ASV Chapter 84

Although Ziyang Pei attacked Shen Feixiao ruthlessly, the soul contract he made with Qin Kaiyi foreordained that the outcome of a battle between the two men fighting would be impossible to predict. Qin Kaiyi shrank in Ziyang Shi’s arms and watched for a while, feeling that something was not quite right… 

“Are you buying time?” Qin Kaiyi looked at Ziyang Shi and frowned, “What on earth do you two want?”

“Why don’t you guess?” Ziyang Shi expressionlessly watched Shen Feixiao and Ziyang Pei fight, not even glancing at Qin Kaiyi. “It seems you’re not yet stupid enough that there’s no antidote.” (T/N: no such antidote = idiom meaning beyond redemption). 

The bad hunch in Qin Kaiyi’s mind strengthened…

“Ai, I say, Shen Feixiao too.” It was unclear what he had thought of; Ziyang Shi’s face suddenly opened up in a smile: “He can even forget such important matters. Do you think he’s really stupid or pretending to be stupid?”

“What…you…” Qin Kaiyi suddenly understood what Ziyang Shi wanted to do. His face turned white as if with one brushstroke, and his lips slightly trembled: “You want to use me?”

“Yi? Finally reacted?” Stretching out a hand and touching Qin Kaiyi’s face twice, Ziyang Shi smiled and said: “Aren’t those words superfluous? If you didn’t have anything for us to use, why would we get you out?” 

…Well, sure enough, he shouldn’t believe Ziyang Pei. Qin Kaiyi smiled in self-mockery.

“En, it’s almost time.” After a while, Ziyang Shi looked up at the sky and said to himself: “… Then let’s get started.”

As soon as Ziyang Shi’s voice reached his ears, Qin Kaiyi felt a sharp pain in his belly. He opened his mouth wide and wanted to shout, but his voice stuck in his throat. He couldn’t say anything. Ziyang Shi, firmly holding him as he tried to struggle, resumed staring expressionlessly at the fight between Ziyang Pei and Shen Feixiao. 

Feng Shen had a miraculous effect… If one of them suffered an unbearable injury, then the injury would be transferred to the other person.

As expected, Shen Feixiao, who had originally had the advantage, showed some slight changes in his expression. His quick movements also slowed. It seemed that Shen Feixiao knew what was going on–he turned his head and looked at Ziyang Shi with cold indifference. 

“… His aura is really not bad.” Zi Yangshi’s chest tightened at Shen Feixiao’s gaze, but he forced himself to calm down: “There’s no point in looking at me, if not for Qin Shi still having use… I would have long ago dispatched you.”

Qin Kaiyi, who was still in Ziyang Shi’s arms, was about to pass out completely from pain. He curled up into a ball and rigidly covered his abdomen with his hands. Large beads of sweat flowed down his cheeks, and even his lips became a pale white from the harsh pain. 

“Ziyang Shi.” Seeing Qin Kaiyi hurting like this, Ziyang Pei’s faintly threatening words transferred over: “Don’t forget what you promised me back then.”

“Of course I know, isn’t he not dead yet?” Hearing Ziyang Pei’s cold reminder, Ziyang Shi coldly snorted. He directly flew with Qin Kaiyi to the ground, and then threw Qin Kaiyi off: “Hurry it up and finish.”

“…” Seeing Ziyang Shi’s movements, Ziyang Pei’s expression became a little bit gloomy. 

Shen Feixiao knew what Ziyang Shi did to Qin Kaiyi, and his movements became less polite. At the beginning, he had to pay a little attention to his own safety. Now he began to fight as if he didn’t want his own life, so that Ziyang Pei had no choice but to repeatedly dodge and sidestep to avoid his sharp blade. 

“Are you really willing to kill Qin Shi?” As he continued his onslaught, Shen Feixiao’s face suddenly formed a strange smile: “En?” 

