ASV Chapter 28: The Transmigrator Arbitrarily Entered

Yan Buxuan led the way into the Treasure Pavilion and brought with him someone waiting to enter as well. Qin Kaiyi followed him secretly at the back. Although he trusted in the secret method Yan Gu gave him, he still didn’t dare to fully trust it. On the off-chance that he was discovered, he didn’t believe that Yan Buxuan would be happy to see him. Furthermore, now another transmigrator inexplicably emerged. Observing in secret was obviously the best choice.

Once the “rest” door opened, the pillar of light that originally reached the sky disappeared. After Qin Kaiyi snuck in silently, he kept a safe distance from Yan Buxuan and his team. He quietly Tang Shayun, but did not find any particular oddities. Although Qin Kaiyi suspected that that “transmigrator changing the plot” should be Tang Shayun, he had no conclusive evidence. He also didn’t dare to assume. Furthermore, now the system had given him the mission to prevent that transmigrator from changing the plot… Qin Kaiyi rubbed his chin and thought of two plot points that seemed most important: Shen Feixiao nabbing the Rain-Soaked Bell, and Shen Feixiao and Tang Shayun’s interaction.

But the system explained that he must help Shen Feixiao get the Rain-Soaked Bell, so the only remaining variable was Tang Shuyan, who was currently with Yan Buxuan.

“God… do I need to become a matchmaker?” He grunted. Although there was still some dissatisfaction in his heart, Qin Kaiyi didn’t show it. He reached out and took out the talisman that he had prepared before entering the secret realm. He decided to find Shen Feixiao first and then deliberate.

“Stop.” The group that had originally been moving at full speed stopped when they heard Tang Shuyan’s soft reprimand. They only saw her beautiful eyes turning with a charming brilliance in their depths: “Yang Gongzi, there are mechanisms hidden in front, what do you think we  should do?”

“Mechanisms?” Yan Buxuan glanced with a bit of surprise, but did not ask Tang Shayun how she knew. He pondered for a moment and said: “I don’t know if Miss Tang has any methods?”

“Methods?” Tang Sayun slightly pursed her lips and smiled, “What kind of methods could a weak woman like me have? As an elder of the Ice and Fire Sect, do you have no way to deal with these small mechanisms?”

Having already said so much, Yan Buxuan would seem petty if he continued to evade, so gave a bright smile and cupped his hands in salute: “Since Miss Tang has said as much, then let me do it.” 

After speaking, Yan Buxuan summoned his long sword, and unhesitatingly stepped into the mechanism.

Qin Kaiyi watched quietly in the back, but secretly estimated the time it would take Yan Buxuan to break the array. He remembered that the first mechanism encountered past the “rest” door was the phantom array, and its power was not too great. Yan Buxuan, who was rather strong, should not encounter any problems. 

Tang Shayun saw that Yan Buxuan had begun, and her eyes turned to a Lingshan Sect disciple behind her. She softly asked, “Little shifu, I don’t know if you have a disciple named Shen Feixiao among you?”

The man she spoke to looked no more than twenty. He stared at that pair of beautiful eyes and stammered with a red face: “Tang, Miss Tang, I, I never heard of this name. “

“Oh, really.” Tang Shayun’s eyes suddenly darkened, but then she immediately smiled again: “I heard Yan gongzi say that when you first entered the secret realm, you were scattered due to an accident. How dangerous.” 

“It was all right.” The man obviously didn’t know that Tang Shayun had hidden meanings in her words, and he touched his head with a stupids mile: “Brother Yan is very powerful. Without him, we would have met great harm outside.”

“You are too humble.” Although Tang Shayun was still smiling, the smile did not reach the her eyes. She thoughtfully glanced at the mechanism Yan Buxuan entered, unknown thoughts swirling in her eyes.

Qin Kaiyi, who was hiding behind the team, paid close attention to Tang Shayun’s conversation with the man. When Tang Shayun mentioned the name Shen Feixiao, his heart tightened. It was very obvious… If there was no accident, Tang Shayun was obviously the transmigrator in the  system spoke of. So what did she want to do now?

Not knowing she was being stared at, Tang Shayun looked at the mechanism where Yan Buxuan entered, slightly fascinated.

That’s right, she did transmigrate. She was accidentally pushed down the stairs by her boyfriend, and then inexplicably found herself in a stallion novel that she had read.

This really wasn’t easy. As a fujoshi, she hadn’t read many stallion novels in her entire life. It was just when she was incredibly bored that she carelessly read one once, but then she actually transmigrated into it not long after.

