flying Into a Rage in Terror

While Wei Lan still thought of how to fool Luo Wei, Ten ran in and asked Imperial Physician Wei, “Master Wei, what kind of boots are we looking for? Is what we’re wearing now no good?” 

Imperial Physician Wei replied, “The boots you’re wearing are too thin. Go find thicker ones.” 

“Young master, don’t…” Wei Lan could not pay attention to the needles still stuck in his knees and rushed to Luo Wei, but he still ended up looking on helplessly as Luo Wei’s quick hands opened the wooden box. 

Wei Lan reached out, wanting to snatch the box.

Luo Wei held on to that box without loosening his grip, asking Wei Lan, “What medicine is this?” 

Wei Lan hadn’t answered yet when Ten leaned over and muttered, “What medicine did Lan hide for his family’s young master?” 

“What’s this smell?” Luo Wei scented a sharp pine fragrance, and momentarily couldn’t recall what the smell was. 

But Ten’s expression changed. Before Wei Lan had quit his addiction, Ten had seen him eat the same medicine for an entire journey. “Do you not want to live anymore?” Unable to attend to the pleading look on Wei Lan’s face, Ten fisted the lapels on Wei Lan’s chest and yelled, “Why are you eating these things again? These aren’t good things, they can take your life, don’t you know that?!” 

Luo Wei’s body stiffened all over. “What is this?” He asked Ten. 

“Young Master, this is the drug that Wei Lan and the shadow guards ate before, that drug from Qi Lin Villa!” Ten shouted in Luo Wei’s direction, his face ashen. 

“Qi Lin’s secret drug?” Luo Wei’s voice cracked. 

“Yes!” Ten still gripped Wei Lan. 

Luo Wei loosened his hold. Unable to stand, he fell to the ground. 

“Young master,” Wei Lan also threw away the wooden box, squatting down to support Luo Wei. 

“You bastard!” Luo Wei did not know where a burst of energy came from; he suddenly pushed Wei Lan so that Wei Lan sat upon the ground. “You eat this drug? You want to die so badly? Did I say you could die?!” As Luo Wei spoke, his body shook and curled into a ball. 

“I don’t want to die,” Wei Lan saw Luo Wei’s state and felt even more flustered. He went over to hug Luo Wei. 

“Scram!” Luo Wei thought of the four words “Qi Lin secret drug” and his head hurt as if it would explode. Seeing Wei Lan arrive in front of him, he lifted a hand wanting to hit him, but pain rended his heart and he was unable to follow through. 

“You can’t get anxious like this!” At this time, Imperial Physician Wei was hopping mad. He shouted at Luo Wei, “Your heart arteries are injured, don’t you know that? Do you want it to act up again?!” 

“I didn’t eat it.” Wei Lan scooped Luo Wei into a hug, sentences falling from his lips in succession, “I didn’t eat a single one, I only brought it with me, don’t be anxious, I’ll let you hit me, hit me, don’t be anxious all right?” 

How could Luo Wei believe Wei Lan’s assurances now? He’d heard both the imperial physicians and Xiao Yi Apothecary’s people speak of the power of the Qi Lin secret drug. Luo Wei was out of his wits, only thinking that if the wooden box was full then Wei Lan had not eaten the drug. With this idea in mind, Luo Wei struggled out of Wei Lan’s embrace, crawling on the ground as he began to pick up the drugs. 

“Young Master, what are you doing?” Ten also squatted down to ask. He was anxious and did not know what to do. 

Imperial Physician Wei could guess at Luo Wei’s thoughts. In his heart, he sighed that an intelligent person like Luo Wei could also take stupid actions, as he said, “You don’t need to pick it up. I can take Wei Lan’s pulse and know if he’s taken the drug.” 

(T/N: in traditional Chinese medicine, doctors can discern much of a person’s health circumstances by taking the pulse. Taking a person’s pulse in TCM is more like a check-up, though with a simple action.) 

Luo Wei was wholly focused on the soybean-sized pills on the ground. It was as if he hadn’t heard Imperial Physician Wei speak. 

