R:DSAT Chapter 209: Nowhere to Enter

When the first mounted scout told Luo Qi that Luo Wei had entered the southwest swamp and might have already died, Luo Qi reacted by throwing the scout to the ground with one kick. But when the second, the third, the fourth, and every other scout that went out for news said the same words, and everyone around him began to grieve at Luo Wei’s demise, Luo Qi had no way to persist in his delusions. He began to accept the reality of Luo Wei’s death. Luo Qi was the marshal of the upper, middle, and lower armies. He could not let others see his pain and sadness. Before others, he had to be the Yun Guan commander who his subordinates depended on. When no one else was around, only then could Luo Qi let the pain that engulfed his soul to sweep through his whole body. 

Precisely because of this pain, when an officer ran into the commander’s tent and said that the Third Young Master had returned, Luo Qi only sat there motionless. 

Ning Fei asked the officer three more times before saying to Luo Qi with pleasant surprise, “Commander, Yun Qi’s returned, he didn’t die!” 

Luo Qi saw Ning Fei run to a stop in front of him and saw Ning Fei’s mouth moving endlessly, but he only heard the two words “didn’t die.” Luo Qi stood up, knocking over his commander’s chair. Luo Qi didn’t turn his head at the sound of the chair falling. He rushed out of the tent, beginning to plead with the heavens in his heart. This had to be real, he could not have his hopes dashed.

Luo Wei saw Luo Qi charging towards him and lifted his lips in a smile, calling, “Big brother.” 

“You little scoundrel!” Luo Qi looked at Luo Wei with a face full of resentment. 

The smile on Luo Wei’s face froze. “What happened? Big brother you…” Luo Wei didn’t get to finish. In the next second, his brother fiercely wrapped him in a hug. 

“It’s good as long as you’ve come back alive!” Luo Qi embraced Luo Wei and said. “God blessed and protected you, you’re finally all right!” 

“I’m all right.” Luo Wei’s face was stuck to the armor on Luo Qi’s chest. There was some ice on it, but he could hear his older brother’s violent heartbeat. “Sorry, I worried you,” Luo Wei hugged Luo Qi back. Black Frost City returned, the Black Frost Cavalry was finished, and Mo Huan Sang took Sima Zhuxie with him in retreat. Now, Luo Wei could be at ease about Luo Qi’s future. As long as the crown prince could ascend to the throne, no one could harm his older brother again. Luo Qi, Luo Shi Yi could, from now on, be with that Ye Xiu woman. They would bear and raise children together until they became old, and their descendants packed their house. No one could separate them. Tears slipped from Luo Wei’s eyes. The wishes he begged for seemed to finally realize one by one before his eyes, making him unable to contain his joy. 

“I thought you’d grown up,” Luo Qi wiped the tears from Luo Wei’s face, softly saying, “why are you crying now?”  

“That swamp.” Luo Wei felt ashamed that he’d cried in public. He buried his head in Luo Qi’s arms, “I don’t want to enter that kind of damned place in my life again!” 

Fourteen rolled his eyes to the sky from behind them. This seemed to be something he’d said before. 

“Are you all okay?” Luo Qi held Luo Wei and asked Wei Lan and the others. 

Before returning to the camp, Luo Wei and his group had already bathed in an unknown river. Luo Wei couldn’t take cold baths. That group of people had gone through some trouble to find an army pot that someone had left behind in the wilderness. They’d doggedly boiled until they had a pot of hot water, and only let Luo Wei take a bath then. Otherwise, with their inhuman appearances–Wei Lan and the rest glanced at each other, and all felt it best to forget how they had looked. 

“All okay,” Imperial Physician Wei replied to Luo Qi. “It’s just that the Third Young Master has been tired, we must take care of him well later.” 

“If you could have found that road that people could walk on, the Young Master wouldn’t need to be tired,” Ten muttered angrily from behind Imperial Physician Wei. 

Imperial Physician Wei turned around and glared at these unscrupulous fellows. After hearing Mo Huan Sang say that there was a path through the swamp, this group of people didn’t show a single good expression to him. It was as if he deliberately wanted to bring them along to suffer–if so, would there still be a natural order to the world? Imperial Physician Wei truly wished to pinch these people’s ears and give them a proper talking-to. Didn’t he walk on the same road as them? If he knew there was a road that people could walk on, would he not take it?! If he, surnamed Wei, didn’t treat them as human beings, would he not consider himself a human being as well?

Wei Lan was a well-behaved man. He looked at Imperial Physician Wei with the same smile as always. 

Ten and the other four did not have Wei Lan’s good temper. Seeing Imperial Physician Wei glaring at them, they glared back. In this mutual glaring match, no one gave in. 