Tang Shayun did not remember how the plot developed very well. What remained in her mind was just a slight impression of the protagonist Shen Feixiao and the villain Qin Shi. As a fujoshi, seeing the protagonist and villain’s bromance was also very exciting… But after discovering that she had actually transmigrated into a stallion novel, such excitement instantly became embarrassment and anger.

As a 21st century fujoshi who always spoke of women’s rights, Tang Shayun felt frustrated panic when she thought that she would have to share one man with so many people. Although she felt pretty good about Shen Feixiao in the book, she had no plans to spend a lifetime with him. With this thought, and relying on her meager level of familiarity with the plot, Tang Shayun quickly embarked on the road of trying to change his destiny.

She held on to some naivete at the beginning, but after seeing her father killing several innocent people with extreme cruel methods, Tang Shayun finally understood her situation–she no longer felt as if she was just reading a novel and looking from the outside. If she died, she would really  be dead.

After understanding this, Tang Shayun finally withdrew her thoughts and put all her energy into cultivation. Tang Shayun’s family was originally famous among the demonic cultivators. She was not stupid. She worked hard to cultivate and soon reached the fasting period, continuing to spend her days like this until her father really asked her to enter the secret realm.

When Tang Shayun arrived in the secret realm under her father’s cover spell, she realized that she had to start the plot. Although she did not remember the specific content clearly, she still vaguely knew that she would meet Shen Feixiao in the secret realm, and would also help Shen Feixiao obtain the most precious treasure in the secret realm–Rain-Soaked Bell.

But Tang Shayun, who already had her own plans, would not be so willing to give such a precious object to Shen Feixiao. She had countless thoughts in her mind, and finally decided that she would get Rain-Soaked Bell, instead of helping Shen Feixiao get it like in the original! When this idea began to occur to her, Tang Shayun was still a little uneasy in her heart. She knew how Shen Feixiao had lived before becoming strong. If she did this she might change Shen Feixiao’s life, or even cause him to die.

However, such anxiety disappeared the moment Tang Shayun saw Yan Buxuan. She looked at Yan Buxuan’s gentle and refined appearance, and couldn’t help but fill out Shen Feixiao’s appearance in her head. She became even more certain in her heart… What she needed was not an indifferent man like Shen Feixiao, but a gentle husband. She wanted a monogamous and lifelong relationship, and couldn’t  accept a harem stallion. 

Having made up her mind, Tang Sayun decided to be cruel to the end. Although she knew that Shen Feixiao was the protagonist of this novel, she subconsciously believed that the real protagonist should be herself… wasn’t she, actually? That was what happened in all other transmigration novels. With this understanding, Tang Shayun took her idea as right and proper. She secretly and seriously recalled the development of the plot, so made a plan–she wanted to get Rain-Soaked Bell.

The team that followed Yan Buxuan was planned by her long ago. It was simple to break the “rest” door, but afterwards she would meet with the mechanisms which were difficult to deal with by herself. In that case, it was better to form an alliance with others to reduce her own pressure. 

So Tang Shayun chose to enter into a deal with Yan Buxuan without hesitation. She received Yan Buxuan’s protection at the expense of telling Yan Buxuan the structure of the mechanisms. This was the first step in the plan. After Yan Buxuan’s team would separate because of an accident, she would find Shen Feixiao to use his luck to enter the inside of the treasure trove, before finally seizing the Rain-Soaked Bell.

But after getting the news that Shen Feixiao was not in Yan Buxuan’s team, Tang Shayun knew she had miscalculated. She was now very confused about what caused Shen Feixiao to veer away from the  plot. She had one guess that she most wanted to avoid… this world had more than one transmigrator. 

Fortunately, Yan Buxuan had stepped into the mechanism at this time, so she wasn’t worried about him seeing her abnormal expression. Tang Shayun, whose irritation slightly rose, sighed softly and decided to take it step-by-step. If there were other transmigrators, then she could only pray–the transmigrator had better be a man. If it were a woman, and that woman got closer to Shen Feixiao than she was, then she didn’t know how twister her own plotline would later become.

Just as Tang Shayun thought about these issues, the mechanism in front of her emitted a huge noise. Afterwards, clouds of dust rose from the ground. 

“Yang Gongzi.” Unexpectedly, Yan Buxuan finished so quickly. Tang Shayun’s face wore her habitual soft smile: “Coming  out so fast, you really deserve to be an elder of the Fire and Ice Sect.”

“You’re welcome.” Somehow, his expression was calm and casual, as if he hadn’t just broken through that mechanism. He said in a tight tone: “Miss Tang, let’s continue.”

“Okay.” Tang Shayun nodded slightly, then whispered: “Then let’s continue.”


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