“Of course not willing,” Ziyang Pei said while evading.

“Then you don’t know that Qin Shi cannot live if I die?” Shen Feixiao narrowed his eyes.

“Of course I know.” Zi Yangpei sneered: “You don’t have to sound me out, Shen Feixiao. When you used the Feng Shen, did you ever think that the Feng Shen… could also be removed?” 

“What?” Shen Feixiao obviously did not expect this; he looked stunned. “What did you say?”

“Hahaha… Didn’t your cute, good, domesticated eggplant tell you?” Ziyang Pei laughed, and his smile was full of mockery: “Feng Shen is a female Gu; if it encounters a male Gu…” 

But before Ziyang Pei finished his words, both of their movements stopped. 

The reason for why Ziyang Pei and Shen Feixiao stopped fighting was quite simple–Qin Kaiyi, who had been thrown on the ground, shouted with extreme misery. 

Shen Feixiao and Qin Kaiyi’s perceptions were partially connected, so he naturally understood what Qin Kaiyi was feeling. He hatefully glared at Ziyang Shi, who stood to the side and looked completely unconcerned, and coldly said: “Do you believe that I won’t kill you right now?” 

“Ziyang Shi, stop before going too far.” This time Ziyang Pei unexpectedly stood on Shen Feixiao’s side.

“Brother, this is not because of me.” Ziyang Shi met with both their gazes and spread out his hands, seemingly helpless: “It appears that the golden core in his abdomen has some problems. I haven’t tormented him too much.” 

Shen Feixiao’s expression became one of concentration. Apparently thinking of something, he didn’t care about Ziyang Pei behind him and directly flew to where Qin Kaiyi was lying. 

After flying to Qin Kaiyi’s side, Shen Feixiao hurriedly reached out and investigated his abdomen. His expression became grave–the demonic energy sealed by him in Qin Kaiyi’s dantian was really a mess. The originally solidified golden core had a crack threading through it, and as he watched it seemed it would split, killing its owner. 

“Ziyang Shi, what the hell did you do to him!” Shen Feixiao’s eyes reddened with anger, and he stepped forward and grabbed Ziyang Shi’s collar: “Do you want to die?”

“If I die, then he can’t live either.” Ziyang Shi didn’t fear Shen Feixiao’s threat at all. Instead, he opened Shen Feixiao’s hand, manner relaxed. “Instead of wasting time here with me, it’s better to bring him to Yu Hong earlier. Maybe he can still be saved.” 

“…” Shen Feixiao vehemently gritted his teeth, forcing himself to temporarily restrain himself. He turned to embrace Qin Kaiyi, who was on his last gasp, up. Because of this, he didn’t notice the wisp of coldness that slipped past in Ziyang Shi’s gaze. 

Ziyang Pei was the first to notice that something was wrong with Ziyang Shi’s strange smile. He first froze and then shouted: “Shen Feixiao put down Qin Shi!” (T/N: author wrote Qin Kaiyi here again).

“Wha…” Shen Feixiao didn’t finish speaking–it was too late.

Qin Kaiyi, who should have long ago lost consciousness, had a twisted smile on his face. One of his hands had run through Shen Feixiao’s chest. 

“…” Shen Feixiao’s expression, originally surprised and angered, stiffened upon seeing Qin Kaiyi’s face. He sighed, as if to say that there was nothing he could do about Qin Kaiyi, and knelt on one knee with a bitter smile. “Shixiong, you are… really ruthless.” 

Feng Shen, Feng Shen, link thou life to mine.

When Shen Feixiao’s body was irreversibly injured, Qin Kaiyi’s mouth also overflowed with blood. He instantly woke up from the control of Ziyang Shi’s Gu, and his entire body began to tremble: “Shen Feixiao… you…”

“Ziyang Shi!!!!!!” Ziyang Pei’s shout sounded behind Shen Feixiao, carrying enormous rage. As if he had gone insane, he rushed towards the expressionless Ziyang Shi standing at the side, ruthlessly slapping him in the face. He madly roared: “You didn’t take away Qin Shi’s Feng Shen, why would you promise me, Ziyang Shi!!!!”

