R:DSAT Chapter 208: You Love Him?

The rescue was effortless for Ten and the others. They charged out looking unlike people but unlike ghosts, already scaring the Mo clan members. When they moved their hands, bugs fell off, fueling nausea. The odor on their bodies was also identical to the smell of corpses that had rotted for many days. The Mo clan members’ martial arts were not necessarily worse than the Dragon Guards’, but before the two even exchanged blows the Mo clan members’ courage died. 

Luo Wei threw off the outer layer of his clothes. After he had taken off his headwrap, he reached the front of Sima Zhuxie. Seeing Sima Zhuxie’s blank eyes, he realized he did not need to fear scaring Sima Zhuxie. This was a blind man. 

Wei Lan, who had been following at Luo Wei’s back, suddenly pulled Luo Wei behind him and took a protective stance. 

At that moment, Mo Huan Sang rushed to Sima Zhuxie and protected Sima Zhuxie in the same way, looking at Luo Wei and Wei Lan. He asked, “Who are you?” 

“This humble one is surnamed Luo,” Luo Wei replied as he sized Mo Huan Sang up. 

Upon hearing that Luo Wei was surnamed Luo, Mo Huan Sang said, “Luo Wei? You are Luo Yun Qi?” 

Luo Wei nodded, replying, “This humble one is Luo Wei. General Mo, we finally meet.” 

Mo Huan Sang pushed Sima Zhuxie behind him further. “You can just kill me and let Zhuxie go. He is just a cripple now, and isn’t a threat at all to you.” 

Mo Huan Sang’s appearance was average. Luo Wei did not imagine that Mo Huan Sang, who was known as the “God of War,” would be this kind of an ordinary and mediocre-looking person. What “wisdom and godly martial arts,” what “unrivaled,” these kinds of phrases had nothing to do with the person in front of him. 

Mo Huan Sang noticed Luo Wei’s delay in answering, and spoke: “Take it as me begging you.”

“You love him?” Luo Wei had thought that something wasn’t right between these two people from what had just transpired–now he was certain. 

Mo Huan Sang didn’t speak. He only nodded. 

It turned out that the chaos that unfolded in Northern Yan was not for power, but for love. Luo Wei momentarily felt it was absurd. 

“Committing sins,” Imperial Physician Wei spoke this one phrase and stepped to the side. 

Ten and the others quickly and easily disposed of the last few Mo clan members and walked over. Ten pointed at Mo Huan Sang and Sima Zhuxie, who were sitting on the ground, and asked Luo Wei, “Young master, what do we do with these two?” 

(T/N: literal: “three, set five remove two.” Idiom meaning quickly and easily. Abacus rule) 

Sima Zhuxie felt his way to Mo Huan Sang’s side. He put his arms around Mo Huan Sang, shelving his chin on Mo Huan Sang’s shoulders. 

“I’ll let you go,” Luo Wei decided. 

“Young master?” Wei Lan and Ten cried out in surprise at the same time. 

“You have to think properly about this,” Imperial Physician Wei also walked back and reasoned to Luo Wei, “you can’t let them go only out of pity, how would you justify this to His Majesty?” 

“All of you don’t need to speak. I’ve already decided,” Luo Wei stated. He then looked towards Imperial Physician Wei, continuing, “Do you still have medicine? Treat them.” 

“You want to treat them?” Imperial Physician Wei’s astonishment worsened. Was Luo Wei born with a brain unlike the rest of theirs, so that they all couldn’t understand his actions? 

“Hurry,” Luo Wei urged. “We have to get back earlier.” 

“What’s this for?” Imperial Physician Wei asked. 

Luo Wei explained, “Besides Crown Prince Zhuxie already being a cripple, General Mo now  isn’t a threat to my Greater Zhou as well. Why should I kill them? General Mo, after you’ve escaped alive, you won’t find trouble for I, Luo Wei, again right?” 

“If you let me go, you are a benefactor,” Mo Huan Sang answered. 

“Benefactor?” Luo Wei began to smile. “I’m someone who’s harmed Crown Prince Zhuxie. Can I still be General Mo’s benefactor?” 

“Two countries fought each other, each acted for his own master,” Mo Huan Sang’s words, if thrown upon the floor, would make sound. “Young master cannot be considered our enemy, only Sima Qingsha. He and Zhuxie originally came from the same root. Truly hateful.” 

(T/N: meaning his words had weight/substance, he spoke powerfully)

“Take a look for them,” Luo Wei ordered the motionless Imperial Physician Wei. “Do you still need me to say please?” 

Imperial Physician Wei squatted down. 

“Look after him first,” Mo Huan Sang pointed at Sima Zhuxie and said to Imperial Physician Wei. 

“Here’s a bit of dry food.” Luo Wei untied the bag of dry food from Ten’s body and gave it to Mo Huan Sang. “We just came out of the swamp, so the dry food doesn’t smell too good. But it’s still edible.” 

