R:DSAT Chapter 199: Lan, What is This?

Sima Qingsha ordered people to first find a place to camp. He himself went to the rear army and, seeing Luo Wei still there, only then did the anxiety in his heart vanish. 

“How is the battle?” Luo Wei stood in front of Sima Qingsha’s horse and did not wait for Sima Qingsha to dismount before asking. 

“The Black Frost Cavalry is still there, that’s the situation,” Sima Qingsha replied as he prepared to leap off the horse. Seeing Luo Wei’s hand reaching out for him, he didn’t bother to be polite and grabbed that hand as he dismounted. He whispered to Luo Wei, “Mo Huan Sang is strong ah.” 

Luo Wei whispered back, “At the time of death, even if Mo Huan Sang was not a man but a domesticated animal, he would go all out to fight. I’m just curious about why this Black Frost Cavalry is willing to live and die with him.” 

Sima Qingsha walked forward but did not release Luo Wei’s hand. 

Luo Wei turned to Wei Lan and made a gesture for him to stay as he was pulled away by Sima Qingsha. 

Sima Qingsha dragged Luo Wei far away, until they reached an area without people. He stopped where he stood and said, “Yun Qi, I’ll speak frankly with you. I’m not willing to let go of the Black Frost Cavalry, but this army only recognizes Mo Huan Sang. I have no ideas.” 

“Face is dirty,” Luo Wei handed his own handkerchief to Sima Qingsha, “wipe it all right?”

Sima Qingsha took the handkerchief and held it in his hand without wiping his face, allowing the mud on his face to dry into clumps. 

Luo Wei persuaded, “An army is composed of people. Northern Yan’s men are all warlike and plucky. As long as Your Highness has the will, it won’t be difficult to form a world-famous cavalry in the future again. It’s just a pity–why would this Mo Huan Song only recognize Zhuxie? He can’t see that Your Highness is the wiser master?” 

“He and Zhuxie-” Sima Qingsha spoke half a sentence and then stopped, as if what he’d say was too embarrassing to mention. 

“I know, Zhuxie’s wife is from Black Frost’s Mo clan,” Luo Wei continued. “Is this one of the reasons?”

“Mo Huan Sang must die,” Sima Qingsha looked at the mud beneath his feet, then faced Luo Wei, “Yun Qi, I’ve made your feet dirty too.” 

“The roads are just like this, no one can help it.” Luo Wei smiled carelessly. “Relax the restrictions in your heart, Your Highness. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Mo Huan Sang’s army is alone here without food. He can’t last long.” 

“I’m really not willing to let go,” Sima Qingsha murmured.

Luo Wei could only accompany Sima Qingsha, standing at his side. He thought that any monarch would be unwilling to part with such a general and such an army, right? Mo Huan Sang. Luo Wei thought of this name and suddenly felt curiosity towards this man. What kind of person was he after all? In such dire straits, he could still fight like a cornered animal. For the sake of one Sima Zhuxie, he could let go of everything. What on earth was it for? 

At the same time that Sima Qingsha pulled Luo Wei away to pour out his sufferings to him, Wei Lan, Ten, and the others stared blankly at the camp tent prepared for them by the Northern Yan army.

“That’s you guys’ Highness’s sleeping tent, right?” Wei Lan pointed to the neighboring warm tent and asked. 

“That’s right,” the quartermaster affirmed, all smiles. “The grounds here can be considered fairly clean. His Highness specially ordered this.” 

Wei Lan wanted to say more, but Ten pulled at him from behind to shut him up. He turned to the quartermaster and politely said, “Many thanks, we’ll go into the tent and arrange it for our young master.” 

(T/N: Author wrote that Long Xuan pulled at Wei Lan. I am 99% sure that the author meant Ten.)

“Please enter.” The quartermaster attentively reminded, “If anything is missing, then sirs can find this subordinate and I will definitely manage it.” 

Ten replied with an “of course,” and entered this warm tent that had just been set up with Wei Lan and the other guards. As this resting tent was prepared for Luo Wei to live in, the furnace was already burning and the temperature within the tent was much higher than it was outside. No one spoke after they entered the tent; they looked at each other in dismay. Living right under someone’s nose, escape would be more difficult. 

After Luo Wei returned and took a look at his tent, then reassured the miserable-looking fellows at his side, saying, “When the fighting really starts, who can still care about us ah. At that time we can escape just the same.”

Imperial Physician Wei sat next to the furnace rolling medicinal pills in his hands. At this time he spoke up: “You all should still prepare more clothes and find boots to wear. If we run into a marsh, don’t count on how tough you are with your martial arts. If we really enter there, some stinking martial arts are useless.” 

Luo Wei and the others didn’t react much to the dirty words Imperial Physician Wei spat out. Imperial Physician Wei had been odd this whole trip, and had already cleanly tossed away the elegant image he’d had in the hospital. Luo Wei asked, “You’ve been in a marsh?” 

“I have,” Imperial Physician Wei confirmed. “When I was studying medicine, I also entered a marsh to collect herbs. There’s no place in the world I haven’t been.” 