“Come here for me.” Imperial Physician Wei dragged Wei Lan up, and then spoke to Ten: “Help the young master pick up the drugs. If that box isn’t full, then we all won’t live past today.” 

Wei Lan wanted to shake off Imperial Physician Wei’s hand which held his wrist. 

“Don’t move.” As a doctor, Imperial Physician Wei was not Wei Lan’s opponent. After Wei Lan threw his hand aside, Imperial Physician Wei berated, “Yelling for him like this, do you want his cardiovascular disease to act up again? He has something to do, save your useless thoughts!” 

Wei Lan didn’t dare move anymore. 

Luo Wei didn’t even raise his head as he stayed on the ground. He’d set his heart on those pills. 

Imperial Physician Wei pulled Wei Lan aside to sit down. He glanced back at Luo Wei and saw that he hadn’t fainted yet, and then focused on taking Wei Lan’s pulse. 

“I really haven’t taken that drug,” Wei Lan told Imperial Physician Wei again. 

“Don’t talk,” Imperial Physician Wei replied. “I’ll know the truth from the lies in a bit.” 

“You aren’t the imperial physician who treated me before.” 

“I taught that man his medical skills!” 

Wei Lan hoped that Imperial Physician Wei would go to see Luo Wei instead of glaring at him, but seeing that expression of Imperial Physician Wei’s that was comparable to the bottom of a pot, he shut his mouth. 

Imperial Physician Wei did not take Wei Lan’s pulse for long before concluding that it was that of a normal person’s. At this, Imperial Physician Wei eased his worries and said to Luo Wei–who was still busying himself on the ground–“Be at ease young master. This youngster hasn’t eaten that harmful medicine.” 

Luo Wei was still engrossed in eagerly picking up his medicine. Now he wouldn’t believe what anyone said. He only believed in the foolish method he had devised in his panic. 

The pills were only the size of soybeans, and had rolled all over the floor. The tent’s floor was not of flat stone. It was only a slightly dried portion of the muddy grounds of Tian Shui’s fountainhead. It was impossible to pick up all the little pills that had fallen from the wooden box. Luo Wei and Ten searched on the ground for a long time, but didn’t collect much. 

Imperial Physician Wei held a candle for Luo Wei at the side. Seeing that Ten and Wei Lan both did not speak, he said, “Young master, what use is it for you to pick these up like this? What if Lan has more than one box? Then what will you do?”

At this, Luo Wei seemed to wake up from a dream. He lifted his head and looked towards Imperial Physician Wei. “You’re saying he has more?” He asked Imperial Physician Wei. His grip loosened, and the handful of pills he had just picked up all scattered to the ground again. 

Luo Wei scared Imperial Physician Wei stiff. Imperial Physician Wei only then realized that one might fear that Wei Lan was not simply a trusted aide and friend in Luo Wei’s heart. Even when he informed Luo Wei that he might not be able to avoid medicines and stone acupuncture needles for the rest of his life, that man’s expression was a mixture of indifference and apathy. Now this person’s face was full of terror on Wei Lan’s behalf, as if  the sky had fallen and the earth would sink too.

“Young master I truly haven’t taken that drug,” Wei Lan squatted again in front of Luo Wei, hurriedly explaining, “there’s only this one box, no others.”

“Move aside!” Luo Wei pushed Wei Lan to tumble down again, sternly reprimanding, “This place is full of the drugs you want to take; you still want to take them?! Damn thing! If I knew sooner you were like this, why would I have saved you back then?! Die earlier, why should you come again to hurt me!” 

“Young master!” Luo Wei lost his conscience and spoke irresponsibly, but Wei Lan could not bear hearing Luo Wei speaking this way. When he yelled for Luo Wei, grievance colored a great amount of his voice.

“I’ll let you eat it!” Luo Wei stood up and ferociously stomped on the pills on the ground. 

“Young master,” Imperial Physician Wei wanted to persuade Luo Wei, thinking that Luo Wei shouldn’t continue like this. 