“Why are you letting me go?” Mo Huan Sang took the dry food bag from Luo Wei’s hands. He saw that Luo Wei was really letting him and Sima Zhuxie go, and got the energy to think a bit more. “Didn’t your Greater Zhou wholeheartedly want my life?” 

“Just take it as momentary kindness. Maybe not long after I will regret it,” Luo Wei replied.

Mo Huan Sang stopped talking, afraid of triggering the regret Luo Wei spoke of. Imperial Physician Wei wrapped the wounds of the two injured men simply, then gave Mo Huan Sang two bottles of wound medicine. 

“Where are you going to take Zhuxie?” Luo Wei asked. “Are you leaving Northern Yan?” 

“Between heaven and earth, there must be a place for the two of us,” Mo Huan Sang answered. 

“I advise you to first leave Northern Yan and avoid the following events for a time. Sima Qingsha wouldn’t let the two of you go,” Luo Wei posited. 

“Many thanks for the reminder.” Mo Huan Sang helped Sima Zhuxie to stand. He had suffered serious injuries, but still carried Sima Zhuxie on his back and headed towards the swamp. 

“You’re just going in like that?” Imperial Physician Wei did not want to see those he had just treated seek death. 

“There’s a walkable path here,” Mo Huan Sang glanced at the sorry state of Luo Wei and the others, “it seems that you guys didn’t know.” 

“I hope we will meet again,” Luo Wei cupped a fist in the other hand in salute at Mo Huan Sang. 

“Sang?” Sima Zhuxie reached a hand out in front of Mo Huan Sang, his touch glancing on the other’s face. 

“Let’s go home.” Mo Huan Sang staggered as he carried Sima Zhuxie into the depths of the swamp. 

“Young Master, how will you justify this to His Majesty?” Ten watched Mo Huan Sang walk away before asking Luo Wei. The Dragon Guards all looked distressed. If they returned to the capital and Emperor Xing Wu asked, they didn’t dare to withhold reporting that Luo Wei had let Sima Zhuxie and Mo Huan Sang go. 

“Without the Black Frost Cavalry, one Mo Huan Sang is not considered a great enemy of my Greater Zhou,” Luo Wei explained. “You all heard what was said just now, too. Mo Huan Sang is not even surnamed Mo. If I didn’t guess wrong, his mother was probably drowned in a wicker basket by the Mo clan for not observing feminine morals.” 

“You’ll let him go because of this?” Wei Lan asked. 

“So he won’t take revenge on behalf of the Mo clan,” Luo Wei continued. “Why should we be scared of him? If Mo Huan Sang lives, Sima Qingsha can’t live a stable life. Why shouldn’t I let him go?” 

“You’re scheming against Crown Prince Qingsha again?” Imperial Physician Wei inquired. Sima Qingsha had always treated Luo Wei extremely generously, for fear of showing irreverence. This Luo Wei had taken Black Frost City but still plotted against Sima Qingsha?

“He is Northern Yan’s crown prince. Should I still help him defend his country?” Luo Wei answered with a question. 

“This person is now bringing a blind lunatic with him. What storms can he create?” Ten reasoned. 

“If I don’t give him the opportunity, how will we know he isn’t capable? I’ll explain to His Majesty, you don’t need to worry,” Luo Wei said, then spoke to himself, “unexpectedly, he actually loves him.” 

Ten and the others hadn’t reacted yet before they heard Luo Wei, who had already walked away, say to Wei Lan, “Lan, are there any bugs left on my body? I still feel there are things crawling on my body.” 

“Don’t move, let me see,” Wei Lan patted a few bugs off Luo Wei’s back. 

The few people behind them watched these two walking together as if there was no one else around them, and all wanted to ask Luo Wei, “Mo Huan Sang loves Sima Zhuxie, then what about you and Wei Lan? Are you in love with each other too?” 


8 thoughts on “R:DSAT Chapter 208: You Love Him?

  1. I don’t know, but that question makes me quite uneasy… Alas, at least, MHS and SZX really love each other.

    Thanks for the chapter!!! ^^

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  2. The notes really helped out. Glad to see Luo Wei’s compassion. It’s so sad for MHS and SZ.

    Your translation is flawless and easy to understand, thank you. During these tough times, you made many smile and i hope that you will receive kindness and positivity back.

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  3. Love is your downfall ya all—-yet it is also your salvation. sighhhhhhhhhhh

    I’ll believe in LW and WLs love- its not perfect, its sad, its selfish, its pitiable but if destiny allows it–then it will be true

    PS: Thank for the chapters and your hard work. lots of lovee


  4. It’s been more than two hundred chapters and i still don’t think what lw and wl have is not love.. Let’s see ….


  5. It’s been more than two hundred chapters and i still don’t think what lw and wl have is not love.. Let’s see ….


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