Luo Qi didn’t notice the group of people beside him glaring daggers at each other. He carefully gave Luo Wei a once-over again, saying, “Seems thinner again.” He picked Luo Wei up on the spot and spun him in a circle. 

“Big brother!” At this, Luo Wei gave up. He was being taken for a child again. 

Long Xuan hurried over and saw Luo Qi playing with Luo Wei. He saw Luo Wei’s flushed face as he gave Luo Qi a look of reproach to say something, but Luo Qi lifted Luo Wei up until his two legs left the ground again, spinning a circle on the spot. Long Xuan stopped from far away. When he heard that Luo Wei had returned to the barracks, he only stared blankly. Soon after, he walked quickly to the commander’s tent. The ecstasy in his heart–Long Xuan had never felt that before in his life. 

“Your Highness?” The bodyguards behind Long Xuan did not know why their master had walked to this place and stopped. If he had come to see the Third Young Master Luo, why not go to him? 

Long Xuan watched Luo Wei joke with the people beside him: Luo Qi, Ning Fei, Yun Guan’s generals, and Wei Lan. When Long Xuan saw Wei Lan, the smile on his face disappeared. Wei Lan appeared somewhat weakened, the movements of his arms delayed. It seemed he was injured. Someone who had taken the Qi Lin secret drug would not be in Wei Lan’s current state. 

Long Xuan’s bodyguards saw his face become gloomy and didn’t dare to speak, silently standing behind Long Xuan. 

Long Xuan found it hard to bear, watching Luo Wei, Luo Qi, and the rest make a racket as they amused themselves. It was as if Luo Wei’s heart had four city gates that all could pass through, but he’d only locked Long Xuan out of the city. There was no gate he could enter. At this moment, Long Xuan felt loneliness and a deep sense of disappointment. 

Luo Wei inadvertently turned his head and saw Long Xuan standing far away. His expression immediately became frosty. 

Wei Lan didn’t take the drug. Luo Wei’s dark expression told Long Xuan that Luo Wei knew that he’d given Wei Lan the Qi Lin secret drug. Facing Luo Wei’s chilly mien, Long Xuan’s gaze was also ice-cold. He did not think he’d done anything wrong, and he, Long Xuan, did not have the habit of showing weakness to please someone else. 

Wei Lan also saw Long Xuan and immediately looked at Luo Wei. 

“Forget about him,” Luo Wei saw Wei Lan looking back at him, and his expression warmed again. He whispered to Wei Lan, “I know it’s not the time yet.” 

Long Xuan slowly walked over to the front of Luo Wei. He spoke some glad words of congratulations. 

Luo Wei also politely replied with some appropriate phrases. 

Other than the few who knew the inside story, including Imperial Physician Wei, no one else could see that these two were only acting out an “elder brother’s affection and younger brother’s respect” play for people to see. 

After Long Xuan and Luo Wei finished their acting, Luo Qi said to Long Xuan, “Xiao Wei’s returned to camp. This general wants to return the troops to Black Frost City as soon as possible.” 

“Brother Shi Yi decides everything in the army, I have no objections,” Long Xuan replied. 

Luo Wei piped up: “Big brother, then isn’t it better for us to immediately return the troops?” 

Luo Qi turned to head back to his tent and convey his orders to return to Black Frost City. 

“I don’t know if Sima Qingsha knows you’re still alive.” Long Xuan walked to Luo Wei’s side. “And what kind of mood he would have.” 

“I’m a citizen of Greater Zhou,” Luo Wei coldly countered. “What does his mood have to do with me?”

Losing some translating steam. Will update more irregularly (every 2 weeks like the last few chapters). If anyone wants to pick this up, please feel free. Sorry guys


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  1. That’s okay, I just hope you’re alright.
    Your health and well-being are the most important, translating shouldn’t reduce your happiness. ⊂(´・◡・⊂ )∘˚˳°

    And hopefully you haven’t lost complete interest in translating itself, if you perhaps want to pick another novel up in the future, a fluffier novel might be easier for the heart, this one is very painful and tear-jerking.

    Stay safe and healthy!

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  2. So much little details in the chapter, thanks for the flawless translation. Sigh. My weird heart was aching for Long Xuan tbh…

    I hope that you will take some time off and do what you enjoy. Your health is more important and in these trying times, stay safe and be happy!

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  3. Muchísimas gracias! Sip, esto es español, el traductor automático de Google me deja leer esta novela en mi idioma. Realmente aprecio mucho su traducción! Es clara, entendible y las breves notas de aclaraciones se agradecen muchísimo. Gracias también por mencionar el tiempo de espera entre capitulos. Esperaré emocionada el siguiente!

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