“Shut up!” Luo Wei screamed at Imperial Physician Wei, kicking the crushed medicine and dirt at Wei Lan, “Eat it! Eat it in front of me!” 

Since Luo Wei’s rebirth, other than when dealing with the one threatening incident in the Western Mountain hunting grounds involving his second brother Luo Ze, he had never been vicious to another person again. This time, he already revealed all the violence in his temperament that he had hidden away. Luo Wei himself was not aware that in this moment, his face completely lost the mild sunniness it had before. His expression filled with ruthless severity, and the vicious currents emanating from his body even made Ten stand in front of Wei Lan to block him for fear that Luo Wei would strike out and harm Wei Lan.

“What’s going on?” Sima Qingsha walked in without having someone announce him beforehand. 

Luo Wei heard Sima Qingsha’s voice. His back facing Sima Qingsha, he momentarily couldn’t adjust his frame of mind. 

“The medicine spilled?” Sima Qingsha saw the pills on the ground, and only reasoned that the medicine Luo Wei used had spilled. 

(T/N: I should mention that though I refer to the medicine as pills, in TCM, solid medicine usually doesn’t look like the caplets you see in Western medicine. TCM “pills”  are usually balls that are brown in color and slightly soft, with a medicinal/herbal smell). 

“Why has Your Highness come?” Luo Wei turned to face Sima Qingsha, the slight smile that Sima Qingsha was familiar with already on his face. 

Ten helped Wei Lan up and exchanged glances with Imperial Physician Wei. Imperial Physician Wei and Ten then both looked at Wei Lan. There was no discernible expression on Wei Lan’s face now. He only stared at Luo Wei. The three of them had just seen Luo Wei’s face change–this person only needed an instant to go from lightning flashes and thunder rolls to a gentle breeze and fine drizzle. At this moment, the three of them all found Luo Wei unfamiliar, as if they had never known this person. 

“It’s fine,” Ten saw Wei Lan’s complexion lose its color and whispered in comfort, “the young master has finished losing his temper, he won’t do that again.”

Wei Lan stared blankly. The terror in his heart was not less than Luo Wei’s. He was afraid from the drugs being discovered. However, what frightened him more was, if the Luo Wei just now was the real Luo Wei, then who was the person in the past who spoke warmly and softly with him and used the same pillow and bed as him? Wei Lan discovered with trepidation that he actually did not understand Luo Wei. 


The moment Wei Lan realized Luo Wei is a tiger mom.

I guess he won’t find him sessy anymore.

Time for a Long Xuan comeback? Or Sima Qingsha? Hm… 

R:DSAT Chapter 199: Lan, What is This?

Sima Qingsha ordered people to first find a place to camp. He himself went to the rear army and, seeing Luo Wei still there, only then did the anxiety in his heart vanish. 

“How is the battle?” Luo Wei stood in front of Sima Qingsha’s horse and did not wait for Sima Qingsha to dismount before asking. 

“The Black Frost Cavalry is still there, that’s the situation,” Sima Qingsha replied as he prepared to leap off the horse. Seeing Luo Wei’s hand reaching out for him, he didn’t bother to be polite and grabbed that hand as he dismounted. He whispered to Luo Wei, “Mo Huan Sang is strong ah.” 

Luo Wei whispered back, “At the time of death, even if Mo Huan Sang was not a man but a domesticated animal, he would go all out to fight. I’m just curious about why this Black Frost Cavalry is willing to live and die with him.” 

Sima Qingsha walked forward but did not release Luo Wei’s hand. 

Luo Wei turned to Wei Lan and made a gesture for him to stay as he was pulled away by Sima Qingsha. 

Sima Qingsha dragged Luo Wei far away, until they reached an area without people. He stopped where he stood and said, “Yun Qi, I’ll speak frankly with you. I’m not willing to let go of the Black Frost Cavalry, but this army only recognizes Mo Huan Sang. I have no ideas.” 

“Face is dirty,” Luo Wei handed his own handkerchief to Sima Qingsha, “wipe it all right?”