“That’s great.” Luo Wei finally believed that he was right to bring Imperial Physician Wei along. 

Imperial Physician Wei unhappily said to Luo Wei, “Young master, in fact, I’ve always wanted to tell you that a life isn’t to be toyed with.” 

Luo Wei pretended he hadn’t heard Imperial Physician Wei and asked him, “What are you making?” 

“Where can I go to brew medicinal soup when we’re running for our lives?” Imperial Physician Wei replied. “I’m making it into pills for the young master to eat on the road.” 

‘Then why didn’t you do this earlier?” Twelve swiftly inquired. He had brewed medicine for Luo Wei before, and knew that the medicinal soup Luo Wei drank was too bitter to consume.

“This is only a temporary solution!” Imperial Physician Wei fumed at Twelve. Why did this bunch, including Luo Wei, seem to understand nothing? “The medicine is still better if it’s brewed into a juice! You even have to ask me this?!” 

Twelve lowered his head and muttered, “It’s not like I studied medicine.”

“What did you say?” Imperial Physician Wei looked angered.

“Sir Wei it’s been hard on you,” Luo Wei hurriedly smoothed things over. “I’ll have them go find clothes and boots for the marsh.” 

Ten and the others hastened out of the tent for fear that they would be scolded again by Imperial Physician Wei. 

Wei Lan also headed out, but Imperial Physician Wei stopped him with a shout, “Lan ah, your family’s young master has superficial, shaky medical skills. Do you take me to be the same?”

Wei Lan heard this and wanted to run, but Luo Wei grabbed his hand. Imperial Physician Wei’s wording was not quite right, and he spoke of the person Luo Wei cared for. He asked Imperial Physician Wei, “What do you mean by this? What’s wrong with Lan?” 

“I’m fine,” Wei Lan assured Luo Wei, still wanting to leave. 

Luo Wei would not let go of Wei Lan’s hand to let him leave. 

“The young master is someone who doesn’t know martial arts, and now he can reach out a hand and catch you. You’re still saying you’re fine?” Imperial Physician Wei placed the medicinal pills he had finished kneading aside and stood up. He dusted his clothes and walked towards Wei Lan. 

“What happened to you?” Luo Wei stared at Wei Lan and asked. After Imperial Physician Wei spoke, only then did Luo Wei discover that Wei Lan’s movements today were much slower than usual. 

“Imperial Physician Wei,” Wei Lan begged, “you can’t joke with me like this. The young master will be anxious.” 

“If something really happens to you, then your family’s young master will really be anxious to death.” Imperial Physician Wei walked over and lifted a leg to kick at Wei Lan’s knee. 

Wei Lan dodged. 

Imperial Physician Wei said, “Young Master, hold him. This person isn’t honest even in front of a doctor.” 

“Imperial Physician Wei!” 

“Wei Lan!” 

Two shouts sounded out at the same time. 

“Lie down on the bed and let me take a look,” Imperial Physician Wei suggested with good humor. “If you’re ill we’ll treat it, what’s there to shout about?” 

“Lie on the bed ah,” Luo Wei pushed Wei Lan to the side of the bed. 

Wei Lan didn’t dare to fight Luo Wei. He was pushed to sit by Luo Wei. 

“Look at this pair of knees,” Imperial Physician Wei pointed out Wei Lan’s knees–which had swelled to a great height–to Luo Wei. 

“How could this happen?” Luo Wei’s anxiety now set in. 

“He should have been injured here before.” Imperial Physician Wei pressed on Wei Lan’s knees with his hands. “Those who’ve suffered bone injuries will all suffer on excessively rainy days.” 

Luo Wei’s expression changed sharply when he looked at Wei Lan’s complexion. Just as he thought to ask Imperial Physician Wei about this concern, he discovered that Imperial Physician Wei had already pricked Wei Lan’s knees with needles. 

“His pants are all wet. Young master, get a clean one for him,” Imperial Physician Wei ordered Luo Wei around again. 

Luo Wei walked towards Wei Lan’s luggage, which had always been placed together with his own. 

Wei Lan first still endured the pain, watching Imperial Physician Wei placing needles in his red and swollen knees. Suddenly, he thought of something and yelled at Luo Wei, “Young master!” 

Luo Wei already held the wooden box Long Xuan had gifted in his hands. He turned around and asked Wei Lan, “Lan, what is this?”


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  1. Oh no!!! (That’s why you shouldn’t hide important things… Though I know he was in a complicated situation, but ah!!!)
    Sima Qingsha seems quite reluctant to part ways with Luo Wei -3-

    Thanks for the chapter!!!

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  2. (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅) No!! Oh my god! What is Luo Wei going to do? He’s going to freaking kill Long Xuan and then go to jail for murdering a prince. That’s it, guys. That’s the end. Luo Wei strangling Long Xuan

    Thanks for translating ~(´∀`)♡

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      1. Honestly, I doubt anyone reading gives a crap about Long Xuan. I just don’t want baby Luo Wei to get into trouble ❤

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