“So what if I promised you?” Ziyang Shi fell to the ground from Ziyang Pei’s strike, but he seemed not to care. Laying on the ground, he reached out a hand and wiped the fresh blood from his mouth, then lazily said: “Brother, back then you had promised me to stay with me for a lifetime.” 

“…” Ziyang Pei finally understood… They were all fooled by Ziyang Shi


Qin Kaiyi’s hands were covered with Shen Feixiao’s blood, and his chest was also very pained, but he knew… his pain and Shen Feixiao’s could not be compared…

“Qin Shi, Qin Shi, are you okay…” No longer worrying about Ziyang Shi on the ground, Ziyang Pei anxiously ran to Qin Kaiyi’s side. He watched Shen Feixiao firmly embracing Qin Kaiyi. Shen Feixiao’s vital signs seem to fade bit by bit, and Ziyang Pei almost collapsed. He wanted to pull Qin Kaiyi out of Shen Feixiao’s arms, but was afraid to aggravate Shen Feixiao’s injuries and cause Qin Kaiyi’s life to fade away faster. 

“Shixiong.” Shen Feixiao didn’t show any anger or hatred for this action that drove him to death’s door. His expression was gentle, but the blood unceasingly spilling out from the sides of his mouth destroyed any softness in this scene: “Shixiong… are you… going back to your world?” 

“Shen Feixiao…” Qin Kaiyi was terrified into foolishness. He kept wiping at the blood around Shen Feixiao’s mouth with his hands, and his whole body was shaking: “Shen Feixiao, don’t die…”

“Don’t blame you.” Shen Feixiao lowered his head and pressed a kiss on Qin Kaiyi’s lips, still smiling: “I don’t blame shixiong, and shixiong, don’t blame yourself. This was all Feixiao… reaping what he has sown.” 

“…” Qin Kaiyi hurriedly gasped for breath, he knew that Shen Feixiao wouldn’t live… and the Feng Shen inside of him… told him this information… 

Should he be happy? He could finally go back, he could finally leave this world, he could finally escape Shen Feixiao’s imprisonment, he could finally…

But why… did he want to cry so much? 

There will always be someone in the world who you may not love, and you may even hate, but he has drawn a dense and profound mark on your life’s path, so that in this life… you could never forget him. 

“My God.” Qin Kaiyi stretched out a hand to cover his face, his expression instantly overflowing with grief: “Actually, I was wrong from the beginning… doing unnecessary affectionate things was something this world needed least… Shen Feixiao, your life should have been smooth sailing, you should have been a king overlooking this all, it’s all my fault… it’s all my fault…” (T/N: “doing unnecessary affectionate things”–自作多情, literally doing extra feelings by yourself, figuratively means showering affection on an uninterested party). 

The most terrifying part of the butterfly effect was that you would never know what it would bring you in the end. 

“Don’t blame you.” Shen Feixiao’s voice became weaker and weaker, but he was still comforting Qin Kaiyi. He knew exactly what murder meant for Qin Kaiyi, so he felt that he must exhaust the last of his strength to try and absolve Qin Kaiyi of sin: “Shixiong… I…”

“…Shen Feixiao? What’s wrong with you… speak… Shen Feixiao…? Why… did you stop talking…?” Qin Kaiyi finally burst into tears at this moment: “Fuck, you fucking… don’t die.”

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  1. I was impressed that up till the end Qin Shi’s guilt is not because of the cliche ‘now I know I actually love you’ whatsoever.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. Wow. Now he even said clearly he doesn’t hate or love him he’s just kind of important to him?
    Thanks for your effort

    (and well I could tell from the beginning that the brother was an asshat so no surprise here)

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