Sima Qingsha took the handkerchief and held it in his hand without wiping his face, allowing the mud on his face to dry into clumps. 

Luo Wei persuaded, “An army is composed of people. Northern Yan’s men are all warlike and plucky. As long as Your Highness has the will, it won’t be difficult to form a world-famous cavalry in the future again. It’s just a pity–why would this Mo Huan Song only recognize Zhuxie? He can’t see that Your Highness is the wiser master?” 

“He and Zhuxie-” Sima Qingsha spoke half a sentence and then stopped, as if what he’d say was too embarrassing to mention. 

“I know, Zhuxie’s wife is from Black Frost’s Mo clan,” Luo Wei continued. “Is this one of the reasons?”

“Mo Huan Sang must die,” Sima Qingsha looked at the mud beneath his feet, then faced Luo Wei, “Yun Qi, I’ve made your feet dirty too.” 

“The roads are just like this, no one can help it.” Luo Wei smiled carelessly. “Relax the restrictions in your heart, Your Highness. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Mo Huan Sang’s army is alone here without food. He can’t last long.” 

“I’m really not willing to let go,” Sima Qingsha murmured.

Luo Wei could only accompany Sima Qingsha, standing at his side. He thought that any monarch would be unwilling to part with such a general and such an army, right? Mo Huan Sang. Luo Wei thought of this name and suddenly felt curiosity towards this man. What kind of person was he after all? In such dire straits, he could still fight like a cornered animal. For the sake of one Sima Zhuxie, he could let go of everything. What on earth was it for? 

At the same time that Sima Qingsha pulled Luo Wei away to pour out his sufferings to him, Wei Lan, Ten, and the others stared blankly at the camp tent prepared for them by the Northern Yan army.

“That’s you guys’ Highness’s sleeping tent, right?” Wei Lan pointed to the neighboring warm tent and asked. 

“That’s right,” the quartermaster affirmed, all smiles. “The grounds here can be considered fairly clean. His Highness specially ordered this.” 

Wei Lan wanted to say more, but Ten pulled at him from behind to shut him up. He turned to the quartermaster and politely said, “Many thanks, we’ll go into the tent and arrange it for our young master.” 

(T/N: Author wrote that Long Xuan pulled at Wei Lan. I am 99% sure that the author meant Ten.)

“Please enter.” The quartermaster attentively reminded, “If anything is missing, then sirs can find this subordinate and I will definitely manage it.” 

Ten replied with an “of course,” and entered this warm tent that had just been set up with Wei Lan and the other guards. As this resting tent was prepared for Luo Wei to live in, the furnace was already burning and the temperature within the tent was much higher than it was outside. No one spoke after they entered the tent; they looked at each other in dismay. Living right under someone’s nose, escape would be more difficult. 

After Luo Wei returned and took a look at his tent, then reassured the miserable-looking fellows at his side, saying, “When the fighting really starts, who can still care about us ah. At that time we can escape just the same.”

Imperial Physician Wei sat next to the furnace rolling medicinal pills in his hands. At this time he spoke up: “You all should still prepare more clothes and find boots to wear. If we run into a marsh, don’t count on how tough you are with your martial arts. If we really enter there, some stinking martial arts are useless.” 

Luo Wei and the others didn’t react much to the dirty words Imperial Physician Wei spat out. Imperial Physician Wei had been odd this whole trip, and had already cleanly tossed away the elegant image he’d had in the hospital. Luo Wei asked, “You’ve been in a marsh?” 

“I have,” Imperial Physician Wei confirmed. “When I was studying medicine, I also entered a marsh to collect herbs. There’s no place in the world I haven’t been.” 

“That’s great.” Luo Wei finally believed that he was right to bring Imperial Physician Wei along. 

Imperial Physician Wei unhappily said to Luo Wei, “Young master, in fact, I’ve always wanted to tell you that a life isn’t to be toyed with.” 

Luo Wei pretended he hadn’t heard Imperial Physician Wei and asked him, “What are you making?” 

“Where can I go to brew medicinal soup when we’re running for our lives?” Imperial Physician Wei replied. “I’m making it into pills for the young master to eat on the road.” 

‘Then why didn’t you do this earlier?” Twelve swiftly inquired. He had brewed medicine for Luo Wei before, and knew that the medicinal soup Luo Wei drank was too bitter to consume.

“This is only a temporary solution!” Imperial Physician Wei fumed at Twelve. Why did this bunch, including Luo Wei, seem to understand nothing? “The medicine is still better if it’s brewed into a juice! You even have to ask me this?!” 

Twelve lowered his head and muttered, “It’s not like I studied medicine.”

“What did you say?” Imperial Physician Wei looked angered.

“Sir Wei it’s been hard on you,” Luo Wei hurriedly smoothed things over. “I’ll have them go find clothes and boots for the marsh.” 

Ten and the others hastened out of the tent for fear that they would be scolded again by Imperial Physician Wei. 

Wei Lan also headed out, but Imperial Physician Wei stopped him with a shout, “Lan ah, your family’s young master has superficial, shaky medical skills. Do you take me to be the same?”

Wei Lan heard this and wanted to run, but Luo Wei grabbed his hand. Imperial Physician Wei’s wording was not quite right, and he spoke of the person Luo Wei cared for. He asked Imperial Physician Wei, “What do you mean by this? What’s wrong with Lan?” 

“I’m fine,” Wei Lan assured Luo Wei, still wanting to leave. 

Luo Wei would not let go of Wei Lan’s hand to let him leave. 

“The young master is someone who doesn’t know martial arts, and now he can reach out a hand and catch you. You’re still saying you’re fine?” Imperial Physician Wei placed the medicinal pills he had finished kneading aside and stood up. He dusted his clothes and walked towards Wei Lan. 

“What happened to you?” Luo Wei stared at Wei Lan and asked. After Imperial Physician Wei spoke, only then did Luo Wei discover that Wei Lan’s movements today were much slower than usual. 

“Imperial Physician Wei,” Wei Lan begged, “you can’t joke with me like this. The young master will be anxious.” 

“If something really happens to you, then your family’s young master will really be anxious to death.” Imperial Physician Wei walked over and lifted a leg to kick at Wei Lan’s knee. 

Wei Lan dodged. 

Imperial Physician Wei said, “Young Master, hold him. This person isn’t honest even in front of a doctor.” 

“Imperial Physician Wei!” 

“Wei Lan!” 

Two shouts sounded out at the same time. 

“Lie down on the bed and let me take a look,” Imperial Physician Wei suggested with good humor. “If you’re ill we’ll treat it, what’s there to shout about?” 

“Lie on the bed ah,” Luo Wei pushed Wei Lan to the side of the bed. 

Wei Lan didn’t dare to fight Luo Wei. He was pushed to sit by Luo Wei. 

“Look at this pair of knees,” Imperial Physician Wei pointed out Wei Lan’s knees–which had swelled to a great height–to Luo Wei. 

“How could this happen?” Luo Wei’s anxiety now set in. 

“He should have been injured here before.” Imperial Physician Wei pressed on Wei Lan’s knees with his hands. “Those who’ve suffered bone injuries will all suffer on excessively rainy days.” 

Luo Wei’s expression changed sharply when he looked at Wei Lan’s complexion. Just as he thought to ask Imperial Physician Wei about this concern, he discovered that Imperial Physician Wei had already pricked Wei Lan’s knees with needles. 

“His pants are all wet. Young master, get a clean one for him,” Imperial Physician Wei ordered Luo Wei around again. 

Luo Wei walked towards Wei Lan’s luggage, which had always been placed together with his own. 

Wei Lan first still endured the pain, watching Imperial Physician Wei placing needles in his red and swollen knees. Suddenly, he thought of something and yelled at Luo Wei, “Young master!” 

Luo Wei already held the wooden box Long Xuan had gifted in his hands. He turned around and asked Wei Lan, “Lan, what is this?”